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Please my fellow member of congovibes, could you help to know who is Ligo Makengo (bozi bozi ana mention him in most his songs) and also the guy who sing alongside with awilo in his first album in almost all song of moyente album?

who played thumba?????

if i recall well sonor once explained that roga advised him to learn all types of guitars so that he  can slot in whether for durell or espe bass or play rhythm with durell on mi-solo ,saint petro left in 2001 to join extra international i think so he surely played on those albums aswell,by the way saint petro is the guy who trained that whole backline in cogiex stars before they created extra

on another note this article claims koffi tried to destroy extra by recruiting roga roga in 97

hmmm so Roga Roga had already those leadership-aspiration and plan to get rid slowly of Durrel, Quetin, Fall & Espe who could maybe contest his leadership from day 1.

Extra's situation of 2001 after Zenith & Trop c'est Trop, when Kila Mbongo, Abilissi,Papy Jah, Gliddaz Pozzi & Saint Petro left and almost Papy Bastin (Oxygene caught him in a metro-station in Paris, while Extra was already back in Brazza and prepare the Fespam-show) reminds me that situation of Wenge in 1992, before Kalayi Boeing. When almost the half of the band wanted to left, even Alain Makaba, Aldophe & Blaise Bula.
For what i know, both papy jah and bastin they were present in shalai album and trop c'est trop album although papy jah is not available in all video of trop c'est trop album,

also abilissi & killa mbongo they left extra soon after realease of shalai (the participation of abillisi in video of shalai album was poor since he participated in only shalai song) and they didn't perform in trop c'est do you mention them in trop c'est trop???

Here down is what i quote from your post

''Extra's situation of 2001 after Zenith & Trop c'est Trop, when Kila Mbongo, Abilissi,Papy Jah, Gliddaz Pozzi & Saint Petro left and almost Papy Bastin (Oxygene caught him in a metro-station in Paris, while Extra was already back in Brazza and prepare the Fespam-show)"

what is the other name of saint petro? he was a singer, drummer, keyboard player or what function  he performed in extra? is he available in etat major videos songs? if yes, in which vedeo song and scenario appear most so that i can recognize him

Its good to hear that he is now ok.......God bless you Herman Ngassacky Don mfumu

please i want to know, in extra musica was there a member known Saint Petro Mboungou?

Please anyone with this lyrics i need it alot

he still there till now?

During this album, pinochet thierry was a member of extra musica zangul?

But his position covered by Herman Ngassacky don mfumu

Like we all know extra musica split in 1997 in east africa,and extra musica international was born so to the ex-musicians of the former extra musica were added a group of new musicians like etats-unis,arnaud laguna,biscuit des ecoliers (before he joined viva) and co
then when biscuit went to viva they recruited arafat  and shortly after arafat was taken by extra of roga and co
later on when extra international split in two,extra zangul take singers kerson saddam and levyson and atalaku typhoide  then when roga decides to get rid of his friends,guess where he recruits again? extra international and z1 with the likes of etats unis,rav4,kasoumbalessa,dido...
when arafat leaves? once again, he takes zaparo from Z1
and result of all this,the two bands almost do not exist anymore,while extra has cemented a team for almost ten years now

In the album La Main Noire especially song like Eternite d'amour and mark serge there's a someone who alternate with Roga Roga in singing in the first verse on both two songs, who was the guy? Also when you listen carefully Eternite d'amour song, you can hear Roga Roga mention the names of Pinochet Thierry and Regis Touba (Whom they have been left the group long time) how was that possible?

De braza lefta Extra musica zangul ??

« on: November 11, 2016, 10:06 »
I have fally,jb,werra,koffi,wemba left,but in what order would you like it
Regis Touba and Oxygene from Brazaville

Congolese Music / Wenge Musica Old songs and Albums
« on: October 21, 2016, 04:58 »
Halo my friends in the Congolese music forums. I want to know about the following songs of Wenge Musica 4x4. Anyone with info please tell me in which albums are available and who was a composer
1.  Consolation
2. Zonga zonga zonga
3. Fisol
4. Dodo la rose
5. Amoi Nicky D
6. Le monde est mechant

« on: August 07, 2016, 12:05 »
Anyone with full information about G7 and list of album they did please i need it. Who were the founders of this group? Where are they and what are the doing?

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