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What's his name?

General Defao was on his way to becoming a megastar but unfortunately, the collapse of Big Stars along with other personal reasons (political, economical) has stunted his way.

He was very famous in the 90s, especially when Amour Interdit came out. The Famille Kikuta remix with Mboka Liya propelled his stardom, when Sala Noki came, that brought him even more success with the concert in Abidjan. The Ndombolo era was a great period fr.

Congolese Music / Re: Stino L’As De La Chorale
« on: March 17, 2019, 01:28 »
MJ was the biggest entertainer of all time, still is. His influence marked a lot of people's dance steps. Stino Mubi, Felix Wazekwa, etc.

When musicians move to Europe, they either go in exile or become more motivated.

Is it me or does his voice sound very similar to Debaba of Choc Stars? Just wondering..

That R Kelly interview was strange seeing him cry in a public outburst but not rly against the dude. From the interview, we seen with the two young girls, it looks like their parents made a deal with them to set up R Kelly for riches and resources. Sounds like a fucked up situation.

At the same time, these individuals had a choice not to mess with R Kelly. They weren't coerced nor pressured with a shotgun in their mouth to do the deed.

Congolese Music / Seben x Kompa
« on: March 02, 2019, 00:09 »
Ndombolo meets Kompa. Why hasn't this been created?

Fally's charm, dancing skills and singing skills has elevated his popularity. His sound, Rumba R&B, also is another fact in his success.

What's next for him?

Catchy dancehall. Is the rumba/sebene dying?

Mr. Tokosss, le ambianceur d'afrique. Guest appearance of basketball star, Serge Ibaka.


Colonization along with Religion imposed by White Europeans have led Black People to hate themselves and commit cultural suicide. Doesn't matter if it's the U.S., Brazil or where else, it's the same effect. Julius Malema of South Africa have stated this. He's the only leader who's waking the diaspora up which is effective for unity.

Promotion in other countries is what will bring Congolese Music back to international level.
The sad fact of Malema is that he hardly get 10% of the votes, I agree with almost everything he says except the fact that he doesn't have a very valid econimic point of hings to do. You know actually Winnie Mandela Mandela's first wife the one of the prison years were fir black power and kinda closed an eye in the shooting and the beating of South African Bantus towards Afrikaaners and English but Mandela quickly told her that he couldn't accept it, but I tihink that Mansela wouldn't have been peased with the situation that most South Afrucab bantus are in, I see daily on the news of White peoole beating, humiliating, black peoole because they can't murder them ni more, sometimes using the K word which in South Africa it is like the N word in America and not only white peoole, Indians, Chinese and other racial grouoes hates or humiliate the peoole whi let them stay in SA that really gets me mad.
And you kniw  the worst part? Most of White people out who were born in SA spread all kind of lies towards other countries about black people, White French doxthis too

Let's see what happens, if Malema doesn't get elected then...that's the fault of Black people.

Mandela of course is a hero, he's always been an advocate for our people. Same with Thomas Sankara and countless others. Some say he sold out Black people by integrating with the Afrikaneers, though, the White South Africans are really Dutch people. The rest is history.

Every colonizer whether they're French, Portugese, Anglo Saxon, etc are psychologically addicted to Black people. A lot of Europeans hate the fact that Black Africans civilized Europe before them, look up the Moors if you haven't.

Congolese Music / Re: Signature Cultra Pay Vie
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:32 »
they tried three times to record that album but were not satisfied but then when they went back to kin,comedian esobe gave them the dance male mambua which motivated them,full album was recorded live within less than a month as jps was tired to pay studio sessions for some work which they were not satisfied of  so wazekwa told him they'd do album live
that other atalaku i am forgetting his name i talked about him already years ago, he was dismissed from the group for attacking spiritually gessac in order to be on europe list

This atalaku is Papy Louange if I'm not mistaken. He joined Viva Tendances and also was in sessions.

Signature had a lot of energy that was missing in Sponsor and also featured the prominence of Hono Kapanga creating those rhythmic lick partitions in a generique. Pauvres Mais also some great sebenes from Caen Madoka, Poli and Dally Kimoko.

This generique remains hard

Congolese Music / Re: Fally Ipupa- Maria PM (clip)
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:23 »
It is not only Fally's fault is Congolese people in general except for Journalists, Businessman, Leaders and Club owners most of thw Congolese people are not interested in learning and do not care about books and knowledge, they typically make fun of people or tend to don't understand peoole who wants to go far in life if 5hey are normal people. A Congolese even with,the scandal of Gucci he might buy Gucci for the rest of his life because he is not interested nor does he care that that jersey offends his own people. So it is not a big deal

Bruh, that's literally colonization. Black people buy European brands for validation purposes.

Japonais, engombi eza sukali. Much respect to a living legend.

His solo album doesn't sound too bad.

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