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I feel for their children.

Was Ndombolo-dance and cri made by Wenge Musica as goal to kill the succes of the Kibinda Nkoy-cri and dance ? Because the Kibinda Nkoy-dance was almost the same like Ndombolo. Having to turn your arms over each other as reaction after that Doudou Kibinda comes with  "Eh nako lala wapi" and the singers and public repeating "Eh Kibinda Nkoy Eh" and doing that dance on the same time.

from 03:20 min

From mid-1995 the Kindina Nkoy-cri and dance started to get massive succes with bands like Quartier Latin and Zaiko Langa Langa adopting it, making the succes even bigger (Koffi using it later in Wake Up, bringing it on another level). Wenge Musica had despite the huge of Pentagone still problems with it until they came with the Ndombolo-dance and cri in concerts. But Kibinda Nkoy had still massive succes despite that until that JB Mpiana released the Feux de l'Amour-album.

Congolese Music / Is this story about Cindy true ?
« on: July 22, 2019, 22:59 »

About Cindy becoming a christian again after having received an excoriation from a bishop in Binza yesterday.


So Soneca used also to give gold records in Zaïre like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, USA, France, Belgium, etc. ?

I remember Marie Paul once saying that Evoloko and Gina Efonge were receiving gold records for their discs Mbeya Mbeya, Eluzam & BP Ya Munu, but I thought then that he was exaggerating. It’s so sad that corruption and the Zairiansation-project of 1973 & 1975 killed Soneca.


The way Somono is creaming lol. (0:22 min to 2:21 min)

I think that he used to have alot problems with his neigboors in his first house. "Ca c'est la musique de l'an 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "Eh mr. Somono arrete avec ca, sinon je vais appeller la police" hahahh

Congolese Music / That’s not a good sign lol
« on: July 21, 2019, 20:09 »

They said that Didi Stone unfollowed Fally Ipupa on Instagram with Fally Ipupa doing the same thing afterwards. I wonder if Fally Ipupa will sent Ken Mpiana, Ma-Nicke, Vicent Tshiluizi and co and also those facebook-pages to disrespect Koffi Olomide like he did with JB Mpiana. Because back in 2006 he wanted to do that but was adviced by his elders (Shabani Records, Michel Lady Luya, etc.) to not do that since that he was busy to sement his fanbase (stealing then alot of young Koffi-fans and having alot of support from them) and just started having his solo-career. Giving then the example of Academia that attacking Koffi kind of blocked them.


Looks the way Koffi humilated journalist Thierry Dawa on 07:10 min & 07:27 min. He wouldn't have done that if it was Claudy Siar or Amobe Mevegue. They would have start a campagn to finish his career and start boycotting him on all French-African media.


from 50:57

Congolese musicians and money.... lol

For those who don't understand lingala. Mvuama means weatlhy man/woman in lingala.


Kene Kene's song. Only the songs Luissy, Facile a Garer and Mera Mafuta are missing.

I don't understand why Marie Paul or staff doesn't put Eboulement Totale, Ko Debout and Evenement Jaune on digital platforms (Itunes, Deezer, Amazon, etc.)


Naty Lokole is laughing, but if it was me I would become angry and stop the interview.

from 4:53 min

Congolese Music / So Cindy Le Coeur has a child with Koffi ?
« on: July 14, 2019, 02:09 »


Is this Kyle Inga « le Copperfield d’Afrique » we hear mentioned in songs of  Felix Wazekwa and Wereason getting also songs dedicated to him from them.

Why did they never release the volume 2 of the Kibuisa Mpimpa videoclips ? I only got the chance to see Kibuisa Mpimpa and a second version of Operation Dragon on those old videotapes as bonus.

All videoclips on volume 1  were excellent. Ronnie Kibuika, Christian Moulongo, Alain Nkodia and Gaspard Love did a good job as film directors of those videos. I think that Jean Pierre Saah paid alot of money for the materials they used to record those clips. I thought they would record with the same kind of videoclips for A La Que Leu Leu, but they did it only for the generique (Ligne 11).


Those videoclips of Kibuisa Mpimpa vol1 came very late. If I remember well, they came like 2 or 3 months before the Double Zenith-event. Operation Dragon was already released in June 2001, but not on VHS and came only MCM Africa.

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