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This is why Africa will never progress because we hold on to retrogressive and archaic beliefs that serve only to keep us stationed in the past. Anyone that believes that witchcraft exists ought to have their head examined and its not an an insult but a dead serious suggestion. If we had the power to fly on the broom, to turn fish into humans, create lightning & do numerous other legendary tales, I am sure by now we would have attracted the attention of the best scientists in the world. Science thrives on opportunity.......hence there is no way witchcraft would be ignored if an opportunity was there.

Anthropological research has clearly shown that witchcraft is nothing but a part of the system of cosmological beliefs of a society. I don't believe or accept the existence of witchcraft. You will have to provide directly observed evidence or empirical evidence to convince; none of which is available at the moment - save for people's beliefs & faith. To put it into perspective, much of the so called "evidence " of witchcraft, is circumstantial evidence, instead of empirical evidence, in the form of jealousy, abhorrence, vengeance, retaliation and the like. So unless you can prove to me something that has not been proven before, i am neither willing to change my mind nor agreeing with you.

Last week something similar happened or was reported on in my country: Two witches crash landed in a property 400km from their homes coming from a mission to eat human flesh. Bollocks I say.


Congolese Music / Zmbabwe Elections
« on: August 02, 2013, 13:12 »
Zanu romping to anyone following?

As far as I know, Sankara is not employed by Maison Mere. The fact that he goes on national tv to insult ex Maison Mere in his capacity & without a clear mandate from Werra, is not a problem Werra must deal with. There is no clear evidence to suggest that Werra sends him to do this job. If Ferre wanted to respond, the wisest would have been for him to also find a proxy spokesperson to do the dirty work on his behalf. I am sure when Lacoste suggested that Ferre acts like an illiterate idiot, he had recognised that he is way too stupid to see beyond the obvious. Werra has kept his counsel and is within his right to disown comments made outside of his press office.

Concerning the matter of Bill; I think you need to give him credit for recognising his failings of the past. I see no reason why you want to continue dragging into the limelight issues of his past bad behaviour. What is important is that he learnt his lesson and is willing to share with Ferre the good advice.

Werra or Maison Mere don't lose sleep over Celeo's comments. He is entitled to have and keep to himself & not to prescribe to adults.

Ferre is taking the tried and tested route of creating polemics to generate publicity. The fact that he feigns selective amnesia  or pretends not to  recognise and appreciate what Werra has done for his career is nothing but a ruse to deceive the gullible.

Bill Clinton recognises the magnitude of Werra's input in their careers and in this video, demands that Ferre respects Werra.


Lacoste goes as far as stating that Ferre behaves like an illiterate fool


Congolese Music / Forum Name
« on: July 22, 2013, 12:10 »
Thank you Mr Admin for getting us another site. May I suggest a moderate forum name like vibes'delengi or something to that effect. Congovibes is ok but a bit"specialist" in the sense that the name suggest everything is about Congo and not music in general.

Thank you

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