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« Last post by archos on May 21, 2018, 23:48 »
 yes possible but still kinda strange because in the beginning if you remember he was saying that he had plenty of space on balle de match and was uninterested about missing trips because he has ability to go to europe if he wants  on his own but just wanted solo songs and now he has made complete change,everything from bcbg is bad
i have seen another interview like that were he spent 30 40 minutes bashing bcbg left right center journalist even had to tell him at times to calm down then 5 minutes on his own career,and in that interview he also pulled the i praise fally while attacking ferre trick saying fally is the king because he brought to us r kelly while some midgets promised they would sing with celine dion and that ferre was not in wenge 4X4 and so on
 its very true that  bcbg like most groups have massive flaws and ugly side but come on he is been on that since december its time to move on and focus thats one of the reasons ex bcbg guys struggle a lot of talk,very few are anywhere near ready when they start,none of them either releases something strong while in maison mere since people love comparing the guys leave when plan b is starting to way to ready to keep hiding  and playing and leave with buzz kickstarting their solo career
if you notice well,in maison mere its those who struggle the most by the standards of their colleagues who have a far superior number of interviews than of artistic activity(baby,lacoste recently,deplick before he started pulling the arrogant side and finally getting some good momentum...)
Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA IS OUT GUYS
« Last post by Matebu on May 21, 2018, 22:58 »
I’m a being delusional or is the générique Oukombossoro better than Balia Ngando? Didn’t think such thing was possible

I don’t think the genre has seen a financier like Arthur Kadima(Strevos Niarcos?(RIP)) - bailleur de fonds, composer, promotion, and encourager of sebene songs. If I met him in person I’d give him a big hug for the job he’s done.
Congolese Music / Re: Bouro mpela quitte academia/return on ql
« Last post by mvulusi96 on May 21, 2018, 22:45 »
It clear that Sam Tshintu intoxicated the other guys by forcing him slowly out the band. That thing was happened in Brazzaville was ridiculous. I remind it only now about it, back in the days I thought that it was fake-news. Champion predicated that already from day 1 in the Droit de Veto-VHS, saying "Eloko nini ezo lakisa que oko baluka Bouro te, po Bouro aleki ye. Oko baluka pe Modogo te?". I think that it made Sam a little jealous how Wemba prefered Bouro Mpela and how he in his opinion humilated him. It smees that some feared Sam, the way Bouro talks about Mboshi when Sam was preparing a third song, while they each had to put 2 songs on Viagra.

If it was Koffi Olomide, JB Mpiana or Werrason performing at Festival des Cannes and meeting those big stars then they would have made alot of noise about it. Especially if it were the guys of the 5th generation (Fally, Heritier, Ferre & Fabregas). But Nyoka Longo stayed quite about it. Nyoka Longo's presence at Festival des Cannes could be have been a good reponse against Koffi, if they made alot of noise about it on the Congolese tv. Since that Koffi was bragging alot about his Olympia & Zenith shows of 1998 and mocking Nyoka Longo that he was local, forgetting that 90% of the public of his shows at Olympia & Zenith were African. While Nyoka perfomed at Festival des Cannes in front of a different public. Nyoka Longo missed alot of opportunity to boost his name more by staying quite about big events. He always puts Zaiko's name more on the forefront than his. There are alof of people who think that Nyoka Longo's name is Zaiko. It's crazy that they put that moment of Festival des Cannes on that moment. Because it was in the spring of 1999. I guess that they did it because of the war of fanclubs who weren't believing the their rivals did. I remember people back in the days thinking that Wemba was lying about him meeting big stars and performing with them, when he had a contract with Real World Records. But only when he died they discovered how big he actually was.

Hahaha Wendo killed me by saying "nako kota monde ya ba gorilles te". The elders didn't like ndombolo. I remember how Mbuta Likasu was jocking about how Wendo danced Kiwanzenza on a festival in Amsterdam. "Kiwanzenza ya ba nkoko".

