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Just a question guys, if the views are alright and the music quality is good. Even if it doesn’t have the most buzz is that the biggest issue as long as he can maybe get some nice concert shows soon?

he says he participated against his will,and that the song was meant to be an independent song of aimelia inviting ferre  and when he heard ferre was participating and it was going  into dynastie now he even wanted to refund aimelia   but aimelia convinced him to remain professional,and he said that for him if ferre does not retouch the song afterwards its the best song of the project because its his composition as a

Why does Olivier Tshimanta hates Ferré ? What have happened between the two
« Last post by archos on April 21, 2021, 22:51 »
That’s generation of fans  ain’t got the patient for thing

he even adopted arteta's "trust the process" line,not the best strategy,lol the best thing is to do like bayern's coach most people dont even know him or his voice but man just won every club trophy in a season moyen o bouder ye eza te
That’s generation of fans  ain’t got the patient for thing
Good song I must say :D
i am sure he put a limit to it when in the turn of 2010's he understood that he entered a new dimension and that it would be bad for the image he wants to sell of himself otherwise its dead certain he did not lack propositions
 somebody like ouattara would not have hesitated to pay him a fortune to perform and sing a song,just like that clown of faure gnassingbe
lol man wont change anytime soon i think,he's busy selling the peaceful separation thing with patrick beckham crying on his shoulders to announce that he officially goes solo after having spent a while trying to put him in beef with but na filet to deal undercover the same way he took but na filet back from contremaitre project to fight undercover ibrator)
i like fabro a lotttttttt  but sometimes trying too hard to look too clean can backfire badly when things behind the scenes pop out
heritier was also like that a lot,a love for talking a lot of about others  in front of staff to feel special,impress them with stories and whatever but he managed to handle it at some point so that it remained secret and eventually stopped doing it so constantly
there you see how fally and ferre( who also have their flaws of course) were better prepared for leadership handleing
guys like fabro robinio and the heritier of the star seem to struggle to handle that fame of becoming a leader with some success

I always though that Fally sung for a president or presidential candidate in Africa
Could you translate for us please
Congolese Music / Re: Alain Mpela & Ado Yuhe part 3
« Last post by archos on April 21, 2021, 21:04 »
lol, so Seguin already started spying and snitching at that time kiekiekiekie
LOL I was so surprised at that part, he really started snitching on Blaise and Makaba. How could the rest of the group especially guys like Afande and co years down the line still trust him whereas he still ended up stabbing them in the back.

lol like my bro says seguin would know even the number of times you snore in the night if he has to follow you  a big big snitch
surely because its his cousin that alain did not explain how in his last 8 months in bcbg seguin was following him which created mind games with jb knowing already way before that alain has plans,alain even almost got removed of an african concert list but jb changed his mind for the sake of image
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