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Thank you again mvulusi96.
Finally i want to know who are gildaz pozi, emery mbonda, christian kingstall , anaurd laguna and cyrill malonga. How many years spend in extra musica for each individual,  why they left extra, what were their functions in extra,

if you have picture of gildaz pozi, emery mbonda, kingstall, regis touba, cyrill malonga, mellon gakana, anaurd laguna , pinochet thierry, and typhoid tarzan please upload so that i can understand them.

I don't have a picture of them. Glidaz Pozi and Emery Mbonda are conga-players and Christian Kingstall is a keyboard-player they where all there from the start till the last tour of Extra Musica in Europe (2001). Arnaud Laguna was an ex guitartist of Extra Musica International who played first rhythm and became after Durrel's departure lead-guitarist of the same band. Cyrill Malonga is an ex keyboard-player of Extra Musica International. Like I've said before information about bands from Brazzaville are not really clear compared to bands from Kinshasa, so I don't know why they all left. For Glidaz Pozi I only know that he composed a song called Karen Amour which was meant to released in the album Trop c'Est Trop, but there was no more place in the cd, so the producer decided to released it only on VHS and DVD along with the songs Kayembe Bikissa Nga(of Espe Bass) and Papato(of Oxygene) which also didn't make in the cd. But I don't think that it was the reason that he left, because the Trop c'est Trop came out when Extra Musica was already in Brazzaville.

I hope that they don't run away, Congolese musicans might as well start doing concerts in countries like Spain,Portugal, Greece, Turkey etc.

Ferre Gola planned last year to perform in Ukraine with his band, but it was cancelled due to the war between Ukraine and Russia

Thank you Mvulusi96, but i want to know
1. why did christian ambe and guy guy fall left extra musica?
2. did regis touba participate in la mainore album?
3. who is pinochet thiery ?
4. can you mention those who sing in marc 9 23 the song of extra musica international ( from first verse, second, third and fourth verse)
5. why abilisi left extra and which album was the last for him in extra
6. who is a composer of ziya and inondation??


I don't know why Guy-Guy Fall and Christian Ambe left Extra Musica and why Regis Touba didn't participate in Ouragan. The information about bands from Brazza are not really clear compared to bands from Kinshasa. Yes, Regis Touba participated in La Main Noire album.

I don't know why Abilissi left Extra Musica, but the many peoples says that he feared Papy Jah(the guy who sings almost like Ferre Gola). His last album in Extra Musica Zangul was Shalai, he composed in the same album the song Tu Me Manques.

The composer of Ziya is Oxygene and of Inondation is Roga Roga.

Pinochet Thierry was a simple band-administrator in Extra Musica who chose the side of Quetin Moyascko and started with him and Durrel Loemba Extra Musica International Z1 in 1998, after financial disputes and war of leadership between Quetin Moyascko who was then president (with co-founder Durell Loemba on his side) and Roga Roga who was Chef d'Orchestre with band-manager Ferreol Ngassakys and the co-founders Espe Bass, Ramatoulay and Kila-Mbongo on his side.

The first verse of the song Marc is Mellon Ngakana "Ebale Mbonge", the second Christian Ambe, the third Regis Touba "Le Tigre"and the fourth is Quetin Moyascko "Envoye Special" and the animation is done by Etats Unis (who's now in Extra Musica Zangul).

hmmmm Es-que bakokima te ? aahahhahaha

He went commercial with that salsa song mopao it was on africando.
??? That song with Africando is not his song, it's just a song were he was invited to sing, like Emeneya and Sam Magwana in the past albums. the song Mopao was released in 2001 after Attentat wich was released in 1999.  Or do you want to say that African Kings, Si Si Si and Chocolat are not commerical ?

