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This is one of my faves too sometimes based on my mood I skip to the sebene part only
Eboa isn't that bad of a dancer that people make him out to be, Celeo at least did somersaults. Cafe Roum seemed liked he was trying to improve on dancing earlier in the year. 
Yeah this the only generique with a very long rhythm part that is listenable. Hopefully this is the last generique of it's kind  because long rhythm part isn't the way to go. I remember listening to this first time and wondering who Tramortina (he did good on this animation) Yannick (he hasn't been since) Identite (really liked him when first listening) and Tangofort was because I taught Fally only had Kabuya,Doubai, Bousole and Kasangidi. Don't really like the video.
Congolese Music / Japonais Maladi Kiyoto dancing
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Usually a générique with a rhythm section this long would piss me off, but it works here as the point was to present all 25 (jk ;D ) of his atalakous and have them exercise vocally. Also present the addition of le meilleur drummer du moment, Île de Cambodge.


Kabuya killed it

This and Libre Parcours 2 are my favorite Fally génériques
you forgot Adjani
Absolutely no sense of rhythm these guys has absolutely no idea of what they are doing when they are dancing
Eboa & Cafe Rhoum @ minutes 4:01 - 4:03,  with Cafe Rhoum always checking at his left to see ifnhe matches the choreography and @ minutes 4:17 - 4:30 with Eboa having absolutely no idea of what to do I have laughed hard I know I was wrong to laugh but come in at lesast try

And then the champion of the guys who really do not know how to dance Celeo after this memorable crowd calling his name he rips his shirt off and just go around and smiles but really don't dance @ 7:32 - 8:13

And again he give a memorable following of the waynhe dances in another live exhibition in the Sous-Sol era @7:27 -7:52

Worst dancer ever in Wenge chart

1. Eboa
2. Celeo
3. Café Rhoum
Congolese Music / Re: credits of Amelia's Constat (2000)
« Last post by masatomo on October 20, 2017, 23:07 »
So he decided to left Quartier Latin after Koffi left him in Kinshasa like Willy Bula did one year before right ?

Yes, I heard that they were jealous of the way Depitcho was treated in QLI they tried to attack him spiritually, Sam and especially Bouro. I heard that Suzuki tried to cut his mic off during his first concert with Quartier Latin I don't know where. Did he came right before Olympia ?

Suzuki came to Europe on his own and participated to BCBG's Zenith. I thought that he would join the group. Because JB wanted him to replace Werrason but I heard that he refused and wanted to be a solo artist JB accepted to help producing his solo album. Correct me if i'm wrong.
« Last post by Matebu on October 20, 2017, 23:03 »
A rhumba that's a nice breath of fresh air. I really hope Les Contre maîtres succeed long term

"The Guy is Good - Contre Maître Ibrator" (6:20)
Congolese Music / Re: credits of Amelia's Constat (2000)
« Last post by mvulusi96 on October 20, 2017, 22:15 »
I'm not sure why he was left behind. But people said to me that he asked Koffi if he could record a solo album,  like Reddy Amisi in Viva La Musica after the many things he did for him in Quartier Latin. Which made Koffi furious, so he left Suzuki in Cameroun without his passeport, which had a visum for Olympia and was then arrested on the airport when he tried to go back to Kinshasa. He met then Mr Simon (ex' manager of JB Mpiana), who helped him.

No it was not that Koffi perferd Depticho over Suzuki. It was just that he wanted to punish Suzuki. Suzuki himself was sacred of Depitsho and tried to attack him spiritually several times. Koffi Olomide treated Depitsho differently than other Quartier Latin-members, because he came then from Wenge El Paris, who were the rivals of Wenge 4x4 and where he was the number 3 of the band (after Marie Paul and Manda Chante). It was like Blaise Bula joining Quartier Latin. I think that Babia would stay behind in Kinshasa, if Koffi decided to bring Suzuki to Quartier Latin.
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