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I agree with some of what you guys say as far as it sounding similar to older work but I think the sound that they have is the best of all bands.  I dont understand the lyrics at all but as a musician and going simply off of the sound of the musicians and the me hands down the extra musica (roga-roga) has mastered the heavy groove. Their only weakness is they havent branched from it.  With that said to, I think the grooves from the ARC ad was a better generique than any of the other releases by Werrason, Ferra and Fally

Congolese Music / Re: Quiz: Who is your favorite Drummer and why?
« on: November 05, 2014, 15:31 »
Off course Sly Kakol for me is not in the list with the top dogs but I still must mention his drumming style his different especially with snare it this moment apart from the couple decale drumming his drumming style is dominant and different compared to Titina and the older legends that's I'm mentioning him but yes Kakol for me is two-dimensional good but not a great yet maybe in the future
Ok to be honest, he's made a mark on Congolese music because of his power on the snare drum, unlike most drummers he's consistent on the snare drum and when he plays on a song you definitely know it's him playing even without seeing a video.

This is the same thing I thought. There are only two drummers that I can listen to a track and bet it is them...Kakol and Ramatoulaye.  Both of them would be pretty high on the list. 

BG-ground & Zaiko,

You’ve watched many concerts of him but not many concerts of other Congolese Guitarists.  I don’t think you had a chance to watch Bongo Wende live. He dances while playing guitar...he can play SOLO GUITAR DURING A LIVE CONCERT WITH HIS TEETH WITHOUT MESSING UP( read me...I said TEETH LOL  ??? ??? ???). Have you ever seen that? Yves Demukuse dances and jumps while playing. Safro Manzangi was always dancing (from the beginning to the end of a seben). Alain Makaba is one of the best; I like him and love how his guitar sounds. Just keep in mind there are some Guitarists that are not very comfortable dancing while playing but they are genius (like Rigo Star, Popolipo, Dally Kimoko, Huit Kilos, etc).

Ive watched videos from all of those guys.  Its not simply dancing that I'm referring exactly.  The overall ease that he plays pretty complex solos, his past work and the shift in sound he helped usher into soukous.  Im no expert on the solo guitar but I play. There are are a handful of soloist that Ive found it pretty challenging to play their work and his is one of them. He was the last before the Kapayas

Makaba in my opinion was one of the most influential soloist in the history of Congolese music. He came during a period that bridged the old school style like Roxy Tshimpaka, Diblo Dibala, Dally etc into the Flamme Kapayas of today. Ive watched many concerts of him live and no one else has as much energy nor finesse playing like him.  In my book he easily goes down as one of the top 5 to touch soukous.

  This is a zaiko song but he killed the solo!

Congolese Music / Where can the Extra Musica concert be found?
« on: September 03, 2014, 19:46 »
Does anyone know where I could find the full DVD of this concert

Congolese Music / Re: Roga Roga & Extra Musica - Contentieux
« on: August 24, 2014, 17:40 »
When I listen to Roga Roga/Extra Musica's sound I feel like they have mastered the heavy soukous/ndombolo sound better than anyone.  But like everyone knows, they keep reproducing the exact same thing and what makes it 10x worse is everyone else from Brazzaville except maybe Patrioulle Des Stars does the exact same thing...literally!! 

I could go on and one with examples but everyone gets the point. I would think they could at least transpose the key out of D to something else lol.

I wish I understood Lingala to address what he was talking about, but Ive heard that argument from others I know that listen to both styles.  I would only say remember where coupe decale came from.  At the end of the day, most other west African styles were influenced a bit by rhumba/soukous.  When you listen to the progression of Congolese music from the 60s to today, you can hear its influence especially in the francophone countries.  You can hear it heavy in Cote d'Ivoire and Cameroon the most but today's Nigerian and Ghanian artist have studied the playbook too.

Being that I dont speak the languages, I can say anything about the content of the songs but the structure of coupe decale is similar to that of soukous too.  All they did was use electric drum kits (similar to what was done in the early 90s in soukous) and eliminated some of the instruments and speak french only.  Coupe Decale has just drums, bass, and usually one or two guitars max with a synthesizer.  That guitar usually functions similar to what the rhythm and lead would do in soukous.

In essence what I am saying is that coupe decale is nothing but an off branch version of soukous. 

So you think he's better than Dally Kimoko??  :o

I think when it comes to pure skill level, Diblo is the better of the two.  Dally has a much larger library of work across different genres too.  So at the end of the day it depends on what criteria you use to judge.  I personally judging based on the complexity of what is produced and quality will say Diblo is better.

Any word on where he will be appearing in the US?

Im just wondering what are some of most popular/recognizable songs of all time. Especially those older 60s-80s songs that everyone knows (older people and younger ones).  Im particularly interested in those TPOK rumba styled songs.

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