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I think it's his late mother.
Thats sweet.

Every time I see this tattoo I wonder who it is, mother? Nana?

I hope this means I get to see more of Fally.

no what  i mean ts that in general there are many beutiful and popular girls rumoured to be his girlfriends whereas he is more of a best friend/big bro
eto'o wife is surely aware of all those girlfirends he has but money talks lol he gives her enough expensive gifts to keep her mouth more or less shut
 yes fally and eto'o were good friends even since quartier latin days but this affair has  messed it up
Thank you archos I really appreciate this.

It is not proven yet that she slept with fally but you know eto'o as  a egomaniac powerful man he is  wants to control  all the girls,they belong to him and nobody else and have to do whatever he wants since he gives them huge amounts of money( peantus for him apparently)
 that girl in the picture and video says  fally is like a big bro for her(many of the girls supposedly in relationship with him say exactly the same thing,and that he is a  very nice guy) and fally is disappointed with behaviour of eto'o he considered a friend but she did not want to go explain fully,maybe to protect fally
apparently eto'o used his power earlier on to get the girl arrested  for one day so as to check all her phones  to see if she does not cheat on him (especially with fally)
i happen to know a couple  of his girlfriends(or not exactly girlfriends,let's say girls he slept with) and in general girls with footballers,or even their brothers.... and in most of the cases  it's i make your life a paradise with my money but you are "my thing "
So Fally knows a lot of Eto'o's girlfriends and they call Fally their brother? do they sleep with Fally and use brother as a cover? What about Eto'os wife how does she feel about this? Fally and Eto'o used to be friends?

That's sad.

So you guys are saying that Fally messed with this woman after she left Eto'o and Eto'o is pissed and leaked her pictures? I've seen a picture of Fally and eto'o but do they know each other on a personal level? and archos can you elaborate more on eto'o and how he treats his girlfriends? Does Fally know about this story?

So last week news broke that Fally allegedly leaked pictures of Samuel's 'girlfriend' but I was waiting for Fally or Samuel to respond to the allegations. Caneroonians are pissed at Fally and I'm wondering if the woman is really Samuel's girlfriend.  Fally is very private so I don't see him leaking naked pictures of anyone to be honest and where did this woman come from? If anyone knows more about this story please share.
It looks like Fally and Samuel Haven't said anything which is weird because this story is spreading and a serious issue.
This is her

he is saying that he  has maximum respect for koffi and that koffi contributed a lot in his life
this guy keeps improving in terms of  remaining diplomatic,especially in a language which is not his
Thank you Fally stays classy.

What's up with Fally and Nadia?
It was rumoured they had some brief affair and shared the same hotel in America a couple of years ago. Nadia has been in a long term relationship with Nigerian tv star Jim Iyke, the two were reportedly engaged last year but am not sure if it's the truth.
They look too comfortable that's not right since they are not single.

What's up with Fally and Nadia?

Congolese Music / Re: Fally's brothers?
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:29 »
Okay I was excited to see his family I really want to see his parents.

Congolese Music / Fally's brothers?
« on: June 28, 2014, 16:15 »
I hope the pictures show up I'm not familiar with this board.

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