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Congolese Music / Re: IS MIEL BACK OR HE NEVER LEFT WMMM...??
« on: October 18, 2018, 08:42 »
One of Miel's last concerts

Congolese Music / Your Favorite " Attaque Chant " of all time
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:06 »

What is your favorite " attaque chant " of all time ?

For me : 1 - Choc Stars ( Carlito , Debaba , Defao , Nzaya , Petit Prince )

             2-  Viva la musica ( Djenga K , Kester, Debaba , Dindo )

             3- Wenge Bcbg  ( Bula , Aimelia , Mpela , Jb , Tutu Callugi  )

Special Mention : Quartier Latin / Academia , Viva La musica Made In France and Victoria Eleison with Fila Basela etc... , Langa Langa Stars 7 patrons

Congolese Music / Re: Give Your Dream Band
« on: August 31, 2018, 13:04 »
Vocals: JB Mpiana,  Blaise Bula, Kester, Dindo Yogo, Carlito , Pépé Kallé
Master of Ceremony : Djuna Djanana
Guitars: Alain Makaba, Roxy Tshimpaka, Demukuse
Accompa : Carol ( Choc Stars )
Bass: Egide Bass, Masela
Drums: Titina , Cambodge
Keyboards: Guez et Kitubu
Congas:Ali Mbonda , Iko , Guyguy Tupa
Animation: Tutu Calugi , Bill Clinton , Ekokota , ALpa

Reserve Team 

Vocals: Defao, luciana , Suzuki , Reddy , Stino Mubi
Master of Ceremony : Adolphe Dominguez
Guitars: Burkina Faso Japonais Flamme Patou Solo
Accompa : Patient Kus
Bass: Tosha Bass
Drums: Papy Kakol
Keyboards: Theo Bidens
Animation:  Ditutala Makengo , Djuna Mumbafu , Genta , Celeo

President : PAPA WEMBA  Donateur : Ben Nyamabo

Yes , HOMBA too ... Petit Prince & Luciana can imitate his voice

« on: April 23, 2018, 12:53 »
kirikou is not welcome anymore it seems,koffi is loving mukusa ya mbua a lot these days and there is another atalaku i am forgetting his name analyseur or something like that who koffi even offered a great car to

Ordinateur ?

« on: April 23, 2018, 11:47 »
Roger Ngandu looks sick...

 :D :D

He is a huge fan of Fally and Koffi.

You can see rarely JB & Wenge Bcbg too

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D remplacent de gabbana

Congolese Music / Re: Defao in choc stars
« on: April 12, 2018, 19:23 »

I like this concert !!

Defao Matumona, Debaba Mbaki, Carlito Lassa, Ben Nyamabo, Djuna Djanana, Nzaya Nzayadiao, Germain Kanza, Petit Prince, Joly Mubiala QUELLE ATTAQUE CHANT !!!

Can you do ?

- Djanana
- Stino Mubi
- Eric Tutsi
- Atshuda
- Apocalypse Ya Jean
- Burkina Faso

Thank you !!!

That of Djanana will be difficult and he isn't a ndombolo trendsetter is a pure Quatro/Viva product. He is active since 1971. So he more experienced the legends Defao, Koffi Olomide, Reddy Amisi, etc. He started in Cavacha of Mopero & Dona Mobeti. He was Evoloko's best friend and joined Isifi Melodia back in 1975, when Wemba, Bozi & Mavuela left to form Yoka Lokola. Then he joined Viva La Musica around 1978/79 and became friends with Emeneya. Then created with Esperant Kisangani, Dindo Yogo, Evoloko, Djo Mali & Bozi the band Langa Langa Stars in 1981. Then in 1984 he joined Choc Stars and went around 1989/90 on his own to Europe and rejoined Langa Langa Stars. Then after 2 years he joined Viva La Musica "Made in Paris" on Wemba's request until 2004 when the band disbanded. Then in 2008 they created with former Viva La Musica-members the band La Musica Act 2, but leadership issues made the band split after some months

Stino is also not a ndombolo trendsetter he is also a pure Viva product. He started in streetbands and then joined Viva La Musica in 1984, encouraged by friends to do a audition. Back in the days he was not really a keymember. Lidjo Kwempa & Luciana had more succes then him. When Papa Wemba moved to Paris in 1987 he was left behind and joined Maray Maray's Rumba Ray. With them he played concerts and recorded some songs (the first version of MJ Ngoyi) In the late 1987 he came in Paris and rejoined Viva La Musica. He also joined Papa Wemba's worldmusic-band Molokai and toured with them in the USA, UK, etc. In the late 1989 he released his first solo LP (femme sans bijoux), which was a huge succces. He was one of the guys who created the split-band Nouvelle Generation in 1992, but decided then to stay with Viva La Musica. Then he released his second solo album Romeo & Juillet in 1994, then his thrid Invitation in 1998 and released a duo-album with Reddy Amisi called Fin d'Exil in 2000 and then left Viva La Musica to form his own band in 2001.

Defao carreer is also very long. He was already a big star back in the '80s. He is born in Kinshasa and went to study in Kisantu (Inkisi). He had his band Lay West or something like that in Inkisi, which was a big village in Kongo-Cental (ex' Bas Congo). He was a big star in that province performing in other towns (Kasangulu, Mbanza Ngungu, Kimpese, etc.).  Pepe Felly Manuaku-Waku recuited him there in 1981. With a journalist writing that Manuaku recruited a musician in Kisantu, which was a error. From that day everybody is calling the town Inkisi Kisantu. From then he was a member of Grand Zaiko Wawa. In 1983 he joined Choc Stars. After Bozi's departure he became a important member having a lot space and forming a dangerous quartet with Carlyto Lassa, Debaba Mbaki & Djuna Djanana. In 1990 he relased his solo-LP Hitachi which was a huge succes and made the press him vote as best star of the year. In 1991 he decided to form his own band Big Stars and from then his solo career started.

Thank you Mvulusi 96.

do you know Djodjo Bayinge ?

Can you do ?

- Djanana
- Stino Mubi
- Eric Tutsi
- Atshuda
- Apocalypse Ya Jean
- Burkina Faso

Thank you !!!

How are you?. I tell you that I have many albums of Congolese music. Ndombolo and soukous. You can watch several album folders. Several artist folders contain several albums.


can you put the following albums?
Reddy Amisi Injustice
G7 nouvelle griffe
Tonya Tonya
abeba libordo
JDT Mulopwe

do you have the first album of papa wemba & molokai stars ( mfono yami version world)

Congolese Music / Re: WHO SANG THIS SONG ?
« on: February 18, 2018, 20:07 »
Alain makaba , jb did not feel like singing this song

OH YEEEEEEEES !!! thank you

I can hear fruitella again !!!!

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