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adolphe looked bloody pissed to have koffi sitting next(adolphe is furious against koffi  for a tv interview where koffi belittled their feat and talked bad of him ) and koffi,bb jitrois and champion kiwaka seemingly mocking him once they sat down
Matebu please....don't kill me o!!!!  lol
Sheesh, he's been teasing Caligula and saying it's "coming soon" for the entire year now. It's fully complete and CDs were printed back in May/June.

Wantashi, I'm starting to put into question your self-proclaimed status as "King of Pur Rhumba"


With the famous dance "Nkila Mogrosso", who was forbidden for some months after this concert. Nkila Mogrosso ont dethroned the Koyimbi-Ko dance in Kinhsasa. In this they gave some preview of the Somo-Trop album by playing songs like St Jean Mbelekete, Lamentation & Sodome et Gomorrhe (who was orignally dedicated to Geneve)
Congolese Music / Archive; Werrason and Wenge MM 2005
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The heart and soul of Maison mère (JDT, Ferre, Serge Mabiala) along with Biva Ray, Celezino, Gmerodze and other juniors

Bill Clinton
Soloist - Japonais
Accompa (&rhythm?)- Picas Mbayo
Bass - Mimiche Bass
Drummer - Yves Meteor
Mbonda - Papy Mbonda

Congolese Music / Re: Wow what happened to journalist Sam Mpengo Mbey's skin ?
« Last post by Matebu on September 23, 2017, 23:40 »
To the best of my knowledge, you need your brains and proper grooming when it comes to the media. And bleaching is never part of grooming.

Some one should've advised him about that, but it's way too late... The damage is done

I was half joking, but then again half the journalists in DRC (and Africa for that matter) bleach heavily. Supposedly there's a stigma of looking too dark on camera.

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lol a friend of mine in kin said marchouse went on a tv with vaseline saying he wants to offer it to chikito for his butt
This guy is crazy omg  ;D ;D ;D

lol he added insult to injury saying it should be three times a day especially with koffi known for being too blessed over there with the presenter so confused that he asked for jugement clip lol this guy is crazy
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may her soul rest in peace once again...talking about clan wenge its about to go really really really hardcore i just can feel especially with roger's recent revelations about koffi where he sworn that on his mother

what did he say about koffi ?

He said that when jb and koffi falled out before the public clashes one day in the morning koffi called him to  tell him "do you advise jb? roger said yes sometimes and koffi apparently said do you know that werra does not like jb and came to see me so that we invite jb and poison him and that koffi was telling him that he'd  reveal all that in a shock tv interview he was about to do that day and apparently him roger said  vieux if you do it you will make a fool of yourself and koffi kept going like that werra guy i gave him clothes and supported him in the early maison mere days,he is a poor singer, wenge was jb and proof without jb he is doing nothing...but him roger refused to follow him to go to interview and he insisted that he is dead serious because his dad is dead and his mother is like a second god to him so no way he'd throw her name into something which is false
and he added that  its funny and sad that  the very same koffi who talked that bad of werra and the camp of werra have all of a sudden put all their issues aside to attack jb together as in their interview they use the same "weapons"
and that if koffi really loved  jb like he pretended going as far as saying on tv that he felt like he is a bcbg spokesman he should have told the story to jb before they falled out
and that maison mere are mad because he praised ferre as a wenge 4X4 member and him being a former wenge 4X4 can confirm jb did not say something wrong since he witnessed how herve tried several times to join and ended up joining well before split and  they are also mad because jb advised werra they should prove that the reputation that older musicians have always had of being against younger musicians to protect their position can stop by supporting clan wenge children( especially they kind of lost fally )
and he added that it also happened in the past that jb was very unhappy with ferre doing vieux jaloux and telling him to go even in private to  apologise to werra because it went to far  so the theory that he is behind ferre "disrespecting werra" is false
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