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Congolese Music / Re: Archive; Making of Chaise Electrique
« on: July 12, 2018, 18:17 »
People in Kinshasa were eager to see Olivia in Kinshasa, but she couldn't then come with Fally then inviting French rapper Mokobe, Zouk-singer Fanny J and Krys to Kinshasa for his first concerts of his then new album Arsenal des Belles Melodies. Those concerts were not sold-out or with a big crowd, because his album was then not well received in this 3 first months.

But she came in December for a show with Fally Ipupa at Hall de la Gombe. I remember how Lingala Facile made a video about. Then after Zenith, David Monsoh made Fally go to the Grammy Awards with people in Kinshasa thinking that he was nominated. Ba kosa batu trop… kiekiekiekie with his journalists Nana Boduga, Popol Mopasula, Naty Lokole & Noella Madinga promoting it on tv.

Congolese Music / Archive; Making of Chaise Electrique
« on: July 12, 2018, 18:02 »

I wonder which language they talked, because back in those days Fally didn't really talk English.

I remember how alot people in Paris, Brussels & Kinshasa couldn't believe their eyes with Fally singing with not long after that fans of Ferre saying "She's finished and 50 Cent fired. Saying that he had to do a collaboration with Keshia Cole, Rihanna or Keri Hilson . So that he can earn respect from them hahahaha".  This song and the song Sexy Dance with Krys opened many horizon's for Fally Ipupa. The album Arsenal des Belles Melodies was already finished in the summer of 2008, but David Monsoh wanted to have featerings in that album for commercial reasons, which delayed the release of the album to 2009 with Fally recording also Bicarbonate on the last minute in Kinshasa. It has been reported that the album is the first Congolese album to become a Platinum record in France (2011). The album it self was certificated as a gold record, for selling 50.000 copies in one week, which was then a record. But this all is contested with people discovering that SACEM doesn't recognize any gold record of Congolese artists.

Not really. Nous Y Sommes was played in all bars and was a succes with those new animations "cimitiere ya kintambo", "lisolo ya niama zamba" & "oyo akolia bonne annee te". It was just that Koffi was mocking them that they were local and only performing at the Roint Point Kimpwanza in Kasa-Vubu, while he was getting awards performing at Olympia & Zenith, which pissed Nyoka Longo off and the song Roint Point making it worser. This all made Nyoka Longo do his best to bring Zaiko back to Europe. He was later on invited at Festival des Cannes, but people in Kinshasa & the Congolese diaspora didn't notice it, since that he doesn't talk alot like Koffi and the leaders of Clan Wenge.

Beside the generique and Willy's song I doesn't really like Poison. There was not something new or a thing to say wow, like albums of Clan Wenge, Quartier Latin and Nouvelle Ecriture.

Congolese Music / Re: PAPA WEMBA COPYCAT
« on: July 12, 2018, 17:24 »
That's Wemba's ex singer Pompom Miyake who sung in the albums Nouvelle Ecriture, 'L, Ya Biso Moko & Fula Ngenge. He's known for the famous song Jeancy.

hahahahaha that story killed me hahahahahahaha. Mbongo ekeyi pamba….

I think that this all made them record videoclips for Pentagone with Damien Dimonekene and that video of 1997 when they recorded some video's for Pleins Feux & Anges Adorables, but it was to late.

Congolese Music / Re: So there was a fara-fara in Paris ?
« on: July 11, 2018, 20:14 »
yes those who play with aimelia vs those of jordan and co,honestly i prefer this type of "polemic"

Yeah, that’s a good concept. It would be funny to see then Heritier against Fabregas and Papy Mboma as journalist and that polemic as ad with them together performing at Showbuzz or Theatre de Verdure.

Congolese Music / Re: So there was a fara-fara in Paris ?
« on: July 11, 2018, 20:12 »
I think that the old guard of the combattans want to go back to the 80’s when the most concerts were in restaurants, bars with in Paris-based musicians performing for them and do also those little jobs to survive in Europe and that those in Kinshasa-based had to beg for them, etc. with them feeling respected like back in the days  when they called milikste. Those in Paris were then called ba Ziana (which comes frok ba Parisiana) and those of Belgian were called ba Djikains (coming from Belgicians), but nowadaya everybody calls people coming straight of Europe ‘Ba Djikains’

Congolese Music / So there was a fara-fara in Paris ?
« on: July 11, 2018, 17:48 »


Lol I didn't knew that Vieux Poly used to smoke cigarettes.

Papa Wemba, Pepe Felly Manuaku, Nyoka Longo, Evoloko Lay & Mavuela Somo rehearsing in Nsele along with the musicians of Zaiko for the 18th birthday which took place at Salle des Congres of Palais du Peuple. It would have been more special if Gina Efonge & Bozi Boziana were also present. The full concert of Zaiko's 18th birthday used to be on youtube, but they deleted it. Till this day I don't understand why Nono Monzuluku and Bebe Atalaku didn't participate to that party, what was the reason ? 5 months after that concert Zaiko would split. With Bimi Ombale refusing to wear those Skol uniforms, you could feel that their were tensions in the band. Beniko Popolipo would already leave Zaiko after that concert and join Monza 1er's band Stars Magnats and JP Buse would also leave some weeks later.


It seems as if Zaiko and Quartier Latin like to share artists; Deo Brando, Rocky Blanchard, Willy Bula, and Lola Muana.

As for Willy Bula, why would he depart from Zaiko during the production of Poison? I heard rumors that he wanted to be a solo artist, is that true? What made Deo Brando leave Zaiko, was Koffi offering better pay or was it because of a falling out?

