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Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« Last post by Manzambi94 on Today at 11:54 »
Why they keep doing it? Placebo effect. They've been brought up that way. That black magic may not guarantee you success but lack of it guarantees you failure.
It depends, Deplick never did any black magic and his album has been successful not like Fabregas but successful anyway Kabongo is doing good so I don't agree, I mean yes with Satanism you have more chance to have success, but without it it doesn't mean you will not have it
He spoke well and hopefully it would continue, he actually admitted to witchcraft :-\. Still don't know why Team Wata picked him u because they need a tenor animator not a falsetto, if it was Heritier trying to prove a point to Werra then he already did in his career so far and got Olivier and Arnake.
At least he is not hypocritical, we all know musician do it...
And I think Wata took him also for spiritual reasons, and because that guy is way talented I mean Wata's best animateur was Brandon (clear copycat of Brigade) so Ambulance being in Team Wata it can be a great deal for Wata if he uses him well
Congolese Music / Re: Who are your favourite bass players
« Last post by Grandpretre on Today at 11:14 »
Binda bass
Djo mali

Is there a thread of «your fav guitarist »?
Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« Last post by ZamundaPrince on Today at 11:05 »
Why they keep doing it? Placebo effect. They've been brought up that way. That black magic may not guarantee you success but lack of it guarantees you failure.
Congolese Music / Re: Fally's next album is coming soon
« Last post by mrvibes on Today at 10:18 »
Fally has always been the best in rumba and ndombolo albums so I know I won't be disappointed, it is crazy that there isn't no Mrvibes talking when we speak good about Fally
grand pretre manzanza ..  Ne me reveille pas je dors.. Ah  !!!! Lol
« Last post by archos on Today at 10:09 »

champion,tibass,zakoko,dolin,alvarito,marcation and co all still around
i remember few times after that he went to a jb concert and fans asked him to "kata lay" and jb said no no this man is our older brother do not mess with him
Very mature

 after all something like 10 ex ferre guys joined maison mere recently without those daily beefs
Who else has joined Maison Mere from Ferre?

I have seen a video with matshuda potentially joining the list of rize,mao,djeny,de gaulle and co
Congolese Music / Re: BDM is finally out
« Last post by Safari on Today at 09:50 »
Yeah it has been a long time indeed.
I do follow the forum (at least once week) but don't comment as TBH there isn't much newsworthy in Congolese music!

Yes we get the occasional Se Na Se but on the whole Congolese music has declined, we have 4th Gen veterans resting on their laurels and 5th Gen led by someone obsessed with taking selfies with LA former-have-beens while the other proclaimed himself to be "imperator" while producing monotony after monotony.

As for JB...I can either lose my mind and curse him every day like our friend EMO or I can relax listening to his classics while every birthday I make a wish for BDM/Chemin de Fer to be released...Guess which option I chose!?


I have a few more questions regarding A La Queue Leu Leu, did Otis Lumumba play guitar alongside Japonais and Flamme Kapaya on the album? I know he toured with Wenge Musica Masion Mere, so it's possible he may have played on the album.

Lastly, whatever became of Guylian Mpungi? Was he a rhythm guitarist or mi-soloist? His run with Wenge Musica was very short, I suppose Werrason decided that he didn't need three guitarist.

Guylain Mpungi was a rhythm-player. The mi-solist in Maison Mere was Aridjana who spent some months and went to Super Choc of Shora Mbemba.Maison Mere was rarely using the mi-solo position from 1997 till 2003, when Mogratana joined. I never heard about Guylain Mpungi again since Intervetion Rapide.

Yeah Otis Lumumba played on A La Que Leu Leu.
Hello Shamala,
Welcome my BCBG twin!
It is so great to hear that you are safe & healthy.
Take time to enjoy yourself and be with your family & loved ones!
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