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I hope that they won’t delete the song this time


Look those hate comments. But they forgot that Koffi used to be one of the most famous artist of Africa at that time. Then about the corruption, they don’t know their own artists also participated that. We all know how they gave themselves fake-gold records just because their rival also got one and buying trophees with at some point categories getting 2 winners. So their isn’t an artist who’s 100% clean. Koffi is just the best point.

The hate of Congolese bandleaders was very strong towards Koffi. The only artist to congratulate Koffi was Vercky Kiamuangana who was the Boss of AMC. I remember Koffi being pissed off to his pire petit Werrason for not congratulate him, while he always supported him in media before and after a big event or victory. From that day he really started to hate Werrason. The same thing happened after that he  at Bercy as first African artist, but he calmed down. Werrason on his side was jealous towards Koffi and suspecting from corruption. Saying in private that he had to play 4 zeniths in a row and win more kora’s to prove him a point.

It was nice to see Koffi winning 4 trophees at the Kora Awarda. But at some point it was annoying to hear him singing about that his life long, while the most artists are over it after 1 year. The same for his Bercy show.


Another excellent song of Marie Paul. He paid also  tribune to people who died (Pepe Kalle, Blaise Kombo, etc.). Marie Paul really gave the best of himself on Ko Debout & Eboulement. But it was on the wrong moment.


their last concert before their departure to African countries like Ivory Coast before arriving in Kinshasa. This was a good concert but messed up by those new jacks-gangsters who were always disturbing concerts in Brussels.

Congolese Music / Carine Mokonzi is in Paris
« on: August 28, 2018, 15:58 »

After Pamela Shekola, Angie Laura, Juvenal Kibala, Glody Diasuka & Trecy Mbelenga its now Carine’s turn.


I hope that the guy will upload the rest of the songs from that album. I haven't heard it since 16 years. So sad that Doukoure lost his head. I didn't see him as a real atalaku. I saw more like a dancer and staffmember. Marie Paul was ungrateful to leave behind after everything he had done for him along with Alain Mwepu and Jean Belis Mfumu (R.I.P.). Doukoure had on Couvre Feu & KO Debout only a few spaces, after having Le Monde Envers (Armageddon) for himself.

Where are Bizima Kondos and Ofulu Ocean now ?

Congolese Music / This was Emeneya’s best concert ever
« on: August 27, 2018, 18:51 »

Live at Palais du Peuple (Summer 1990). During that time he made a comeback on stage after a little break with him starting a beef against Wenge Musica 4x4, who never reacted. He just released the Mokosa-album.


the second part of Viva La Musica’s 20th birthday which was released in two parts on VHS. Tshala Muana, ex’ Anti Choc singer Djonolo and comedien Ngadiadia Ngadios with his friends Mbaliosombo and Shogun were the guests. In the video they announced a fara-fara concert of Nouvelle Ecriture against Viva La Musica for Christmas 1997, but guys like Stino, Gloria and co refused to perform with them which made Wemba change his mind and let only Viva La Musica perform that day. People of Belgium, London, Germany and Paris who were eager to see Nouvelle Ecriture for the first live decided then not to come anymore, which made Viva La Musica perform in front of a empty musichall with concert ending up with a fight between an angry concertpromoter and Papa Wemba.

This video contains also a short interview of Damien Dimonekene with Papa Wemba. In the same interview Wemba shows one of his daugthers, talks about his plans and the then new regime in DR Congo.


Papa Wemba & Nouvelle Ecriture performing at LSC celebrating Wemba’s 49 birthday. Wemba invited also his old friends of Zaïko (Bozi, Gina Efonge & Evoloko) with whom they decided to record album together called Grand Job which was released the same year. Nouvelle Ecriture were singing some new songs from the ‘L album.


ex'Choc Stars atalaku Ditutala Kwama Makengo recreates Bana Odeon. Vieux Ditutala had to contact bigger sites like Cleboa, Africainfos, Congopromotv & Voixdupeuple. Because many people aren't aware about that.

Bana Odeon was the bad who made atalaku's like Ekokota, Nono Monzoloku, Ditutala's little broter Bebe Atalaku, Beevans Rappa, Djuna Mumbafu, Kennedy Mbala, etc. Also famous conga-players Cele Mbonda, Djerba Mandjeku, etc.

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