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I'm not convinced. Maybe the generique will grow on me if I keep playing it in the car or if its played in a club during the festive period. I will reserve comment till next month.

I want to know Emo's reaction.
Thats cheap.....EMO is not that stupid.

« on: November 05, 2014, 22:47 »
Not that I condon rape of any form but did Sarkozy only carry out the accusations in France where apparently you're guilty until proven innocent?
Congo are indifferent about crime and that's why Koffi is holed up there. He cannot travel to any other african countries that corporate fully with Interpol and that's why he had to escape from Zambia on a bike when he got wind that they were going to execute the warranty. The complaint was made in France and they're the ones that have summonsed him to appear before the justice system. The fact that France are looking for him does not mean thyve judged him guilty or presumed him to be guilty. He is a bail bandit who failed to appear......a spineless worm gone underground in Congo. If he's innocent he must go and to France and defend his honour, anything else suggests he's guilty.

« on: November 05, 2014, 16:35 »
So after scanning through your book is Koffi   bad for not sharing the girls or for not picking one or two like Mwalimu,Bin Adam and Noel et al...oops just spilt the been like that Texan...
Koffi is a fugitive who evaded justice and is wanted in France where there is complaint that he had sexual relations with minors.  That is his major crime which he hasn't cleared himself of. JB & Werra have not been accused of having underage sex and the day they get accussed, they too must face the music. FYI, I am not shallow or stupid enough to even consider that someone who rapes underage girls should be let off only because they play music I like or I idolise them. Women are human beings too and must betreated with equal respect & not be looked at as prize trophies or objects of male sexual gratification as you insuate. I am not anvious of Koffi's lifestyle and thank you very much, I have a very desirable woman; my wife & I am very much happy with her.

« on: November 05, 2014, 15:40 »
Selling Koffi as a good human being is like sugar coating faeces and pretending they are edible. The man is a sexual beast; a repulsive vile animal who preyed on young vulnerable girls who he should have helped to get a better life instead of using them to fulfil his debauched sexual fantasies. The African obsession with personalities is the reason why Koffi is a free man together with his ability to buy justice. A few years ago Chouchou made a complaint about sexual abuse and in her evidence, stated that Koffi used to urinate/ejaculate in their months during threesome romps. It is true that at a later stage, she withdrew her claims but we all know that she had been paid hush money coupled with threats and was left with no option but to do that. Bibisia, Cuisse de Poulet, Maman Ministre have stated that Koffi had sex with them.....well he laid virtually every girl he has employed. I do not believe that all these girls are so morally corrupt that they would have consented to being part of Koffi's team concubines. He took advantage of them. I remember a friend in Texas when Koffi went there around 2001, telling me that Koffi made the statement that when employing girls, he tells them that they should expect to be f****d by him & that’s the exact unprintable word he used.

I am disappointed that f he escaped the net in Europe and I hope that one day he is brought to justice for his crimes. Always remember this: Koffi is a wanted criminal - a coward who ran away instead of facing justice. Papa Wemba, Nyoka Longo, Werra, JB all faced up to it, but this coward is holed up in Congo where some idiots still revere him as a God.

« on: November 05, 2014, 11:51 »
why is there always too much venom against Mopao in this forum? or is it just me? the guy has given us some wonderful songs over the years. he may be a bastard ever since he found Cindy but cut the guy some flak at least!!!

notice that the criticism is rarely about music,most of us know and say he did/does good/ very good/excellent with his music
 its more his behaviour which is questioned
Koffi stopped playing mastercuts and pleasurable music on the album V12. Loi, Droit de Veto and Effrakata are tolerable but not in the same league as other albums produced during that time by other musicians. Everything after the 3 I mention is total shit. Its beyond me to imagine that there are still people that actually think that this peanut-square-head-bow legged-moron was any good after 2001........Sala Noki, Full Option, Feux de l'amour, Fula Ngenge, Solola Bien, TH, Ala Une, A la que leu leu, Kibuisa Mpimpa, Longue Histioire, Avis de recherche, Poison are some of the far superior albums that were created in the era of the millenium. Its wishful thinking that Koffi produced an album which can be spoken of in the same sentence as any the albums I stated above.

People die, life has to go on. The habit of crippling all economic & social functioning by downing tools for weeks while mourning a dead person is rubbish. Why should musicians be expected to troop down to a morgue to wait for a dead body? They will go to the funeral & thats enough.

It’s easy to record album right now than used to be. To record an album and not selling means wasting of time and money. Why you want to make albums if you have other means to make money? Kiben writes songs, and get paid well, ask Werrason. 
You’re barking up the wrong tree and needlessly devoting acres of space to discussing what has not been questioned or talked about. First of all let me tell you that recording an album is not as easy as you think unless you are cobbling up on a computer & keyboard some pseudo ragga, rnb, urban afrobeats aka bongo flavour or some crazy uninspired ghetto wannabe American music. Making successful music requires a band of paid musicians, sound engineers and proper distribution channels & this is costly. The objective for a muisician is not about money, but expressing artistry and ability to capture the attention of the audience both lyrically and or rhythmically. Wheather Kibens gets paid well or not is neither here nor there & therefore not the subject of discussion and I see no reason for you to force that argument in. The argument is about Kibens not having the balls to put out work and having it subjected to scrutiny under his own name . We do not know if he has the  courage to withstand the pressure and start making music with regularity on his own.

