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If Jb pays a salary to his band, then they have no business telling him how to spend his money. If he decides that Sankara gets it, so then it must be. There is a tendency among Congolese musicians, to expect profit sharing, houses, cars and tons of cash..........where in the world do you find businesses that pay their employees that way? Sai Sai is absolutely right that Congolese tvs shouldn't entertain the sort of filth Mr Olomide revels in. The polemics are veux Ebola's fault. That thing is a despicable poor excuse of a man. A grown man with an infantile attitude.

« on: September 18, 2014, 13:14 »
Koffi aza na Koffi has got AIDS..... :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Mopao Mokonzi!!!
« on: September 16, 2014, 11:19 »
I stopped listening to Koffi's music when he played Efrrakata.....Everything else after is bollocks. The best album Koffi has ever done is V12.

Congolese Music / Re: BCBG NEWS with new dance " Ebola "
« on: September 10, 2014, 16:58 »
Werrasonique de Zimbabwe, I do not care about those statistics you are posting because they may even be coming from some extrapolation . Why am I saying all this. This is because someone has brought this ebola virus on we innocent people, just to make a profit. Conspiracy theory? read and research on these pharmaceutical companies and how they even use scientists for their gain at the expense of poor Africans.

They once said magic Johnson had HIV.....but today he is negative. This is how they use people to attract the real infected to buying those expensive drugs in the USA. Those drugs are ok and prolong ones life comfortably.  But in Africa, the third class ARVs are being dumped here and huge profits are being made.

So some of those Americans we hear of being sick of ebola today and tomorrow they are fine, why?......the drug and vaccine is there but down here, we are going to die and die. Incase you also did not know, read Agenda 21 and see some clauses that are pushing for brutal global population reduction and the UN has adopted it. Shit world.

I was really tempted to savage your comments but on second thoughts, I will unpack and answer appropriately. To start with,  I find it a bit rich and equally baffling that you want to moan about western corporations not making drugs for diseases afflicting Africans. Ebola does not affect Europe as much as Africa so why should they invest their resources in finding a cure or immunisation for something that really does not affect them. Africa has every natural resource to develop any form of medicine and the brains to tackle the diseases that plague our continent but our governments and the club of dictators called the African Union could not care less. They are the ones you should be aiming your verbal barbs to instead of having an expectation of a white man to sort out your problems.

Congolese Music / Re: BCBG NEWS with new dance " Ebola "
« on: September 10, 2014, 10:33 »
By today, 2,288 people have died of the ebola disease ( so I am at loss to understand what it is that is appealing about this virus to warrant a dance routine!

....... vieux hippopotame hasn't won any awards unless it's a hot dog eating contest.
This just got me laughing very hard......

This is one of the 2 generiques, most likely the 2nd generique, am impressed with the overall arrangement but am not happy with the new ataluku who is imitating Bercy, he should have done his own thing. Kunzardo the tenor ataluku and the female ataluku Ruth Nzele have done their work though. Am also glad Hadji Solo kept the flame burning! Let's wait for the 1st generique before we judge.
I am not at all surprised that you are easily pleased by this shoddy production....such is the decline of Congolese music & that is why I'm no longer bothered with the noise being produced nowadays.

Congolese Music / Re: DANCING ATALAKUS
« on: August 15, 2014, 09:13 »
Hahaha Tutu, I'm not going to say anything because the Wenge fanboys pretty much run the forum.
I will tell you that this is the best available African music forum on the internet & the Admins are doing a cracking job at keeping it informative, alive and entertaining. This board is purely a "public service" job & we really should commend the admins for a job well done.
Let me remind you that the Admins are investing their money & time onto this forum; for no gain....... (none of us has paid a penny into this including this author). I know that they do so because they want you and I to express our opinions for as long as we remain civil & in line with the hosts' T&Cs; otherwise the objective will be self-defeating.
You have to understand that like you, the admins also have their own personal likes & it’s right that they have interest & that they express openly their opinions on those interests. We shouldn't construe that to mean that they want to ram their opinions down our throats!  I am registered on many forums & I know I can have a caustic tongue quite capable of spitting very vocal & unsympathetic critique…….I have first-hand experience of heavy handed moderators & Admins. What we have here is nothing; in fact this is heaven compared to what I have experienced elsewhere. Lets enjoy this forum & desist from trying to light up fires where none exist. W…….We should feel fortunate & eternally grateful to have this resource….. we should encourage the admins & give them all the support they need.

brigade seeing he is not called back  to end his suspension goes back to maison mere,where he is accepted back  but is in open conflict with celeo scram due to their future common ex-girlfriend mimi tshikeva

Mimi Tshikeva must be the queen of head.............tongue ring to boot


He claims for a number of years now his two former employers have been trying to have him deported back to Congo from the UK where he's previously been detained by immigration twice. The first time he was detained is when he left BCBG mid tour, he was detained at Gatwick but claimed asylum and was released and given a house in Birmingham. He was also detained recently, he says it's because of an interview he gave early 2014 in which he denounced the two musicians. He says they've been working underground with their people to have him deported but he thanks the UK govt because their respect the law and they've proved that the two musicians have criminal records and are the guilty ones. He also accuses them of witchcraft ie sacrificing people in order to have success in their careers.

