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Congolese Music / Ndombolhino about Werra vs Ferre
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la colère de wérra sur férré continue épisode 7 : un soliste devant le bureau de maison mère

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a Salsa song from the album Bonjour Monsieur '98



Talking about his glory-years & his friend Koffi Olomide


This is the second concert of Victoria Eleison at Studio Maman Ngebi (December '82). All youngsters wanted to buy the sweater of Giorgio Armani that Emeneya wore that concert. Victoria Eleison would earn an explosive succes in Zaire and Congo Brazzaville that year. The fans of Victoria Eleison began to call Emeneya the jesus of the 12 apostles, which was not surprising. This would cause jealousy and problems in Victoria Eleison, with Verckys taking advantage of it and manipulating the guys. Which led to the creation of the band 'Veritable Victoria Principal' by Patcho Star, Huits Kilo's, Bipoli, Tofla Kitoko and Safro Mazangi at the end of the year 1983. But that band did not last long, with everybody returning one by one at Victoria Eleison. Victoria Eleison was despite of that incident voted as best band of 1983 due to the succes in that year and Emeneya as best star of the year, which he would prolongate in 1984,85,86,87 and finally 1988 where did broke Wemba record. Werrason did equal this record in 2003.

Credits of this concert
Drums:Patcho Star
Rhythm Guitare:Tofla Kitoko & Safro Mazangi
Solo Guitare:Huits Kilo's & Santana Maitre Mongo
Bass Guitare:Pinos
Vocales/Chorus:Cartouche, Bipoli, Emeneya, Joly Mubiala, Petit Prince Bengali, Debaba and Malembe Chante

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