Congolese Music / Re: Recommend old albums to newcomers
« on: June 27, 2015, 17:13 »
Extra Musica - Les Nouveaux Missiles, Etat Major & Trop c'est Trop
Koffi Olomide - Magie, V12, Effrakata, Wake Up & Force de Frappe
Papa Wemba - Foridoles, Fula Ngenge, Nouvelle Ecriture & Mwalimu CD1
King Kester Emeneya - Mboka Mboka & Longue Histoire vol. 1
Werrason - Solola Bien, Kibuisa Mpimpa, Sous Sol & Alerte Generale
J.B. Mpiana - Feux de l'Amour, Live at Zenith '99, T.H. & Titanic
Wenge Musica 4x4 - Pentagone, Kalayi Boeing & Les Anges Adorables vol. 1 & vol. 2
General Defao - Tremblement de Terre, Guerre de 100 and & Nessy de Londres

is Regis touba and Christian ambe the same person?? if not the same, did Christian Ambe participate in confirmation album ? and in which song(s) he participated?
Who are the composer of the following song?
1. Etape
2. Denide
3. Kende
4. Success extra
5. Detress

Please anyone with full information on why Guy guy fall and Christian Ambe leave extra musica?
Is Regis Touba participated in ouragan album? and which song he sing?

Regis Touba and Christian Ambe are not the same person. Regis Touba sings and dance like Nyoka Longo of Zaiko and Christian Ambe sings more like a girl. Christian Ambe did not participate to the Confirmation-album because he left Extra Musica some months after the Noveaux Missiles-album, he was replaced by Abilissi. Christian Ambe joined Extra Musica International in 1998 along with Guy-Guy Fall, but Guy-Guy Fall himself would left them before the recording of their first album Super Helico. Regis Touba didn't participate in the Ouragan album. Confirmation album is the only album in Extra Musica were he participated.

Detresse is composed by Pinochet Thierry, Succes Extra by Roga-Roga Missle, Kende by Durell Loemba, Denide and Etape by Espe Bass.

This for me the best album made by Extra musica, because it includes smooth rhythm from Durell's guitar, groovy bass-lines of Esperence Muanda (Espe-Bass), nice songs and Explosive solo's from Roga Roga(for me his best solo's ever made in a Extra-Musica album). It pity that they changed their rhythm after this album, which I can understand, because they were many time critized and accused of copying Wenge.

What's the reason of Guy-Guy Fall's departure ? Because I noticed that this is the only album of Extra Musica were Guy-Guy Fall had much vocals and that he contributed not much like Quetin Moyascko, Oxygene in the Confirmation-album and guys like Regis Touba and Doudou Copa had more vocales than him in the same album and it looks also like they wanted to isolate him from Extra Musica. Because if you look the videotapes of Extra Musica from 1993-96, you will notice that Guy-Guy Fall tried act like a leader and being entertaining in concerts by doing many scantene and dedications, but in concerts after the Confirmation-album you will see Guy-Guy barely sing and Herman Ngassaki taking his place more and more over.

It's funny to hear the end of Detresse and Amie Reviens, because if you compares it with the end of Voyage and Mon Ami Coboss from Wenge Musica, you will notice that Guy-Guy Fall tried to imited J.B. M'piana dedication lines.


African Kings ft Passi (French Rap-Legend from Congo-Brazzaville)

Si Si Si ft Goumba Gawlo (from Senegal) dedicated to his daugther Didi Stone Nike

Congolese Music / Re: FERRE GOLA SEBEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: June 21, 2015, 21:27 »
guys there is a conflict between them which has existed for months,from what i know ndombolhino had not been paid for several songs  and some of the staff guys mistreated him insulted him,influenced ferre to not allow him to get exclusive things anymore because one day he praised fally openly so there is not even contact anymore between hervé and him
lol romeo you are being too passionate ,those things happen a lot  in the very special congolese music industry
the fact ndombolhino heavily promoted some ferre stuff to extent that hervé even mentioned ndombolhino's mother in his generiques made ferre's staff guys that he had become "their property" and can never ever talk  good openly about "l autre la"

LOL Archos  i'm ok with him having a opinion if he like fally werrason and so on that is right but what i'm pissed of is that he is advertising the fact that is represent congolese music and that is the one which promotes la musique de son pays.

But what you telling me ( and i suspect it) it's a matter of money that make him praise Prince d'angola , Fabregas or Heritier who do not have any album yet but critics Ferre musically but in truth if he had been paid even if the music is trash would said oh man it's the best song of the univers blablabla

You see my point of view ?

Now he is beaten because Ferre heard the critics and with Seben release one of the hit for this summer Nioso na faciliter..

That's not true, because he critized Bana Zebola while Koffi paid him to promote that song, he even critized that featering of Koffi and J. Martins

Ekokota !!! Koko na Bango !!!!


Powerfull generic of CNN, who's playing the lead-guitar?

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