He even says the two artists are finished since him,Makaba and Titina left them because it's them who made the music.

The man has spoken a lot but basically he's literally trying to strengthen his case with the UK immigration officials so that he has permanent stay here, it's the same thing that other musicians and dancers do when they leave, they make wild accusations against their former employers once they arrive in Europe.

We'll see how this ends up but quite interesting..... :D

I have always liked Burkina Faso and he is one of my all time guitarists. But on this, i got to pull him for talking bollocks. JB & Werra don't even remember Mboka Liya to even think of deporting him. He left BCBG, when he was virtually playing second fiddle to Patou Solo so why would JB want him back? This is not  about music but a much sinister motive.
Building a profile of your so called enemies is a classic tried and proven method to enhance an asylum claim in UK. From the little he has given in the interview, one can surmise that he still hasn't been given leave to remain in the UK. The UK does not detain  refugees granted leave to remain unless they committed serious crimes, that warrant exclusion from the Refugee Convention. One can conclude that when Burkina Faso claimed asylum, his case was based on the premise that he is at risk from JB & Werra, therefore fears a return to Congo. The video is being used to make outlandish claims and "build evidence" to submit to Immigration............crafty little devil.


...I think even Tshala at her current waist and age can mutwash better than this.
I concure. I had so much respect for Meje but after seeing this video I don't think she's the sort of woman I would sleep with!!! ;D
Different strokes........for different folk. I prefer a good angle & little to no movement........thats how I stroke.

after a long and calm thinking about it,i have decided i will never talk about him again,and i really mean never,everything about him will remain in my head and heart and at home and in my private life,i am not running away from somebody let alone seeking attention,but sometimes when bad things keep repeating itself for over a decade now i think the best thing i can do on my part is stopping to talk about him in any manner
i will talk or translate things or do stories about other artists, and if the same stuff happens with another artist  i will ignore him then aswell
sorry for those who had enough intelligence to understand(even if it happens hours after our posts,in our private lives)  that even if sometimes i was saying things which did not please them i never meant to disrepect mister ngiama makanda  in any manner let alone insult any of his fans... but enough is enough
thankfully for the non lingala speakers there is enough lingala speakers who could do translations for you

have a nice day guys

All genuine Werrasoniques and music lovers do not have a problem with discussions about Werrason.  He is a public and important figure of African music, who like everyone else as important, attracts  attention from fans so I don't know what the problem is. What I do know is that the threats about discussions on Werrason are from a vile, twisted, narcissistic power hungry bitch whose evil intentions are to appropriate total control over affairs about Werrason. This bitch is a miserable internet troll and cyber bully and she displays all the hallmarks of a serial bully, always moving from one target to another.  Nobody invited her here, she was never part of any discussion but like all bullies, her depraved appetite for authority brought her here with nothing to offer but her obnoxious behaviour. I hope sooner rather than later Werrason realises just how unhelpful this bitch is to his brand..........

Congolese Music / Re: Freddy Marchouse in an interview
« on: June 15, 2014, 19:31 »
Ferre and his group are a nursery for Maison Mere and I said it before. WMMM is the university of Wenge ans I would go as far as saying that all musician in the groups of the Maison Mere family aspire to achieve the highest honour of joining Werrason. Werrason has proved ALL there needs to prove. He's taken and prevailed against Koffi and JB arguably the most formidable singers and performers of the last 20 years. Who is Ferre compared to those 2? A nobody not even worthy to wipe Fally's arse. He better be advised to pick his enemies wisely or he'll be loitering the streets of Gombe without a group after they've all deserted to Maison Mere.

My God, musicians really out themselves at a disadvantage by not marketing themselves and their music properly, I have come to learn of great songs by King Kester only after his death, this is a great song. I wonder why he never made the effort to tour and sell his music even in neighbouring countries such as Zambia were he was well known for his song Nzinzi and Primus.

Hahaha I'm absolutely shocked Sly!........How could you say you don't know all the songs on Longue Histoire? That is criminal criminal and your sentence is to listen to Flo Rider all weekend. This song reminds me of year 2000 when I was a 20 something young man in London, at a club called Beach Ngobila in Seven Sisters. We danced many nights away to this song and it always brought the roof down. I remember there was also a song by Benz Petrole that sounded the same and these two used to be played in succession.......just the thought of it makes me feel that I could do anything to roll the clock back.

Willy Ebondaki is definitely an underrated guitarist whom I like a lot. His sound is not pretentious but catchy, melodious and genius. Listen to this:

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