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Paty Mbengani claimed that the Wenge men used to borrow clothes from Defao during his years in Choc Stars. Paty Mbengani was a big fan of Defao.

Congolese Music / Do Akongo worked with Pepe Kalle apparently.
« on: December 06, 2021, 19:54 »
I got a commentator telling me that Do Akongo worked with Pepe Kalle on his 1993 album "Dieu Seul Sait". He said that he was the composer of Pepe Kalle's song Loin Des Yeux

If true, what others songs did he compose and did he play Rhythm Guitar on any Pepe Kalle song on Dieu Seul Sait (God only knows)?

I wonder how Koffi Olomide felt about Do Akongo working with Pepe Kalle?

Congolese Music / Ado interviews Koffi's brother Tutu Roba
« on: October 31, 2021, 01:02 »

Ado talks to Koffi's brother Tutu Roba. He is mentioned in many Koffi songs. Here he is trying to defend his brother.

I am a big fan of Franco and my name comes from my enjoyment of Franco's music but I want to say like every great artist, there are errors. Franco made quite a few ones. One of them was bringing back Kwamy into OK Jazz after Kwamy attacked Franco over money issues on the song Faux Millionaire.

I mean after all, Kwamy decided to sing with Tabu Ley.

Franco responded to Kwamy with two songs. Chicotte and Course au pouvoir.

These songs are brutal towards Kwamy Munsi.

For some reason, Franco decided to bring back Kwamy into OK Jazz after 1968 or 1969. While it was not all bad, Vicky Longomba was very upset and it would lead to Vicky leaving OKJ in 1971 (WorldService report). It was said that Simaro was behind in bringing back Kwamy Munsi because he never liked Vicky Longomba and wanted to be closer to Franco. Remember at the time, Franco and Vicky were the leaders of OKJ with Franco being president and Vicky being vice president.

Franco did manage to make a memorable duet with Kwamy doing a propaganda song for Mobutu Sese Seko

But it was clear that Franco did regret in my view how he brought back Kwamy into OKJ since he lost his close friend Vicky Longomba in spite that Franco did a Africa Jazz takeover into OKJ with Josky, Ntesa, Ndombe, Diatho Lukoki, Djo Mpoyi and Wuta Mayi. The reason I personally believe this is because he decided to replay Course au Pouvoir at Ivory Coast concert in 1980.

At this time, Vicky Longomba left music and became a full time business in the Zairian Music Association. When Vicky Longomba had Lovy du Zaire from 1971 to 1974, he did get us a Franco copycat in Syran Mbenza.
BTW Syran did a tribute to Franco which was done in Soukous and it was Franco if he was a soukous guy full time.

While it is true that Franco went on to be the legend we know today, I think Franco would have been better served if he kept Vicky Longomba for a little longer. Like I said, if Vicky had stayed, I am sure he would have left in 1975 and then Franco have a complete takeover. That is my opinion only.

Some good news for once. Ferre Gola got Bill Clinton and Celeo Scream together for a dinner.

Cappucino in this video says that Heritier never stayed to promote him during their time together in Wenge Maison Mere. Oh Wenge drama.

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide works with Ninho: Hercule
« on: September 06, 2021, 03:29 »

In spite of autotune, the song is somewhat ok for me. Hope you like it if you can.

One feud that should have never arrived or come to be. It is the conflict between Koffi Olomide and Werrason. These two men should have done a duet or a duet album together back in the late 1990s or early 2000s like JB did with Papa Wemba.
Looking at this video makes me angry.  >:( >:( >:(

It is funny  ;D ;D ;D but it is also disgusting. I can understand Koffi Olomide having problems with likes of Kester Emeneya and Papa Wemba but why with Werrason. Why would Koffi and Werra get into a war. I mean Koffi and Werra were close during Wenge original era. If I am not mistaken, Koffi is a godfather of one of Werra's daughters. SMH, Koffi and Werra, why did you two had a fallout in the first place. SMH.

Can anyone explain to me and others what was the cause of the conflict between Koffi Olomide and Werrason?

Congolese Music / Ken Mpiana and Sankara
« on: September 05, 2021, 18:49 »
Ken Mpiana and Sankara have been in so much headlines lately. They both seem to be on the mission to have Ferre Gola and Werrason at war again. Sankara has had or still has suspension because his attacks towards Ferre Gola. Werrason did not help the situation by saying that Ferre needs to invite him on the album Dynasty (because Ferre sickafans will take it out of context to say very bad things).

Now Ken Mpiana has been attacking Papy Kakol. He implied if he talks about a certain Congolese leader then he may not be able to do his song on Ferre's album Dyansty. I am kind of surprised that Papy Kakol would participate. It did not seem like Ferre and Papy had any relationship. Now there was some form of relationship between Papy Kakol and someone like Celeo Scram.

What times are we in.


Among these five singers, who sang best with Papa Wemba
Bozi Boziana
Kester Emeneya
Koffi Oloimde
Reddy Amisi
Stino Mubi

If you ask me, it is Bozi Boziana. His voice and Wemba's voice were in perfect stand. What about you guys?

Congolese Music / Who was the best 2nd voice singer of OK Jazz?
« on: August 24, 2021, 04:23 »
Who was the best OK Jazz singer as second voice.

Here are the candidates
Josky Kiambukuta
Pepe Ndombe
Lola Checain
Kwamy Munsi
Edo Nganga
Madilu System
Djodjo Ikomo
Diatho Lukoki
Michel Boyibanda
Wuta Mayi

For me, it was Pepe Ndombe. What about you guys?

For OK Jazz of Franco, who sang best as the first voice singer.
I got the candidates here.
Vicky Longomba
Youlou Mabiala
Djo Mpoyi
Ntesa Dalienst
Aime Kiwakana
Lokombe Ntal
Kiese Diambu
Carlyto Lassa
Malage de Lugendo
Denis Bonyeme
Sam Mangwana

For me, the best 1st voice singer of OK Jazz was Youlou Mabiala. What about you guys?

This is my favorite. Pepe Kalle was a great second voice singer. He often sang with Papy Tex but outside of him, he would also sing with Nyboma on nzonzing projects. My favorite combination of Papy and Pepe was Pepe Kalle's song Chou where at the beginning, you heard great joy from those two singing wise. Nyboma and Pepe Kalle hit their peak with Nyboma's remixing of Amba. Their harmonies on fire.

Who do you think sounded best for Pepe Kalle? Nyboma or Papy Tex? For me, it is Nyboma because those two men just connected in a way that is so astonishing.

What about you guys?


As the title almost says on the video itself, Lokua Kanza said that he dreams that Fally Ipupa and Ferre Gola do a duet together.

For me, if Fally and Ferre ever do a duet song or album, it would be under the influence of Lokua Kanza.

For some time, I would say on Franco that Franco was a second voice singer (baritone type). But then other Franco fans would often say that actually Franco was a first voice singer (tenor type). Now I feel like Franco was a second voice singer but he could sing high sometimes.

I want to ask you guys a question. If you listen to Franco's music, do you think he is a first voice singer or a second voice singer?
I say second voice type singer. What about you guys?

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