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So sad Dr Nico & Grand Kalle had to be millionaires. Someone who was close to Dr Nico's family said on Mbokamosika that Sonodisc/Sono (aka Next Music) became bankrupt, because that Nico's family sued them after that they discovered that they earned them alot of royalties and they won the proces. Wazekwa and an journalist once said that the politicians in DRC don't want that the problems about copyrights of fixed. Because they don't want to see musicians being richer then them and grab their wives or sidekicks. Tabu Ley, Franco, Dr Nico, Grand Kalle and many others of their generations had problems with policitians about that. One of the reasons that Dr Nico's career ended early is because he made a girl of the Sakombi's family pregnant. Which made the Sakombi's doing everything to complicate his career and life. With Dr Nico ending up broke. The Sakombi's were one of the power families during Mobutu's regime, they made many victimes.

Dr Nico's problems with alcohol started early. Tabu Ley mocked him about that in the song Likala Moto.

People complain about Ferre dissing Werrason in Vieux Jaloux. But Tabu Ley dissed his former mentor Grand Kalle in Palmares, saying that he was finished and ridiculed him in many interviews.

Many people said that Dr Nico's problem with alcohol became worser, because of his wife who was always cheeting on him. He made several songs about his relationship problems.
Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
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Fally Ipupa is a Musakata, like Fabregas. Basakata are one of the many clans who form together with  the Batetela, Bakusu, Balokole, Bangombe and many others the big Anamongo-tribe. Which is after the Luba's the biggest tribe of Congo followed by the Bakongo. But people just call them Bangala.
Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
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So Fally is Mungala? I'm a bit confused since it was spelled Mangala and I thought most tribes were Mu- singular Ba- plural.

If he is mungala it kinda makes sense why I thought he sounded like Maman Eyenga in KO-KO-KO lol. They speak really deep lingala.
Mangala is the ethnicity let's assume I am Fally I am a Mangqla of ethnicity, but for calling one Mangala you say Mungala moko boye a Mungala Bangala moko boys some Mangalas
In KiKongo instead
Ki means of Ki Kongo means of Kongo but Mongo originally means Kingdom so KiKongo means Of The Kingdom so for the Bakongo is the same the only thing that changes is the prefix on the ethnicity in fact we are BaKongo as ethnicity
Bercy showing remorse and says that he wouldn't leave his friends Richard and that he is really feeling the loss because he was like a brother to him. It's weird how Bercy said he left behind one child but Carime reminded him his mom said he has three.
Back in that time when it was new & taboo - even though someone was clearly suffering from AIDS, people would go to great lengths never to publicly comfirm it. That last Franco interview with Lukunku Sampu still haunts me.

So sad for me to have to post this, but look at Dr. Nico's final performance below. Not only did he show symptons of AIDS, he was also broke at the time, so no means of paying for medical expenses. He actually died from of a syrose of liver because of alcholism (depression) before succumbing to AIDS, so very very sad. He was doomed either way. The label he was signed to went bankrupt in the mid-70's and he never recovered from that.

The godfather, Le Grand Kallé Kabasele (RIP) also supposedly died from the disease in 1983, also broke and unable to pay for medical expenses on his own. In 1982-83, people weren't really aware yet of AIDS even though it was taking lots lives, so early on people thought it was sacrifices since it's an easy excuse.

The 80s were a tough decade for music all over the world, the HIV/AIDS epidemic robbed many artist of long and promising careers!

Does anyone know why Docteur Nico passed away so young? I hear many things like AIDS or alcoholism being the cause. Around a year or so before his death, he just stopped producing guess is he had a health crisis from which he never recovered.
Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
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So Fally is Mungala? I'm a bit confused since it was spelled Mangala and I thought most tribes were Mu- singular Ba- plural.

If he is mungala it kinda makes sense why I thought he sounded like Maman Eyenga in KO-KO-KO lol. They speak really deep lingala.
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I'm so dead ;D ;D
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Was playing Kipe Ya Yo in the car with my little niece and later on as we were eating fish she stated singing "Le poisson a combien de parti! trois parti! Likolo a combien de parti! trois parti! Ahh, Citez-les ! Mutu (the head), Libumu (the stomach) na Lopele (and the tail) pele ya lopele ! Pele ya lopele...." ;D ;D Definitely not possible with today's generique with X rated chants.

Despite the critisms of too much bass boost and Genta & Maitre Ficare/Patou Solo being muffled too low, it's a great generique in my opinion. One of the catchiest post-Ndombolo.

Seguin did a great job :D
Ive always wonder how the other ones passed out : Shiro,Alpha,Enoch Boanga Omer,Lofanga,Baroza Matima etc in less than 7 years they lost just as many members and very talented

People always claims that Nyoka Longo sacrified them, but that is not true. They died because of AIDS, since that they were all sharing the same girls. Their wives also died shortly after their death. It's so sad
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