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« Last post by mokosarkani on Today at 15:48 »

Arafat 3500 volts Vs Youyou mobangue De brazza.

both Atalakus are way too underrated, in both Congos i don't see many atalakus that can best them, sorry but not sorry....!!!!
Maya should have be gone to ferre, is see him best performing the song then fally. the only song is see fally can do a  remix is verre casse  but should be a feat with ferre.
Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« Last post by mrvibes on Today at 14:38 »
loving this unplugged  live , this type of concert style should be adapted in DRC to show how powerful an artist is. this is a classic
bravo caligulla
no need  for extracts just release the damn album.

Good luck to him,carlyto set the bar quite high

What extract???my new headphones don't listen to jb mpiana music....
Congolese Music / Re: 13eme Apotre had good generics
« Last post by Jdog on Today at 09:27 »
Yeah all the sebene generiques were well done hit Cindy messed it up. I've actually been playing Envoutenment and Yezu are often later. The guitar work in Yezu is really good, haven't seen Manaingo a while. Still for waiting for the videos and the one for Freddy Taggart.
Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« Last post by POLE POSTION on Today at 05:47 »
Kie kie guys I am one of those lovers of these types of shows because they show the true artist as mistakes are easily noticed but when one does an exceptional work you have to applaud but if their camp attack Le Padre then the war is back on Esprit Wenge Toujour
Ah, the first song "Mathi ya ilo" always hits the spot - one of my favorite Zaiko songs. The split really sent shockwaves in Zaire at the time. Yes RIP to the legends, gone too soon
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