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Congolese Music / Trivia for Grand Maitre Franco
« on: July 07, 2014, 20:28 »
Which singer said the following "My only regret is not collaborating with Luambo Makiadi alias Franco"

Choices are:
Koffi Olomide
Papa Wemba
Nyoka Longo

Who do you think said that?

What is the basis of conflict between Blaise Bula and Reddy Amisi? Some time ago, we saw them throw insults at each other.

I loved this album Solola Bien by Werrason. What is your song from this album that you like.

General / Need humor
« on: June 19, 2014, 22:33 »
Gilbert Gottfried did some sexual things. Enjoy.

Congolese Music / Wenge Musica original Kin Bouge
« on: June 19, 2014, 20:05 »
This is song that began the career of Wenge Musica. I love it. I know many Wenge fans love it.

Congolese Music / DJ Sly, what do you think?
« on: June 02, 2014, 22:03 »
I like this song and it is awesome. DJ Sly, you are a Zambian person. How do you feel about this song and the ex-president of your country.


Didier Nzongo seems to be high or too hyper. His name is familiar. Who is Didier Nzongo?

Congolese Music / Ex-QL animator CNN speaks
« on: May 07, 2014, 20:59 »

Hello friends. Sorry I have not been here for a while. But I am back a little bit. Facebook has consumed my time with constant conversations and stories. Now I have one that might make you shake your head. Let me get started.

As we always talk about, we speak a lot of possible or likely reasons why Sam Tshintu and others left Quartier Latin to form Academia. But man I got some ubelievable accusations coming from a woman. White woman to be exact. She knows Lingala pretty well. Actually we had a talk on facebook. She showed me pictures of her son. I say he looks pretty nice. But then she says that son's father is Sam Tshintu. She tells me that she and Tshintu had a very sexual relationship and even lived together. She also says she was a big time bula chick. Well bula in Lingala can mean prostitute in which she was alluding to.  She also alludes to their relationship as the first reason for why Sam Tshintu left Quartier Latin. Because of her. And one person who knew about this sexual relationship. You won't believe it.

It was Pepe Kalle Giantafrique. Giantafrique himself. She claims that she slept with a friend of Pepe Kalle. Apparently this man calls Pepe Kalle to come to Germany and see her. She also says that reason is why Sam Tshintu and her met. It was due to Pepe Kalle. This date she claims that this meet occurred was on April 4, 1998. She says that allegedly Quartier Latin and Empire Bakuba came to Germany to perform. She adds that after his alleged performance, he goes to pacifically see her and decides to hook her up with Sam Tshintu. Then she says another factor was that Pepe Kalle pressed him to leave Quartier Latin and do his own band. She is suggesting that it was Pepe Kalle who wanted him to leave Quartier Latin and not Sam himself. She also adds that if it was not for their relationship and Pepe Kalle involved then Sam would have stayed in Quartier Latin much longer. She says that the child was born at a point when their relationship went wrong and they broke up in 2001. Then she tells that her relationship with Sam Tshintu was the reason for further tensions between Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle and reasons for major issues with some ex-Empire Bakuba musicians today. She believes that Sam Tshintu and Pepe Kalle were friends. She even says on April 4, 1998 was the day Sam Tshintu decided that he needed to leave Quartier Latin and do his own thing.

I will sum up this report of why she says Sam left QL.
1) Their relationship
2) Pepe Kalle's involvement

She suggests that money issues had nothing to do with Sam's decision to leave Quartier Latin.
Furthermore, she ends that Koffi Olomide had no idea all of this was going on and Koffi was never told of this relationship, and alleged involvement of Pepe Kalle.

As for what I think. I am just stunned. I am not sure if she is telling the truth or not. But if it is true, dang this is quite a story. What do you guys think.
You think she is telling truth
You think she is lying
She might be telling half truth and half lie

Congolese Music / Wenge Musica story and Extra Musica Story
« on: March 08, 2014, 17:16 »
When anyone is ready. I think we should get two stories done here.

Wenge Musica


Extra Musica

Who wants to do it, please do so. There are people that want to get an idea how these groups were like.

This week and next week, I will show you moments between King Kester Emeneya and Papa Wemba as Kester Emeneya vs Papa Wemba.

Kester Emeneya and Papa Wemba= no beef
Kester Emeneya vs Papa Wemba= beef

Video one
In this interview, Kester Emeneya is pretty mad. He was taking shots at his fellow musicians like Fally Ipupa, Ferre Gola, Werrason, Felix, Bozi Boziana, and others. He is suggesting that they are giving nonsense music. Kester Emeneya also insults Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba especially Wemba. Kester suggests Papa Wemba promotes the stupid idiotic types of musicians. Ouch. Papa Wemba will not like this video.
This is the round of Kester Emeneya vs Papa Wemba.

Congolese Music / Evoloko speaks on Kester Emeneya
« on: March 02, 2014, 19:38 »
The joker himself Evoloko speaks on the death of Kester Emeneya. Man, not liking it. He sounds somewhat or totally drunk.

Congolese Music / Interesting Congolese Rumba song
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:01 »
I was going on one of my facebook groups and this man posted his very impressive new song. This song is called Chiquito. It is a genius in my opinion. It is Cuban and it has salsa beats with good Lingala and some Spanish speaking. They call themselves Congolero. Very interesting song. Check this song out.

Apparently, I have been getting high information from some people from Facebook about rumors that Congolese government will not honor Kester Emeneya or some refuse. The reason was that Kester Emeneya refused to sing for Joseph Kabila Kabange although he did in 2006. Well if true, some Kester may get mad. But I am not sure if it is true but it is a major rumor in some facebook groups.

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