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just after the release of the Noblesse Oblige-Album


The album which made Wazekwa a big star in Congo DR and being nominated at Kora Awards 2001

Congolese Music / Are these disque d'or fake or real ?
« on: November 04, 2016, 01:53 »

For this album I have some doubts, Attenat solding 100.000 exampl in 3 months ? hmmmmm

Mr Simon holding a speech some minutes before the Olympia-show and giving JB the Gold record during the show. Is that guy who's dancing during the Feux de l'Amour-song gay ?

hahaha Zacle; eza ya solo, eza ya solo..... If remember I well 1 year before the show JPS planned to give a platina disc for Solola Bien! and Kibuisa Mpimpa (which was according to the press already a Gold-record, sold with more than 100.000 exm in 1 month) at the double Zenith-event. But I don't which hold JPS back to give it to Werrason. Solola Bien was according to the press already a Gold record, during the Bercy-days, but JPS could not give it to Werrason then, due to the departures of Aldophe & Didier Masela who where co-leaders of Wenge Maison Mere.

Congolese Music / Why is Nene Tchakou so underrated ?
« on: November 02, 2016, 22:46 »
Why is Nene Tchakou so underrated ? Was it because he to much in soukous, compared to Dally Kimoko & Caien Madoka who worked also often with Congolese Rumba-artists (Madilu, Reddy Amisi, Papa Wemba,etc.) or because it was diffcult for him to earn a big reputation when he was a  Langa Langa Stars-member and to compete thenwith solists of generation his Bongo Wende, Huits Kilo, Beniko Popolipo & Roxy Tshimpaka ?



Papa Wemba  for the first in Angola with Awilo Longomba (drums), Reddy Amisi, Luciana Demingongo, Stino Mubi, Boss Matuta, Ping Pong Tshimanga, Demukuse & Fafa de Molokai. Reddy Amisi on top with his Queen Lina (EP), which had the hit songs Bomengo Ata Kala & Mbongwana and Stino Mubi with his MJ Ngoyi (EP)

This was the era of the Bana Lunda who where Congolese peoples who left Zaire to settle in the dangerous Lunda Sul & Norte provinces, (who where under control of Unita) to find diamonds in the hope to become rich. This was due to the corrupt and bad management of Zaire by Mobutu's MPR-regime, who killed the economy and education of the country. Many Congolese peoples who tried to go to Lunda where killed or kidnapped by the Unita-soldiers. J.B. Mpiana even sung a song about it.

Wow  :o Kester was maybe right man..  I looked on this site which Congolese artists had a gold record, but it seems that there was never a Congolese artist who got a gold record in France. So Franco, Abeti Masikini, Tabu Ley, Koffi Olomide, JB Mpiana, Werrason and Fally Ipupa all lied to us. Kassav who was a populair French-antillean band never got a platinum record in France , which the international press did us believe.

atika kokosa batu dit wana eza disque d'or cope....

Fi Carre's guitar isn't really audible. I wonder where was Alain Makaba at this moment.....

Titina Al Capone is my favorite drummer... But in this concert he sounds to loudly. I don't know much about the balance of instruments in concerts, but I think that Titina sounds to wild and Ficarre's guitar like a little baby, due to the bad balance.


with the then new singer Aimelia Lias , who replaced Manda Chante (he joined Wenge Aile Paris) and Tutu Calugi left behind in Zaire with Ekokota doing some of his cries like Iza Iza, niema niema mama loketo nayo moko, etc.

This video was produced by ex' Wenge Aile Paris-manager Damien Dimonekene, who chose Ricoco & Aime Buanga side after the split with Marie Paul, Zing Zong, Depitsho, JDT who chose Francis Kalombo & Mobutu's son Kongolo "Saddam Hussein" as manager.

Wenge Musica was at moment on the top with the Kalayi Boeing-album and where on the way for the Anges Adorables double-album.


with Reddy Amisi, Stino Mubi, Maika Munan

Congolese Music / Fally Ipupa ft Bendoson - Manu
« on: October 27, 2016, 01:39 »


better quality

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