Simaro was really angry the way Carlyto talked about OK Jazz and said things to boost his testomony even more. Alot of artists who switched to gospel back in the late 90's and early 2000's created some stories to boost their testimony more, but some admitted it later that it was fack. Alot of people don't even know that Simaro made some interviews about that with people still believing that the story about Maya was real. Someone people said to me that Carlyto stopped talking about his OK Jazz, Maya, etc. People who were following OK Jazz back in the days know that Simaro was the who recuited Carlyto and not Franco. Because Franco was at that time based in Brussels with the other musicians and he came to Zaïre he was ignoring Carlyto. Something what people of that time know, which led to his departure. But in his testimony he said that Franco recuited him. Someone said to me that Carlyto don't talk about OK Jazz, the song Maya, etc. anymore in churches.
Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA IS OUT GUYS
« Last post by Muziki on May 21, 2018, 22:06 »
@Archos did you hear the shoutout Tata Mobitch and JB Mpiana in "Sante Nzinga" ?  "Papa Cherie Oleki bango na kolata" and all the shoutouts to sapologues like Wemba, Kester etc.
Wow am impressed by every minute of this album!
Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA IS OUT GUYS
« Last post by archos on May 21, 2018, 21:07 »
 loooooool hopefully people will not pick out too much the fact you said werra and not somebody else,or it might get into some why you said only werra and so on lol
i think jb still accepts and respect her as the mother of his children i guess what he'd never forgive is somebody singing amida motema ya vital kamerhe the one who does that mamama the hotel invest event  can happen again x10 :D :D :D
« Last post by archos on May 21, 2018, 21:01 »
thinking about it,everything is possible,its not the first time we have a situation like that with way less popular people but still kinda known and you watch the video or somebody does and realises its not her,a ridiculous amount of dancers,"journalists" and "actress" went through that having to rant on facebook to  insist it was not them
i hope for two three things,i hope its not musicians because they are already doing enough stupid things they do not need to add new update in their buzoberie,the second i hope it will quickly disappear and if i might say(God please make sure i am not misinterpreted) i hope that very sad and understandably infuriating issue wont be used to fuel the "politics" of grand pretre mopao,he would not and does not need a very bad situation like that to be kinda thrown into that side of his marketing about 'haters"
koffi must know even if he has millions of haters,there is a billion who know he is a legend
he did the right thing and should take legal action if needed and thats the most important
Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA IS OUT GUYS
« Last post by Muziki on May 21, 2018, 20:45 »
There are no savage Mabangas like Werra does...we can actually enjoy the music.

Arthur Kadima Nzuji (Alexandrine's husband) looks like the main sponsor/producer of the album. Based in Portugal where alexandrines clip was filmed.

His linkedin profile
Arthur Kadima-Nzuji has a Master Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor degree in Economy and Social Studies and in Management (Paris, France). With a broad experience of more than 25 Years in Finance, Trading activities and Business Management, Arthur Kadima-Nzuji is currently President and CEO of Kadima & Partners SA ( Real Estate Development and Projects Financing ), Managing Director of Kolam Ltd, ( Commodities Exporter), and President and CEO of KadLand Capital, a Private Equity Company.

Also Interesting to hear Amida Shatur's name. I wonder what will be Mukulus reaction.

« Last post by archos on May 21, 2018, 20:31 »
 like title says the self proclaimed vice president of cultura lol junior wendo left cultura on mutual consent with wazekwa he had two songs like eclipse on next album but he called wazekwa to ask him to drop it because he wants to use them in his solo album and he feels ready to go solo and wazekwa gave him green light and good luck and said in an interview recently he will not be a cultura member anymore but will remain in his private life because he has special memory of how that makeshif team helped him play at zenith to prove embassy a point for denying visas to cultura
 honestly for me its kinda good riddance lol he became too much of the stereotypical congolese musician arrogant,boasting about cars(he was parading hard at some point with an old porsche or something like that for example) and wazekwa was not comfortable with him attacking heritier over a 10 years long beef they have over a sidekick(when asked about heritier he always responded that guy you are talking about or things like that)and also in some interviews he makes big hints he was going into kindoki for his two songs which was not matching anymore cultura's philosophy,wazekwa having kicked out 12 musicians and dancers and staff members over that
he will team up at least for his album with carcini luzubu who was hurt to be suspended over direspecting cultura's secretary so he thinks he is forced out for good
plus he was not that good of a singer if he was junior mulumba or junior kasongo or whatever not sure he'd secure that kinda fame he got
« Last post by Matebu on May 21, 2018, 20:30 »
Yeah, it's f*ucked up situation. You want to target someone, target him directly... don't ever involve their children and try to sully their name in the process. Dosen't matter if it's a regular person or celebrity.

They tried to use a video of a lookalike apparently
« Last post by archos on May 21, 2018, 18:50 »

Koffi on his serious mode talking about somebody who apparently hates him and is fighting with him and he has failed too much  that he tries to go through his children by claiming didi did a sextape, as usual some comments of  the usual quick conclusion of fans of every artists by analysing who is enemy of our artist attacked jb and ferre for whatever reason
 then another video said that story was made viral by zorro mabiala's facebook page
who heard about all that
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