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« on: May 23, 2018, 08:53 »
Not bad not great. The last 2 minutes should have come a bit earlier in my opinion. The fire part comes when I'm almost too bored of the same rhythm & tempo

Congolese Music / Re: Fabregas new generique Pincage
« on: May 18, 2018, 12:13 »
Joel Synthe is good. I like how they brought the concert energy to the studio. Fabregas says he likes Wenge a lot but does those whistle Koffi and Quatier Latin used to do.

Video not available?  :( :(

For example you might have a song on the group album but administration go gossip to Werra that you shouldn't have one for whatever reason, maybe they will start to say that they have seen you with this or that dancer (since relationship between dancers and singers are forbidden) Miel De Son for example.he had the permission of a Solo Album but Kakol after imsistin  that he had to put three songs there, he pushed him to the edge making Miel stopping the solo album, the most bad/nasty case of 12 it is the one of Baby Ndombe where people of.administration went gossip to Werra that he wanted to sleep with Werra's wife.

Thanks a lot. The things that go on behind the scenes in these bands are just incredible  ;D ;D ;D

For the sake of good music, some "beef" must remain unsolved.

I don't think Werra & Ferre hate each other at all. I actually believe they have a mutual admiration for each other but this is how the game has to be played. Like I said, for the sake the sake of good music & business, some enemity must remain unsolved.

With regards to the rest of Wenge clan, I always feel Werra derives extra motivation from being 'the stone that the builders refused'. Apart from Mpiana, I don't get any impression to suggest that Werra holds the rest in high regard.

Senor Archos, what does it mean to do a 12 on someone? This is like the 3rd time you are using this phrase  :D :D

« on: May 10, 2018, 18:04 »
People like him all they need is that one big break like Fabregas
True with fabregas it was just luck plus he has good looks and came with a fire generique then boom

Not fair at all. Luck does not sustain you for this long. Fabregas is massively talented and a very hard working chap and totally deserves to be where he is.
Robinio's Tcha nanu boye was a big hit as well as Yeyo but he doesn't seem to get much traction from that. Suzuki's decompte finale was a great album but there was never substantial follow up. Can these guys claim not to be lucky? I don't think so

The guy next to limousine, they call him satellite.. he resembles Nicodem. Who is the guy playing guitar?

Secondly I've just seen from ADT facebook live video Werrason's daughter Exauce is celbrating her graduation in Chicago and Nicodem is there with Sankara. Is Werra in the USA as well? because he is expected to perform in Nairobi on Sunday 13th at the Koroga festival.

« on: May 10, 2018, 13:48 »

Great song. Tshimanga was on point with the guitar. I wonder why there is no official clip. Just like this Ferre ft MJ 30 track.


That was actually the offical clip. Back in the days they weren't really professional in recording videoclips. I remember seeing that videoclip in a dvd where Ferre was interviewed by journalist Baby Balukuna (ex' combattans and now supporter/sankara of Prime Minsiter Tshibala), anncoucing his solo album Sens Interdite.

Terre Sacre is one of the many songs recorded for Boite Noire who weren't released on cd. I remember that Ndomblhino uploaded that song on YouTube (back then he was very close to Ferre Gola), which had to give a preview for Boite Noire who had to be released then in December 2012. But Ferre wanted to wait for Fally's Power getting in meanthime also alot of offers from donors who wanted to get songs on Boite Noire.

So what happens to these songs that don't get to be released on CD? Terre Sacre was/is a really nice song that I'm sure many people never got to listen to because it was not on CD. Didn't MJ30 feel disappointed that her collabo didn't make it to the CD considering that such a high profile collabo could really help build her profile as a solo artist

Congolese Music / Re: Direct Contact to Fally Ipupa
« on: May 05, 2018, 11:05 »
Who on here has direct contact to Fally?

