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Congolese Music / Last concert of Werrason in London 2004
« on: October 20, 2013, 15:20 »

Before the creation of Les Marquis

Congolese Music / Who are Patrouilles des Stars ??
« on: October 18, 2013, 16:37 »
I didn't know the band before I saw this video of a dispute between Extra Musica & Patrouilles des Stars today
Immediately I went listen songs of them like Congo Uni, Verite, Affaire à double face and others. Became impressed of them

Do someone know the history of the band and the Actuality of them. I've read somewhere that they created the danse Koyimbi-Ko, but it was called Bord Na Bord at that time.

Emeneya defending Werrason against Wemba, who attacked him in the song Maria of the album Fula Ngenge. Saying 3:34 kala te nakosomba nzamba(soon I will buy the forest)

Because of that, Emeneya reacted in the beginging of the song Washington with petit frere propre Ngiama "Roi de La Foret" mopaya akoki kosomba nzamba te (lil' bro they can't but the forest)

At this time Emeneya and Werrason had a good relation. They were visited each much and were always dedicating each other at a tv-shows. Same thing with Marie Paul and Emeneya & Marie Paul and Werrason. Emeneya saw Werra as his lil'bro. Notice that they are all from the same province Bandundu. Because of that they helped each other. It was called "Mpangi egale a Mpangi" pact (a Mpangi is equal to a Mpangi). But this pact didn't stand long. Werra did forget his big bro Emeneya since he brought the eclipse in 2001 and his relation with Marie Paul became bad when he stole his fame, which Emeneya gived to him. Emeneya's relation with Marie Paul came also to a end when Marie Paul discovered that Emeneya did sleep with his wife.

Congolese Music / Dossier Disque d'Or + Kosa Leka 2011
« on: October 15, 2013, 23:47 »
Artists like Koffi Olomide, Fally Ipupa, J.B. Mpiana, Abeti Masikini and Werrason had claimed that they had a golden record(s) "Disque d'Or" in France. But I've seen interview of Emeneya and others, where they said that nobody had a golden record and they are doing that to get more attention from peoples. Is that true? Or are they just jealous?

Even Vasco Mabiala had claimed in 2011 that Ferre Gola had a golden record with Qui Est Derriere Toi, saying that he got it because of solding more than 110.000 in Africa,Europe & America. Which is not true because, it's not about how much sold around the world, but it's about how much you sold in a country like Belgium, Canada,France(where you must sold above more than 50.000 to get it),etc. Vasco claimed at the same time that Ferre had won 3 trophee at the TAAC's, for the categories Meilleur chanteur d'Afrique , Meilleure voix masculine d'Afrique Centrale , meilleure chanson et meilleur clip. While these categories don't exists at that awards. I've seen the edition of Taac that year live on tv and he didn't won any award there, he just did a playback of Tshekele Pete. The thing that is bad, is that many big sites reported that. Why Fally said Kosa Leka

One of the best Leader+Band-album of DR Congo from the polemique-era 99-03
But so much underated and forgotten, while people only reminds A La Que Leu Leu, Solola Bien, Force d'Intervation Rapide, Internet & Titanic. This album was recorded in Kinshasa, after the departure of Bendoson, Carlos Ramazani & Christian Na Nzenze. They all went to form Nouvelle Ecriture de l'an 2000 and later join Quartier Latin International. Papa Wemba was forced to change the name of Nouvelle Ecriture in Nouvelle Ecrita, after a proces against Bendoson who claimed that he gave the name of the band. This album was arranged by Al Nzimbi and distrubuted by Rigo Makengo & his music-label Clarys Music. It was released after their succesfull Europe-Tour along with the Fioti-Fioti's, with memorables concerts at Zenith de Paris & Olympia who where voted as best concerts of the year. The album contains nice songs with real lyrics and strong vocales, not comparable with songs of today who are full of mabangas. Also a little attack of Apocalyps to Bendoson in the seben of song Lelo Na Decider.

Conga's; Itshari (R.I.P.) & Likayabu Mbonda
Drums; Deo Sfr "Meilleur Drummer d'Afrique" R.I.P.
Guitars;Thierry Mogratana, Dady Bola & Pinto Costa
Bass Guitar;Tocha Bass Fulakanda
Keyboards;Al Nzimbi & Nzenze Madodanga
Vocales/Chorus; Christian Lema, Jean Apocalyps, Alphatchino R.I.P., New Jack, Ibos, Bixas & Pathy Patcheko
Animation: Alphatchino R.I.P.

