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lol my man's disappointed/angry face when saying to his manager manon loubaki "lets go"
kinda awkward but look at the comments,the theory of jealousy  is on top  in the comments
The top comment makes a really good point, I must say

Ouuucccch, damn that is harsh. Maybe he should've said he was R Kelly or something...
Congolese Music / Fally being ignored at the 2018 BET awards
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Haha don't let Freddy Marchouse see this. Fally really got humbled right there Kosa Leka.
Ahhh Kabuya mawa, so Fally took him off Controle?
I agree with everything said here but running away makes it look worse.He should just go to Paris and get it sorted .Historic offences in Europe don't go away .They will wait till he comes.We as fans can hero worship our stars but there comes a time when we start doubting him.He reminds me of Robert Mugabe who would rage against the West as soon as some silly meetings in Europe came about he will be there just to piss them off.
Quadra MKORA man
 of course he is not guilty yet he is accused or seeked or whatever, but i never heard him with an official sentence,so i wish he could have courage to come and sort it,legally being away from the matter does not help too much the case
guys dont worry too much about people throwing their feelings into this affair,its not every of us who have that strength to put polemic aside  and "judge" artists on their cases first and foremost like their human being self
 either those who rejoice at his trouble or those who are affected or those who keep cold and neutral we are on the same line still,nothing is done and dusted there is still plenty of back and forth so we should just wait and see and hope for the best
Wow... I wonder what QL would have been like had he stayed.
Well, he is innocent until proven guilty. So the burden of proof is on the accusers. Am not in a position to say how the outcome would be if he availed himself to the French authorities, but the fact that he has not gone to clear his name means his accusers may well have valid accusations against him.

I await full verdicts from our forum’s self-elected Supreme Court justices (since they apparently hold a moral high ground) , but I share the same sentiments as you.... I strongly believe in innocent until proven guilty, but it’s become way too long in the tooth the guy has been ducking the case so it makes very hard for me to have confidence in him.

That’s why I found it very particularly ironic seeing him in full French football jerseys singing their praises on social media, saying je suis la France and what not.

In interviews he’s stated that he has no interest in being in Europe anymore, but i know it’s really the opposite. He used to spend most of his time in Europe prior to ‘09
Hahahaha yeah I'm waiting for them too,

I'm with both of you but that being said it's hard for me to give him the benefit of the doubt it's reaching almost 10 years now like it's just getting ridiculous he's talking that he's gonna lift the ban but come on just face it like a man his lawyer is convinced that he can beat the case so just go
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