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He starts to talk about ADT's death from 25:19. The journalist was not too happy because he wanted to ask him before JF would make a comment.
39:00, he starts to say what sins that Werrason did, "God Forgives", makes a prediction that Werrason's music career will end, fire of God will enter Werrason's life, Werrason will ask for forgiveness and Werrason's wife is part of the dark world. He says that Werrason killed ADT at 49:07-49:11.

He goes to say that Koffi, JB Mpiana and Werrason are killers and have destroyed lives of many others.

After weeks of insulting each other  ;D ;D, you can see Mosaka and Sankara together again. How did their friendship begin? I really wonder.

One conflict that I cannot understand is the Ferre Gola and Werrason conflict. I know part of was the creation of Marquis Maison Mere which I know Werrason has not forgiven Ferre for and Ferre's brief stint with Koffi Olomide created more bad blood.

But what other factors led to their fallout? There is something more to this conflict.

I got a interesting debate for you guys. Who for you is the better faux chanteur. Roga Roga or Werrason, and why?

Here was their showoff

I wonder why Mosaka and Sankara De Kunta are in the same room. I wonder why? They hate each other apparently. I wonder why they are next to each other.
 ??? ???

Thanks to the death of Monib Production, now Ferre Gola has decided to meet Werrason. I wonder how it will be when they meet eachother. Resentments are deep but I hope that maybe one day we can see Werrason and Ferre Gola together again for the fans.

Congolese Music / Happy birthday BENDO SON
« on: June 05, 2018, 22:09 »
His real name I believe is Bendo Son Beya wa Beya
What a great singer. I always liked his voice with Papa Wemba.

Hear this song he did on the album Somo Trop. Perfect and well made.

I love this song Point Carre. I appreciate this song so much. Cappuccino sounded very nice. Actually Werrason sang well. He was amazing in this song. I wish Werrason had sung a little more in this song but it is a great song regardless. ENJOY.

Congolese Music / Nice new music from Vieux Bozi Boziana
« on: May 28, 2018, 23:07 »
So far Ndombolhino got three songs of Bozi Boziana. They are more but I will post them before more comes.

Here are the posts

My favorite is the last post I putted because Bozi Boziana sounds perfect with Desouza Santu who used to be with the late Pepe Kalle. BTW Bozi Boziana sounds somewhat like Pepe Kalle but he is much more fragile than Pepe was. Djuna Djanana sounds good as well as the female singer (who is she?). It has the folkore effect which I like a lot in this case. But the Desouza and Bozi Boziana harmony together was my favorite. I hope they sing together more in the feature.

Listen to this song by Reddy Amisi. Without memory. This song showed how great his voice was. He was impressive. I cannot get enough of this song.

Congolese Music / Brigade and Koffi Olomide reunite
« on: May 08, 2018, 22:28 »

Does it look like we have a third person with Fally Ipupa and Koffi Olomide planned project. I am not sure but I think Koffi wants to have Brigade on his project with Fally Ipupa as the main animator. We will wait and see.

If you are a Franco fanatic like me, you would love this song here (you should at least) to apperciate the great harmony that Franco brings in this song which was way back in 1961 when Franco was in his early 20s and his guitar was incredible. He showed how great of a backup singer that he was. I cannot get enough of this song.

Congolese Music / Suzuki is angry at Koffi
« on: May 08, 2018, 04:59 »

He says that he wants to honor Koffi but believes that Koffi wants him gone and hates him with passion. This is so sad. But as one person says "C'est la vie".


After watching this video, It looks to me that reason that he did not reconcile with Koffi was because he wanted their issues to resolved privately instead for everyone in the public to see their "reconciliation". Papa Wemba said that he has been hurt badly by Koffi. So it appears that if Koffi had agree to do it privately, more likely Papa Wemba would have at least tolerated Koffi more but since Koffi likes publicity, then Papa Wemba felt that he was insincere.

It is so heartbreaking because it looks to me that Papa Wemba really did care about Koffi Olomide but he felt that Koffi was not the same about him. Koffi must have really done some terrible stuff to end up like this.

But as one said recently, music business can make strange fellows. Strangers become friends and then friends become enemies.

I want a Wenge Musica Reunion to happen for all the Wenge fanatics. But I say that it will not happen for a long time or even ever.

I used to listen to mostly Wenge music if it was not Madilu. Wenge Musica was my favorite band. As kid, I knew a lot about JB Mpiana and Werrason rivalry. We know that Werrason has released more music than JB Mpiana.

But I hate to say this but a Wenge Musica reunion as a whole will never be for my thinking (only opinions why)

1) Blaise Bula does not like JB Mpiana, Adolphe or Werrason
2) Alain Makaba really wants nothing to do with Bula, Mpiana, Dominguez or Ngiama
3) I think JB Mpiana and Werrason would prefer to do the reunion without Blaise Bula, Adolphe Dominguez, Alain Makaba and Didier Massela
4) Didier Massela and Werrason can't stand each other.
5) I am sure that some musicians would like Wenge El Paris to be part of the reunion as they were in Wenge Musica before 1991 separation happened.

There are more but I can't think of it.

Here is a more likely reunion would happen if ever before we have a Wenge Musica 4x4 reunion. You have a better chance for a reunion of Adolphe Dominguez, Ferre Gola, Werrason, JDT, Baby Ndombe, Didier Lacoste, Bill Clinton, Celeo Scram, and Serge Mabiala together than a Wenge Musica 4x4 reunion but this one is also unlikely but it is more plausible than a Wenge Musica 4x4 reunion.

Do you agree or disagree?

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