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okay....I live in Kitwe..and people call me le my opinion...even if he is guilty I think tackling these allegations against needs a more slow and well calculated move.I would suggest that he avoids being arrested in places like Zambia which are connected to interpole...nowadays especially after the Harvey Weinsten saga its totally difficult to go head to head with such cases.The moment you are arrested then there will be what they are referring to as ''Me too!''.Even buried cases are likely to be retasrted.Mopao Acrame papa..sala keba pe zala mahele...landa na yo maloba ya mama na yo..zala keba na elengi ya lipapu ya soso…..lipapu ya soso ezali nde ba concerts olingi obeta na ba mboka neti Zambie.Tikala na yo kaka na RDC...mpe papa tika musique...koma ata na makambo mosusu ya kosala oyo ezo kokana na age okomi nango.toyebi oza maestro...mais ata mbula ya makasi...ekomaka na suka.longwa na yo na ba spotlight.
 i listen to some west african music having lived a bit in two three countries there and having some origins there,other than that i have "abandonned" american rnb hip hop for now, too many new guys every other month its too hard to keep knowing the new sensation of the moment so many artists pop up here and there so easily :D :D :D so i stick to my ne yo r kelly nelly nas and co but i do listen when i  am with people to some of the new guys but i dont know their face for most lol
i also listen a bit to latin music salsa bachata merengue...
Fally should chill. Let world fame come through music and not forcing it. Have never been his fan though. I'm too much of a Wenge guy hence for me it's Ferre all the way in their competetion. I feel bad for him though. Hope he learnt something.
Kie kie .. L'americain perdu.. I am sorry but this has been hitting on my last fucking nerve .he should calm down a bit.. I think him going back to koffi is a big  mistake. Y'all know koffi does to finish someone right. Just wait and see.  Fally success is going down little bu little

Looks like he is enjoying it himself .lol they really need to mix it well. We never know it might be a big hit.  Especially if its accompanied with a crazy dance.. Just saying
Pretty open to any. African rappers, Malian music I'm really open to new artists. Trying to locate some Ugandan music.
Thank you for taking the time to put this highly infomative thread together. Looking forward to part 2
Mood... no stressing myself trying to become an American  ;D

kidding of course. Don't take it personal
I only like acoustic music from other countries:

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