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Congolese Music / Re: When Tabu Ley was in Exil '93
« on: January 23, 2014, 18:22 »
At this time, Tabu Ley was pretty going towards the end of the road. I mean this was 20 years ago. Tabu Ley was realizing that he was not as popular as he was once was. He understood that people wanted Wenge Musica, Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Defao, and Pepe Kalle. It is sad but true. Plus Tabu Ley was getting pretty old. Then he would be 53 years old.

Werrason trying english song again. He cannot speak any English or maybe one word. He also attempted to do something with former failed R&B singer and one hit wonder THONG THONG dude Cisqo and it was a disaster. This will be another one.

Congolese Music / Re: Werrason's Primus music video trailer
« on: January 23, 2014, 18:14 »
The song was good and the video was ok but one animator actually sounds like Didier Lacoste. Funny but true.

Congolese Music / Re: Celeo Scram ft.Equaliseur Ba Yaya Remix
« on: January 21, 2014, 18:51 »
Well African music has become such a joke. But really music in general in today's age has become a joke and people like these rubbish and shitty music that we have come to get used to. It is sad but true.

« on: January 21, 2014, 18:48 »
Koffi Olomide has a history of stabbing people in the back. This has been going since he began his career. He was a member of Papa Wemba's Viva La Musica and wrote songs for Zaiko for a brief time before going with Debaba for Historia Musica. He forms his own group Quartier Latin in 1986. Koffi Olomide did and still has terrible relations with Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba (who I say are responsible for Koffi's career). These two guys in my view helped Koffi become the Koffi we know. Of course Felix Wazekwa. He wrote the genius songs for Koffi Olomide. But of course Koffi never credits Wemba, Longo or Wazekwa for his success. He acts like he made all his success without help. That has been Koffi has been for years. He does not like anyone and uses people for his own glory.

One thing that I like about JB is that he hires smart people and not imbeciles. Werrason hired this moron fuckery name Sanakara. This man has a big mouth and acts like a child. He makes me look like an adult.

Werra pona nini oponi moyibi nyama kombo ya Sankara. Sankara azali zoba mobali moko. Apesi biso bolema na bolema. Sankara sakana biso mabe mpenza yango tomoni bolema mingi mpenza. Mawa trop.

I know the motives of JF Fonge, and Soleil Wanga and other failed ex-QL singers. Now that Koffi Olomide is becoming a joke and big joke, these QL imbeciles are now talking. These guys had no ability to have success on their own. With exception of Willy Bula. Only Willy has just done his thing. Also they hate Ferre Gola because he just does his job and work hard and does little trash talking.

JF Ifonge is a one jealous man who could not find the fan base. He is a oppurtunist who is trying to look so pure when he is not. I mean he has a tattoo that is satanic (according JF himself lol).
Just look at this interview.

Very impressive music but Djino cannot sing. Plus he looks terrible with his saggy pants. He cannot sing. Oh well that is today's music. Rubbishness at the highest level.

« on: January 17, 2014, 22:31 »
I love this preview so far. I can't wait to get this album.

I hate this guy. I really do. I was actually facebook friends with this clown. He seemed so shady doing random conversations and making some jokes about musicians. I know he made some really disgusting comments about Madilu to me personally. This man is sick. He is nothing but a great oppurtunist.

I will put this in Lingala

Azali mutu nani linga mbongo pona ye na ye kaka. Pona nini afingi muziciens ya Kongolais. Pamba te alinga mbongo pona ye moko.

I don't care for this song so much. First of all, it is kind of rubbish. Since most of today's music is rubbish and nonsense, it is these songs that get all the attention. It is sad but true. This song is no exception. I mean what is the motivation behind this song. Can someone please tell me. I miss real music.

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