He makes a big mistake when he uses the word "mtoto" to refer to women in his East African concerts to mean the same thing how the word "baby" is in English or "mwana" is in Lingala or "bebe" in French. In East African Swahili we do not use the word "mtoto" to refer to women. Someone please correct him because he uses this word "mtoto" a lot as a direct translation in his concerts when he is in East African countries and it's cringe-worthy. We use other cheeky and sweet words in East Africa to refer to women in the Swahili language and it is not "mtoto".

Actually we use the word 'mtoto' to describe a lady & it didn't just start recently with the explosion of sheng'. If you listen to old music like Mangelepa, Virunga, Mazembe, Les Wanyika the word was so commonly used to refer to a (beautiful) lady

« on: May 03, 2018, 13:19 »
I like the quality of the videos they are doing lately

I'd pick those two as well if Brigade doesn't fall under the same class.

Congolese Music / Re: A NEW AND BETTER WMMM
« on: May 03, 2018, 12:57 »
For a while I also had the feeling that maison Mere has milked Miel dry and it was time for him to move to the next phase of his career just like Taddet & Eboa. I'm not particularly happy with the way they leave but at some point they need to move on. It's a good thing he went solo instead of joining another band. I believe he's got what it takes to do well.

Congolese Music / Re: A NEW AND BETTER WMMM
« on: May 03, 2018, 12:52 »
I have grown to like Nicodem a lot. I would leave Kakol as Chef due to seniority but distribute other roles to neutralise his demi god status. but if he were to leave (highly unlikely) then of course Nico would be natural pick for Chef. Either him or Bikorino. Two very disciplined and focused guys. And the other band members seem to like and respect them too.

Limousine seems to have a lot of untapped potential & I would love for him to take the lead in vocals together with Cafe Roum, Nicodem & Basele. Limousine especially because he has a unique melancholic voice

For whatever reason I just don't like Bobby Ronaldinho's voice and singing. maybe when he finally gets to sing his own lines he'll sound a bit better.

I would also wish for a few changes with the lady dancers & the choreography. Maitre Mao has been a loyal servant but it's time to freshen up things a bit. The dances look repetitive and uninspired in the recent past compared to what you see in LM Villa Nova

I am also not so chuffed about Wangila. All he is and will ever be is an Eboa copy cat. Unfortunately for him you cannot listen to him without thinking of the real Eboa who was fantastically brilliant and some sort of a genius vocally. I guess same can be said of Croix Rouge who is a copy cat of Brigade word for word & the Mulopwe copy (I still don't know his name)

I would really have loved if Francis Bokeli had stayed longer & given a chance to sing but it wasn't to be. I love his charisma & voice

Not going to lie, it works... pretty decent. But the second I hear Brazza sebene I immediate feel sleepy. Same rhythm & drum arrangement every. single. time.

Maybe they should tear down the studio they all record at in Brazza and buy new instruments... or anything that'll give them a fresh sound.

Yeah. You'd think it's the same atalakus and same people playing the guitars & drums in all their sebene/generiques. Why doesn't anybody try to do something different? Extra Musica's earlier albums had a different sound

« on: May 03, 2018, 11:41 »
Who would’ve known Werra’s biggest current threat would be his ex-star employee who actually pays his musicians properly?  ;D

LOL. How is Herritier even a threat to Werra, let alone the biggest threat. The sooner Herritier learns that he is on the losing end of this fight the better for him. Werra uses these departures to recreate the buzz within Maison Mere & quite frankly its' working perfectly for him. A good example is the case of Ambulance & Anti Balle who were all replaced in one swoop by a more superior Jamaique & the buzz hasn't stopped to date.

Secondly there is no shortage of talent Maison Mere & the entire DRC. There is a long queue of musicians waiting to take up the space of the ones leaving. End result; Maison Mere is continuously churning out fresh talent while Watta is crowding his group with Maison Mere's old faces. At some point the crowding will cause discomfort & these musicians will start looking for way back to Maison Mere

These guys and their spiritual stuff though  ::) ::) ::) ::)

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