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Mortal Combat was a great album 10/10, when it came out I couldn't go a day without listening to Serment..

Great song a clear standout on the album....Continue

Heritier's best work was on Malewa vol 2...two crap songs on ingeta not worth a mention I expected better...They start well but get lost half way...Pick a genre of music and stick to it..You can't have tcha tcho, RnB, Odemba on one song..

Great song Eboa best vocal control

Werrason has certainly done what he knows best..........He used his abilities to the best and the result is great (INGETA ezui ezui)

Merlin is so humble his talent is truly a gift, he sings with ease most singers dream of I wish him all success...I hope Werrason promotes him more

He certainly is improving despite his doubters and he posses a maturity and confidence that was not there before maybe mogratana is giving him some tips..INGETA is going to be a step in right direction..pls more proper sebene without extreme pauses..

I think he meant he wasn't getting the necessary exposure needed to become a solo musician in Ferre nameless band.

Reminds me of sate lite......the cover should just be simple like solola bien..

people who believe in witchcraft themselves do it...therefore if one doesn't believe in werrason and maison mere talent to yield a great album then they're still in the dark ages...

Congolese Music / Re: Heritier talks about his solo album
« on: August 14, 2014, 20:55 »
Good luck Wataplus God bless loyalty to Werra is appreciated

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