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« on: February 23, 2019, 16:19 »
Yes, she died this morning

Congolese Music / Re: Fally Ipupa- Maria PM (clip)
« on: February 22, 2019, 21:25 »
Fally's clip of Maria PM had to be out last week, but he changed his mind after getting alot of negative reactions and decided to re-record the clip, because of wearing that gucci-blackface sweater.  With those being born and/or raised in Europe, Canada and the US being angry, asking themselves if his staff is only there for mabanga's. But it didn't create a huge buzz, because alot of Congolese people don't even know what blackface is with alot claiming that he postponedthe release of Maria BM because of being scared for Ferre's new clip lol.


Is it true that OK Jazz's brass section participated to some Wenge songs of Anges Adorables volume 1 & 2 or are it just the keyboards of Alain Makaba ? Because I remember having read 10 years that OK Jazz's brass section also participated to that album.

Congolese Music / Re: Fally Ipupa- Maria PM (clip)
« on: February 21, 2019, 21:38 »

Back in 2004 when I saw the video for the first time, I was shocked to hear Chouchou's accusations who said that Koffi was raping them and letting them drink his urine and Laura saying that he was having sex with them without condoms and putting a cross on her forhead (back in the 90s and 2000s streetrumors were saying that it was a magic ritual that Koffi used to when he was about to sacrifice girls after having sex with them).

I found it strange that both girls decided to return after ruining Koffi's reputation and how Koffi accepted them back without problem. Koffi fans used to say that it was Michel Lady Luya (RIP) who was behind it, just because of those stupid beefs about sidechicks.

Congolese Music / Is Koffi looking for protection ?
« on: February 20, 2019, 17:33 »

Who's that bassplayer when Michael Tshendu sung Celine Dion's song ? Was that Fiston-bass who became the main bassplayer until Mimiche arrival and joined Wenge Tonya Tonya ?

The singer of zaiko his name is Gilbert Benamayi.

Thanks, where is he nowadays ?

Congolese Music / Re: Ado Yuhe's interview with Áime Buanga
« on: February 19, 2019, 22:06 »
Will this mean that we will see Didier Masela very soon ? I don't understand why they keep discussing about who being the founder of Wenge we aren't in 1992 anymore. Also that discussion about Mulolo and JB Mpiana being the president becomes irritant. The Wenge Musica "Bakolo Esthetique" is very different from the Wenge Musica "Anges Adorables" that we knew from Mulolo until the split of 1997.

Congolese Music / Ado Yuhe's interview with Áime Buanga
« on: February 19, 2019, 22:01 »

I also disagree, the sound was excellent. I used to like to play l'Eau l'Eau l'Eau in the car because of the bass of those programmed drums and also loved those acoustic guitars. For Salopette, I liked those drums. Salopette was one of the few songs that convinced me immediatly after hearing B.E.K. for the first time. I tought that it would end in an agressive sebene, maybe that they cut it of because of timing of the cd (Plat Favori, Sixieme Chantier, Ikea and BB Gout took alot of space which made the generic Bla Bla Bla end up as a bonus on the DVD).

Maybe you listened to the pirate-version of both songs. But if you listen to the CD-version that you will hear that the sound is excellent.


Was Michael Tshendu ever meant to last long with the group? Although he was in the clips, he never had any vocals to any songs from Intervention Rapide Force but Orphelin.

He was with Masion Mere during their European tour, but didn't record a single vocal for Solola Bien. I always thought he was a ngulu disguised as a member of a group, which Papa Wemba was known to do with his band.

Why wasn't Christian Mabanga more patient? He could have easily replaced Didier Masela after Solola Bien, but everything worked out since Mimiche was a great bassist

Hahaha Michael Tshendu wasn't a ngulu lol. You will never ever see ngulu on stage as musicians. If they just arrive in Paris, London or Brussels they start their own business, sometimes they also attend the big event as spectator. Michael Tshendu was a singer for R&B, Zouk, Soul songs in concerts before that the singers of Maison Mere arrives on stage. In the 80s Zaiko also used to have a singer for those rols (I forgot his name).

you can see him sing from 4:03 min

In Wenge Musica 4x4, Alain Makaba & Patient Kusangila were doing that role.

When Wenge Maison Mere was busy with recording Solola Bien, they said that Michael Tshendu would record his own solo album. Zacharie Bababaswe made it clear during the concert of Palais des Sports. But I don't if that album ever got released.

Christian Mwepu was used by Werrason to do nasty things to Didier Masela and ignoring him. Not wanting to give him the bass guitar if he came of stage, etc. and Werrason promising that he would give him two songs on Solola Bien as reward. Because they knew that Masela would leave Maison Mere soon. Then when they came in London they weren't rehearsing his songs and Christian felt betrayed. After that Didier Masela decided to stay in London (kind of left Maison Mere) and they went to Canada. Masela already called his friends there and those people went to beat him. After that they toured the USA and other cities of Canada, but they still weren't rehearsing his songs and Christian himself became also sick. So he decided then to stay in Canada.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this video on youtube. I tought that I would never see it again. I hope also to see their concert at La Zamba Playa back and the one of Variete Samedi Soir. Werrason was getting support from everywhere, but nobody was really believing in Wenge Maison Mere until Intervention Rapide came.

What happened to Michael Tshendu's album that they recorded in 1999 ? He kind of killed his career by staying in Europe, I think that it was better for him to stay 2 years more in Wenge Maison Mere. The good side of his depature is that it made them recruited Heritier.

Christian Mabanga was a monster on the bass-guitare. What a waste of talent. It always strange to see Blaise Manzambi's name in credits of old VHS or in mabanga's. Now he's the boss of Casarhema.

Aah Vasco de Gama (R.I.P.). I always tought that his name was Modeste. It smees that he didn't participate to the recordings of Intervention Rapide, because I didn't saw his name back on the credits. I liked his style of playing those on keyboards. It was unfair from Werrason to leave him behind in Kinshasa with Guylain Mpungi.

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