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« on: September 20, 2018, 20:11 »
Yeah and Bogus attackes Werra since 5 years but they noticed just now and want to claim now that JB paid Ado, Serge Mabiala and Celeo money. I don’t see what Celeo and Serge Mabiala say wrong. They didn’t insult Werra like Pie Roger, Sankara & Papy Le Primce does to them and their rivals.

« on: September 20, 2018, 20:07 »
It seems that they attacked Ado Yuhe, he didn’t finish the BCBG-part and started today with Quartier Latin. Those Maison Mere-fanaticus killed Ado’s fantastisch idea, I wanted to hear Titina, Alain Mpela, Richard Mukena and Patou Solo.

« on: September 20, 2018, 18:18 »
The beef is already back. Because Heritier said that Werrason never performed in Abidjan, while he performed there in 2000, two times in 2001 and one time in 2012 with Heritier for Femua. With also a beef of Nicodeme against Olivier and Micka.

Another is that Werra-fans and Sankara are clamining that JB paid Ado Yuhe and ex’BCBG and Maison Mere-musicians money to talk about bad about Werrason. Hahahaha they are childish. They forget that Pathy Moleso and Alba Accompagnero didn’t talk any word about Werrason.

I saw videotitle of those Nzoyi saying that they will beat Celeo, Mabiala and Bogus Bopemba and a spokemen going very low by saying that Marie Paul is having sex with his daugther Britanny and that he killed his mother Dorothe Mafuta. I don’t understand why those “journalist” don’t those parts out of their videos.

That’s a bad strategy. He has to promote his album in Kinshasa and not Europe. The music in Europe is death. . If he wants to promote his album well in Europe, he had then to record several interviews with Ado Yuhe, Addy Londole, Pitshou Mangaya, etc. every month and promote the songs in those interview. Another strategy is doing polemic against JB Mpiana, he will get then alot Werrason and Fally-fans behind his back. Or just create some buzz

Congolese Music / Re: Where was A La Lune:Mwalimu recorded at?
« on: September 20, 2018, 16:10 »

9.01 min Jimmy Mukelenge attacking indirectly Jean Pierre Saah for laundering his money of the maffia he was doing

Congolese Music / Re: Where was A La Lune:Mwalimu recorded at?
« on: September 20, 2018, 16:05 »
Papa Wemba decided to support Riigo Makengo, Bob Masua “R.I.P.” & Jhimmy Mukelenge in their war against “foreign” musicproducers (Jean Pierre Saah of JPS Production & Simon Ndonang of SIPE Production) and the French (Bodinat of Sonodisc) who were “stealing” their market and musicians. Papa Wemba always stated in his interviews that Congolese people have to control their music business themselve. Papa Wemba  was a patriot when he decided to let Rigo Makengo produce the album of Nouvelle Ecriture and not Sonodisc, he decided to let it record in Kinshasa af studio Meko to really show the of his country. It was recorded shortly after the split in Ethopia with Ramazani, Bendoson & Pompom Miyake. When they finished the album they went to tour 8 months in Europe and went to correct some solo partitions and vocals and also adding mabanga. With them also performing at Zenith & Olympia and the album being released in December 2000.

Congolese Music / Re: Where was A La Lune:Mwalimu recorded at?
« on: September 20, 2018, 15:53 »
In Kinshasa

UK they may have a chance .With all this terror threats the  UK government will probably round them and deport.They are even stripping citizenship from troublemakers.

Lol, the place where the combattans-embargo started in 2006. Koffi & Fally tried several times to bring Music back between 2006 and 2011, but it never worked. They have already done 12 years without music. It was them who started that Lumbe-Lumbe/Mwete Mwete and mutakalisation stuff.

They can try but they absolutely have to avoid combattants

12 january is after 23 december 2018 when the new president will be voted. So it can change the mind of the combattans. But Kabila is smart he can kill Shadary to be still the president, create a war before the elections, or create another strategy. Because it's clear that Shadary will be the new president, they eliminated Katumbi, Muzito and Bemba. Now they are looking something to eliminate Felix Tshisekedi. Shadary is very dangerous he killed alot of people for Kabila, it can be that he will be worser than Kabila.

How can a president-candidate say something like that in public.
Who is this Shadry guy? Never heard his name before.

While Bill Clinton would still be the no.1 atalaku for the MM Dream Team Dream Band, I think Werra would've given Calugi a bit more space to animate than he did with Celeo until after Solola Bien.

hahaha, nobody knew Bill Clinton back in 1997 when Maison Mere started only some people who knew him for his animations in Royaume Lifaki. Tutu Calugi used to be the best atalaku of DRC in that era and don't forget that Bill was animating like Calugi before Intervention Rapide. The coaching of Werrason and his staff made him change his style. I don't even think that they would recruit Bill, if Calugi was around. They would have recruited someone who would do Ekokota's role. In Maison Mere they rejected all atalaku's who were animating like Calugi because of Bill in 1997 & 1998 (Bidjana, Gentamicine, etc.).

I think that Mboshi Lipassa or even Dolce Somono was far and far better than Tutu Callugi. Tutu Callugi is not a bad atalaku but I think he was too overrated. Callugi never knew how to replace Ekokota, he did not have the vocal power that Ekokota had. He just enjoy the fall of Ekokota. This is why, I dont understand why all the young atalaku of this era was following Callugi...

Only my opinion

never knew how to replace Ekokota ? He is a tenorist not a falsetto atalaku. It's like you are comparing Gessac to Papy Louange.

Calugi came with a new style of animating which was different then what Ekokota, Djuna Mumbafu, Beevans were doing and his voice was totally different, while all atalaku's who were animating before Ekokota had a strong voice. When he was animinating it was like he was singing, which amazed everybody. You had to live in that era to understand that. This all that made a new generation of atalaku's Pecos, Theo Mbala, CNN, Mboshi Lipassa, Celeo, Gentamicine, etc. who were inspired of him. Mboshi Lipassa & Theo Mbala still have big respect for Tutu Calugi. Mboshi praise him alot in interviews. Theo Mbala even says that he merites a certificate from him of being the best student of "Ecole des Calugiste" and not Gentamicine. Both used to sing in the same band in Ngiri-Ngiri before Calugi joined Wenge.

Lol, all those years I tought that the concert took place in France somewhere in 1998.

Still don't understand why Flamme played the most sebenes on Solola Bien while Japonais was far and far better than him on that moment with everybody calling Flamme a faux solist despite the succes of the generique and the sebene of Cresois.

Wazekwa had to release a instumental-version of Dose Unique. He was right in naming the generique Dose Unique. Excellent work of Bijoux Depaulga, the drummer, the rhythm-guitarist and the bass player without forgetting Gessac and Papy Louange "Trezeguet" (Celezino's brother hahahahaha). I liked that duo of Gessac and Louange.



Who played lead on Augustine ? Flamme or Japonais ? Because in Solola Bien US Studio, it's Japonais Maladi playing it with Werrason also mentioning his name (6.45 min). Or was the sebene of Augustine Japonais's creation with Flamme playing it in the album-version and adding his paritions, like he did on the generique of Solola Bien where the first part was Japonais's creation until the Chibida Bibiche-rap/animation.

1.50 min

I never saw Japonais playing Augustine in concerts it was always Flamme who was playing it until Japonais's departure.

Japonais on the rhytm-guitare and playing rhythm exactly how it was played on the cd-version.

Damn, when’s the last time he had a meal?

It's his body. My cousin who used to live with him in the same house in Paris used to mock him about that. His daugther Britanny is also very skinny. But him wearing big cloths made him look normal.

2.27 min

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