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Who was the best 2nd Voice Singer of Quartier Latin?
Modogo Balongana Abarahamwa
Montana Kamenga
Jordan Kusa
Willy Bula
J Trois
Deo Brando
Savanet Depitcho
Mamale Tupac
Suzuki Luzubu

For it was Suzuki Luzubu. What about you guys?

Which among the 1st voice singers was the best for you

Fally Ipupa
Bouro Mpela
Sam Tshintu
Eric Tutsi
Soilel Wanga
Babia Ndonga (RIP)
Junior Kingombe
Mirage Supersonic
Asso Ferrari
Ferre Gola
Lola Muana
Shella Mputu

For me, it is Sam Tshintu. What about you guys?

There are news circulating coming from Koffi Olomide himself that he will join the political party of the current Congolese Senate Majority Leader Bahati Lukwebo. He even signed paper as a official member.
Here is the video about this news


Papy Kakol claims that Werrason supposedly has songs for Ferre Gola's album Dynastie
But remember, Ferre said that it only be him and former Wenge Musica Maison Mere members. Who is telling the truth? Who knows?

Congolese Music / Innoss B and Rebo collabo song out now
« on: July 20, 2021, 04:44 »

It is cheesy but it is a ok song in my view.

What about you guys?

Listen this great song from Pepe Ndombe when he had his own group Tiers Monde Cooperation with Djo Mpoyi and Diatho Lukoki. Listen to this song. It would actually fit today's market. If I were Baby Ndombe's manager, I would tell him to redo this great song here. Baby Ndombe would master this song perfectly. Listen to this song. You will enjoy.

It is called Samaritaine

This is my humble opinion: Werrason getting Brigade Sarbati and Prince d'Angola was a 12 on Celeo Scrama, Roi David and Kene Kene. Now why I do believe this?

Because there was no need of change of animations after the departure of Bill Clinton McIntosh. Also Celeo Scram, Kene Kene and Roi David had a great brotherhood and they were very cordial as all three had told Ado Yuwe. You could see that brotherhood in the concerts that Werrason had with Maison Mere. The animations of Celeo Scram, Kene Kene and Roi David were top notch and they helped return Werrason on track after risking losing it all when Le Marquis Maison Mere was formed. Celeo Scram, Kene Kene and Roi David were hard workers and they were never a major threat to Werrason. Sure Celeo was an asshole (we know Celeo has a big ego) but he was not the worst among the Maison Mere team.

What was the point of getting Prince D'Angola and Brigade Sarbati into Wenge Musica Maison Mere.
It was a simple 12 on Celeo Scram, Kene Kene and Roi David. I could understand Werrason wanting to get rid of Celeo Scram since Werra was never really fond of Celeo (we know all the times Werra tried to get rid of Celeo). But it does not make sense to get rid of Roi David and Kene Kene since they were the Maison Mere type of people. Kene Kene was a lighter version of Bill Clinton and Roi David putted fire on his animations which Werrason likes in a animator. The fact he got rid of all these great animators with Prince D'Angola and Brigade was simply because Papy Kakol, and other entourage members of Werrason's team did like those men personally and they made their moves to make sure that Celeo, Kene and Roi would out of there. With Kene, they left him behind when they took a European trip, with Roi was that he had a family dispute leading to a bizarre arrest and with Celeo, Sankara goes to provoke Celeo at a concert while Brigade interrupts Celeo to do some unnecessary insults towards Celeo. The song Sous Sol was a good song but it was sort of ruined by Prince D'Angola because he was not impressive. But Prince was better on Temps Present. Also probably another reason why Brigade came into Wenge was because he enjoyed having conflicts. If you see his interview with Ado, it is clear that Brigade likes to act he is more important than he actually is. With Prince, Werrason had a big soft spot for Prince and felt that Prince would be Werra's loyal soldier.

Do you agree or disagree with my opinion on departures of Celeo Scram, Kene Kene and Roi David? I am ready for a good discussion.

Here is a great debate for you guys.

Who was the best first voice singer of Maison Mere?
Didier Lacoste
Aimelia Lias
Heritier Watanabe
Deplick Pomba
Eboa Lotin
Miel de Son
Ferre Gola

For it is Ferre Gola. He was the perfect singer for Maison Mere. He always knew how to reach our heart.

What about you guys? 

I will do a dream band of Congolese Musicians from Europe. You can do either Europe or Kinshasa if you want to. It is only Congolese Musicians who are alive.

Here is the my group. It comes from the Masterclass that Bumba Massa has done.

I will call my group Muziki Lokito (Music Sound) This is based in Brussels, Paris and London

Leader: Do Akongo (singer and rhythm guitarist) from Quartier Latin
Desouza Santu (empire bakuba)
Suzuki (quartier latin)
Elba Top A (bana ok and kamikaze loningisa)
Bumba Massa (kekele and ok jazz)
Adamo Ekula (grand zaiko and zaiko langa langa)
Biya Chante (empire bakuba)
Luciano Deminongo (viva la musica and nouvelle generation)
Jolly Mubiala (or Joly Mubala) (viva la musica and victoria elesien)
Fila Basele (victoria elesien)
Alain Mpela (wenge musica bcbg, wenge bcbg)
Modogo Abrahamwa (quartier latin)
Guitar Solo: Beniko Popilipo (zaiko langa langa, quartier latin, zaiko familia dei), Caen Madoka (mbonda africa, afrisa international)
Guitar Misolo: Jimmy Yaba (zaiko langa langa, zaiko familia dei), Papa Noel (vox africa, africa jazz, ok jazz)
Guitar Acoustic: Elvis Kunku (empire bakuba), Sec Bidens (viva la musica)
Guitar Rhythm (substitute for Do Akongo): Ya Makosso (ok jazz, bana ok)
Guitar Bass: Binda Bass (quartier latin), Flavien Makabi (ok jazz, bana ok)
Drums: Koumba Bollow (or Komba Bellow) (matchacha), Titana Al Capone (wenge musica bcbg, wenge bcbg, quartier latin)
Animations: Tutu Callugi (wenge musica bcbg, wenge bcbg), Djouna Mumbafu (empire bakuba), Celeo Scram (wenge maison mere), Mboshi (quartier latin), Somono (quartier latin)
I am not sure with the keyboardists and percussionists since I don't know enough about them.

What about you guys? Give your list.

Who is the best 2nd voice singer of Wenge Original in your opinion. Here are the candidates.

Adolphe Dominguez
Marie Paul
Blaise Bula

For me, it is Blaise Bula. His voice was very strong and his voice has remain consistent and well. Most disciplined 2nd voice singer of Wenge original. Blaise Bula. What about you guys?

Who is the best 1st voice singer of Wenge Original in your view. I got the candidates

Manda Chante
Aimelia Lias
Alain Mpela
JB Mpiana

For me, it is not a debate, it is Papa Cherie. He was the best. What about you guys?

2009 Flashback time:
Which 2009 album was better for you? Ferre Gola's Qui Est Derrière Toi? or Fally Ipupa's Arsenal De Belles Melodies?

I would say Ferre's album Qui Est Derrière Toi?.

What about you guys?

Which of the following has been the successful third Wenge act behind JB Mpiana and Werrason among the two here?

Adolphe Dominguez or Blaise Bula.

I would say Adolphe Dominguez but about you guys?

I got a question for you guys. Which Quartier Latin singer that could have done a good duet with Papa Wemba?
For me, it is Modogo Abarambwa.

What about you guys.

Celeo Scram mentioned one of Baby Ndombe's associate Dodo Saga that he insulted Werrason. What role did Dodo Saga play in the fallout between Baby Ndombe and Werrason?

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