More than 80% of musician who left their bosses end up working blue color jobs. We can go back to Original Wenge clan count who’s making right now, very few my brother. This boy might not be around next year. Have you ask yourself where are all quarter Latin singers? Koffi was loaded; I’m talking about really good singers, but many of them disappeared after one album.  Do you really believe that kiben cannot record an album? He’s very talent brother with money.
The people you mention here from the QL familiy at least conquered their fear of failure and did something about it, which Kibens has so far failed to even to dream of. It seems a little ironic that you continue spouting about money, yet money should not be the motivation or preoccupation of any artist. Trawl through the internet and read interviews from Chai Ngenge or Gino about the remuneration in BCBG…….in fact ask any of them musicians regardless of who employs them and they will tell you that they stick around for bragging rights, an opportunity to see Europa, good clothes and proximity to befactors for mabanga handouts. Their biggest pay is fame & celebrityhood. They don’t get paid near enough for you to start harping on about it as you do. And as I said, its about the courage for one to express their artistry and that is something BCBG graduates heavily lack in.

I'm sure he can afford to produce his own album, but I believe he understand how hard the market out there.  You can call it big balls but if people don’t care about your shit, big balls means nothing.   You cannot compare this boy with Kiben/Rio. Those two are in good circumstances.
You're right to suggest that I cannot compare Ribinho to Kibens & Rio. Why should I compare an ambitious and talented young boy to a bunch of lazy geriatrics who are surviving on an undeserved pension stipend in BCBG? It is the bad energy of these lazy underachivers that is weighing down JB Mpiana’s ability to progress. And of course they are in good circumstances as you say......why wouldn't they be happy to get paid for doing fuck all?

I think this is not true....He only produced his album after being kicked out of WMM .Producing an album does not show balls it is a matter of choice. Kibens has been contributing to other "in cognito".

I always wonder why people hate Kibens & Rio that much.
Your understanding of facts is very primeval and somewhat confused. I can imagine that the world you live in must be such a dark place; a place where you are either this or that. If it was insisted that I took your understanding, I would argue that I actually love Rio & Kibens enough to think that they are wasting their talents not going solo. However, you need to understand that critiquing and offering reasoning to observations made is never a matter of love or hate. Nobody & certainly I, am not obliged to have a reason to hate or love Kibens & Rio to form and share opinions about them. There is nothing special they are contributing in BCBG to warrant their extended stay there & my opinion is that maybe if they go solo, we might get to know what they are all about. You also state that producing an album is not a sign for having balls; so what is then?…….get real! With a solo album an artiste puts their finances, reputation and career on the line. If that is not courage; what then is courage to you? Sitting on your backside & having to live off the benevolence of the leader like Kibens & Rio?

Congolese Music / Re: Werrasonique du Zimbabwe
« on: October 15, 2014, 09:33 »
Werrasonique welcome back to the forum man, it has been ages without reading from you..Titambire hama..
Thanks baba for the welcome ndatenda hangu. I am always here or there abouts, and sometimes do not get time to respond or contribute.  I may not be as active as before but I follow the stories and new developments and must say that Archos' knowledge & inciteful analysis is a real breath of fresh air.

Keep the fire burning

I have to say that this generique is not my cup of tea. It bears much resemblance & sounds very much Brazza or Extra Musica like; not anything Maison Mere like or Kinoise even. However, we cannot deny that Robinho has more balls than the whole of BCBG put together. I mean, the boy went into Maison Mere only yesterday & already he has done what Kibens & Rio have failed to do in their 20+ years' service - produce an album. Someone please tell this boy to rent his pair to these BCBG hangers.

Maybe there is a city or province in Congo called America. Did he forget about the Combattants? Or...does he think all of them are dead?
Dead or alive combattants are cowards and idiotic fools who shouldn't be allowed to continue using threatening behaviour to stop or disrupt artistes from performing. I hope that Werrason has a strong team of PR lobbyists & political advocates who will make sure that authorities are properly briefed on these cowards. USA must make an example of these idiots & mete out the severest punishment possible followed by deportation.

Kiekiekie,he was really serious when answering about Socoda, he's really insisted that a white man is superior, I agree with him to some extent about the difference in thinking and reasoning between a black man and a white man but to say a white man is next to God in hierarchy or whatever he meant I don't agree with him as God sees us as being equal.
He's an idiot who thinks being white is superior and he followed that up by bleaching and thats why his cheeks look like shit skid marks on a pant. There is nothing to disagree about what he says because its not intelligent enougth to offer anything to criticise. All rubbish from a stupid skin bleacher. The world shouldn't afford time to foolish Africans like him.

………Muana Nsuka just gave birth to Jb's child…………
I hope that this is not true at all. If this is true then JB Mpiana deserves sending into prison with very tough punishment. This little girl joined BCBG virtually a toddler and should have enjoyed the protection of a father from JB and not be groomed into a future concubine he uses for sexual gratification. There is hardly any age difference between her and Daida & if there is, it would be Daida who is older. I reckon that Mr Mpiana, proud as he is like any father of his daughter, wouldn’t like it at all if some rich and famous bastard with a lot of influence took and groomed his daughter for sex.

« on: September 22, 2014, 21:55 »
exactly the conflict was a about a beautiful woman of mixed race  who prefered jb to saddam despite saddam's money and power,saddam wanted to punish him harder but other brothers like nzanga defended jb,so the only remaining way of punishing him was blocking their album until that woman accepts to leave jb(which happened as that woman who gave him a children  went with saddam and amida came in)
koffi olomide miss des miss is that song talking about the same woman hes with right now ? and how did he meet her and what was their relation ?

This topic is for information on JB Mpiana or Wenge family not vieux Ebola.

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