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Fally Ipupa, Heritier & Ferre need also to perform in Japan like Zaiko, Papa Wemba and Emeneya did and export our music to the West-Indies and Latin America which Soukous artists like Aurlus Mabele, Dr Sakis, Diblo Dibala and Kanda Bongo Man used to do.

The first 15 minutes were filmed in Brazzaville when he came for the Fespam


Burkina Faso is so funny 4:08 min

Sanction is made with 3 singers while les Marquis had 9 or 8. Lebou Kabuya did all the job as guitarist along with Mike Evian while Les Marquis was looking fir help  fmof Maika Munan who was the arranger and Olivier Tshimanga.


In Sanction I never skip a song, while in Miracles there some songs that I skip and are boring. Sanction is excellent a record live which isn’t the case with Miracles. With Sanction you feel that the album was well prepared with the harmony if the instrumentalists, singers and atalaku’s.

Congolese Music / Melina Gola starting her music-carreer ?
« on: September 20, 2018, 21:40 »

Looks like Souleyman bought all those internet journalists even guys like Thierry Mombaya. Their analyse videos are since 1 year the same it's always about JB Mpiana and Ferre being "local", Fally being international and attacking people who are against him. La Voix Mysterieux annoys me alot.

Who ? Ken Mpiana ?

Back in 2001/02 he was very ill and had to do surgery which Koffi paid. He missed some concerts because of that.

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