And lastly, where is Rocky Blanchard settled these days? I hope he is well

The most artists who went from Zaiko to QL and from QL to Zaiko took just avandatage of the beef Nyoka Longo had with Koffi and those of QL who joined Zaiko, were artists who Koffi didn't need anymore and they saw Zaiko as only band to join which a had little fame, since that they know that it would be easy to join Wenge or in Paris based Viva La Musica.

Bro if Willy wanted to be a solo artist then he would already have released a solo album, because back in those days it was easy to get a recordlabel to record an album even if he didn't had a good cv. He just left because he wanted to settle in Europe and with Zaiko coming in Europe in 1999, he took finally his chance after not being there for 5 years. Its very sad because he had an excellent song in the album called Revelation, which was seen as the best rumba of the album. Nyoka Longo was very angry when Willy Bula ran away in Europe and decided to skip Revelation from the listrack of the album on the second pressing. It very rare to see a cd with the song Revelation on that disc.

from 1:09:43 min, I don't know why the uploader named the title Mbombo 'A Mbwa with Lutchiana Mobulu as author. While Lutchiana is a famous soukous-artist and was never a member of Zaiko and the song title was Revelation. My cousin had that cd and I remember that Willy Bula was credited as author of the song.

Lola Muana left QL in 2003 and started his solo career with him releasing his solo album Affaire Silivi. Then when conflicts started between Koffi Olomide & Werrason about Ferre, they tried to lure Fally in Maison Mere, but they failed and also Jordan Kusa, but he was eager to record in solo album '7 Ans de Vache Maigre', which he would name later Danger de Mort to piss Koffi off. So because of that they decided to recruit Lola Muana, he was accepted by the fans of La Zamba Playa after that test, but he didn't join on the end because of Kakol who has the last word in Maison Mere since the creation Les Marquis. Then after he was at home for months without work with then meeting Oncle Bapuis who rejoined Zaiko and formed in Kinshasa 'Les Gunners de Zaiko' who were young artists recruiting in Kinshasa who were waiting for the return of Nyoka Longo, was could not return on the moment to Europe since 2002 for that process about the ngulu-affaire with Belgian justice. Bapuis Muaka tried to convice Lola Muana to join Zaiko, but he kept refusing, since that Zaiko is seen as a band for old people and at that time they didn't got that hype anymore. But on the end he accepted the offer and went to Europe to join the band. In 2009 returned to Kinshasa with Nyoka Longo, Shulay and Doudou Adoula. He contributed alot to the reconstruction of Zaiko in Kinshasa and was the guy who made them get a contract Primus, but didn't get anything from Nyoka Longo, which pissed him off and made him decided the band along with Shulay, but he rejoined the band again in 2012.

With Quartier Latin a having alot succes in Kinshasa after that Bercy-show and musicians having those expensive cars, made musicians of other bands who didn't had that system of buying their musicians cars after a Europe-tour dream (Zaiko, Nouvelle Ecriture & Victoria Eleison) with also the project to perform at Parc des Princes. Then there was a female dancer of Zaiko who decided to join Quartier Latin after being suspended. Her name was Japonaise if I remember, but I can be wrong. Then Koffi asked him if there are others musicians of Zaiko who wanted to join Quartier Latin with her citting some names and them being solicited. Which made Deo Brondo join Zaiko, who was not happy the way he was paid, after that Koffi tried to get Daniel 6000 (who was then seen as the best solist of DR Congo, due to those VHS and cassettes who were sold in Matonge/Kasa Vubu) which created alot polemic. With both bands attacking each other on tv and Nyoka Longo & Koffi Olomide being invited by the minister of culture to stop their polemic. There was a video about that on youtube with Daniel 6000 & Nyoka Longo talking on Adamo's channel, but Adamo deleted that channel.

Rockly Blanchard is still in Quartier Latin. You already asked it 3 times lol.

Congolese Music / Re: Academia Quartier Latin live in Paris
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:50 »
I tought that they would perform in a real concerthall in Paris, but they just peformed in a 'salle des fetes'. Nkiadi…

I remember well those combattans said, after negociations with Congo Sebene, Nyboma and Rouph Mbuta-nganga, that they had only to play in bars, pubs and those 'salle des fetes', but not in concerhalls and had to participate to those protestactions in Paris. Just to humilate them and for the fear that they could get fame and more presurre to get concerts back for also artists based in Kinshasa. I saw a combattans saying in Chateau Rouge very proud 'omoni ndenge to diminuer bango lisusu bien bien'. I don't that artists based in Kinshasa would accept them forming bands in Kinshasa and succeed, if that ban in Europe is over.

Congolese Music / Academia Quartier Latin live in Paris
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:47 »

Familia Dei doesn't exist since 1996 with Petit Poisson & Jimmy Yaba rejoining Zaiko Nkolo Mboka, Ilo Pablo stopping his music career, Lengi Lenga until his death trying to return to Zaiko but Nyoka Longo refusing and forming in 1998 along with Ben Nyamabo, Likinga, Djo Poster and the band Boom des As, in 1999 he sadly left us.

Congolese Music / This video was so funny
« on: July 10, 2018, 15:19 »

The way Werrason walks hahahaha. I think that Ekokota smoked alot that day.

« on: July 10, 2018, 14:17 »

Yes Werra is not at the level of Koffi for many reasons, but this whole dance trend really marked at least two generation of people, it gas inspired so much dances in Africa.
@Manzambi94, could you please tell me who's that guy playing drums at the beginning of the clip? Coz I'm very sure that's not Papy Kakol. And he's very very composed....... I like his playing style, much better than Kakol.

It's Kakol little brother Wadadugu, who plays for Ferre now. He was Maison Mere's reserve drummer for years until 2010 or 2011. You can see him in many video's like the concert they played in Matadi (2006) and that at Marche de Liberte in 2007

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