1. Kolo Histoire
2. Woman
3. Mu-Ker
4. Paradoxe
5. Mazangi
6. Associes
7. Cafe
8. Lelo Na Decider
9. Fruitella

1. Kinzanki
2. Trop Bon, Trop Cuillon
3. Oasis
4. Eyano
5. Abus de Confiance
6. Bokabuani
7. Okomi
8. Lost Love

Congolese Music / What caused for Emeneya's exil to Europe
« on: October 08, 2013, 18:12 »
What caused for Emeneya's exil to Europe ? Was that because of musical ambitions or Political problems.
End '87 King Kester Emeneya released a LP called Nzinzi. It was very criticized negativily in the beginning, because of using many keyboard-sounds in the song. But became later a big hit in Zaire and Africa as well. Nzinzi was voted as best song and Emeneya for the last time in his carreer as Best Star. After that his succes decreased and didn't release any LP for 2 years. Was that because of the song Nzinzi ? Because it's like he was singing about someone from the Mobutu-regime, in that time many officers, ministers,etc. who worked for Mobutu regimes were often stealing married wifes. But Despite of that he had still the biggest fanbase in Zaire, like Wemba from 77-82 and Werrason now.



Begin '91, after the release of Mokosa, Emeneya moved to France with Victoira Eleison. Trying to made an International solo-carreer like Papa Wemba, but then more in the direction of Disco-sound. Other peoples says that it was because he had problems with Mobutu's regime, is that true ? It don't think so, because in the album Pas de Contact and Succes Fou he cited Kongolo "Saddam Hussein" Mobutu in some of his songs.

In 1993 he released the Disco-album Everybody, but it was not a big International Hit.
In 1995 he released with his band Victoria Eleison, the album Pas de Contact. Which was his biggest succes when he was in exil, the next year he released a remix album, called Live In Paris(inclu. songs of Everybody, Nzinzi and Mokosa).

In 1997 he released Succes Fou, which was called a flop by many peoples. He returned at the end of that year that in DRC, after being almost 7 years abscent. Because of that he performed at Stade des Martyrs, in front of 60.000 peoples (he was the first artist ever to perform there) and at Palais du Peuple with Marie Paul as invited star.

Is there someone who can write about the golden years of Maison Mere (99-05) and the Rise & Fall of Wenge Aile Paris ??

is Papa Wemba's song Foridoles an Mbwakela against Koffi Olomide ???

from 2:10 Papa Wemba is saying Ngenge basomba na bango, kasi un jour... Kanga date dit,lokola '55.
Koffi is officialy born on 1956, but there are many peoples and close peoples saying that he's from 55 or 54.
Koffi self did celebrate his 52 birthday in 2007.

from 2:24 It's like that Wemba singing indirectly that Koffi forget about him since he got big fame, while he did bring him out. He's Referring to Orange tree, to not let it mark directly.

from 3:27 They are singing "sukisa nga ye, muninga"....

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide – Mopreto Lendila "Withcraft"
« on: September 17, 2013, 00:06 »

This song was wrote by Gipson Butukondolo and released on the album Force de Frappe.
If you pay attention very well, you will hearing that Koffi indirectly admits that he use withcraft andexposing his employee Gipson Butukondolo.
In this song Gpson is singing that they said to him to use withcraft but that he refused(I think at the time that he was bandleader in Matadi, before joining QL) because it is useless and then at the end of the song (before the seben), Koffi indirectly admits that he use withcraft and singing that people said to him to searching fast for succes but that he refused(refering to the time of Ngounda/Diva)and he's also reacting at Gipson's vocal. Singing that Gipson does not have to cry, because in his own heart he owns very well that he use withcraft even if he is denying that.

Congolese Music / Wenge Aile Paris '92
« on: September 14, 2013, 00:20 »

Congolese Music / Papa Wemba in 1981 & 1982 with Viva La Musica
« on: August 31, 2013, 00:21 »
a mix of two concerts of Papa Wemba one from 1981 with Esperent Kisangani, Dindo Yogo and Djuna Djanana before the creation of Langa Langa Stars and one from 1982 before the creation of Victoria Eleison. In this period Papa Wemba came back to Zaire after to have been more than 6 months in Europe. Their was a rumours that he died, that he was in prison,etc. Because of that he made the song Evenement what he was singing in the begining of the concert. What you can notice is that Emeneya came late in this concert, it was also his last concert with Viva La Musica. They formed along with Joly Mubiala, Debaba, Bipoli, Tofla, Huits Kilos, Pinos, Patcho Star, Petit Prince, Ekoko Mbonda, Cartouche and Malembe Chant the band Victoria Eleison "the 12 apostles".

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