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Congolese Music / Re: The Stubonness of JB
« Last post by archos on Today at 18:02 »
yes lol,primus have delayed his return to europe he was meant for one concert and return he played 4/5 with ferre and wazekwa being in renewal negotiations,normally the next concert is in mid may so he should have time to come and finish or at least advance further
Congolese Music / Re: The Stubonness of JB
« Last post by Cavalier Solitaire on Today at 17:39 »
Maitre Archos Please confirm. Is it what I believe it is in this post by Roger Mulenda. Or its about the game last night? LOL
yes,and the situations happens to males aswell,i remember cafe roum talking about something like that,and saying that he replied that he came from a very christian family and he needed no other  boost than his work to deserve his chance and that ever since that he does not go to people's house easily because you never know who they are in private(he was asked why he is too hard to be seen outside stage )
Congolese Music / Re: Trace Kitoko
« Last post by Congolitude on Today at 15:33 »
the project of Trace kitoko its a good idea, i think it will push the musician to work hard and this new channel may perhaps allow us to discover new talent because our music is filled with new talent but, lack of promotion, dont get the audience they deserve.

It is with this kind of project that we see that Congolese music is a sacred heritage. Trace kitoko is the beginning of the reconquest of our place of n°1, then once the concerts are reopened in Europe and the Congolese musicians stop their ego wars in favor of a fair war, there we will become the N°1 of Africa without any doubt
« Last post by Toolz on Today at 15:23 »
he had a serious health issue which got him stuck in hospital for a while like two years ago now then when he recovered he teamed up with former wenge musica members in paris to perform and outside their individual projects they have an album together
he was given proposition to return to bcbg like a stepping stone to get attention again the way tutu caludji did but him being a bit of primadonna as usual wants jb to buy for him an house in one of the most expensive areas of kinshasa and get the highest salary of bcbg straight away(seguin makes 1,5K each month)

Sorry to hear about his poor health.... But that his 'proposition' is an overkill o! Where will he get that from when he is not Seguin or Roger Ngandu?
Emeneya was very funny he needed to start a carreer as an actor. I liked all his interviews. Papa Wemba's death made people forget about him quickly. Emeneya died to early. He had to rest, but he needed the money and started to give concerts in DR Congo against the will of his doctor. His wife was very angry and cried every day with some close people trying to change Emeneya's idae to return to Congo. But he was didn't want to listen. The which me chocked was the way he returned quickly to be present at PPRD's meeting at Stade des Martyrs in 2011 for the elections, while just came out of the hospital some months before and  his son being badly injured in Afghanistan. He looked very tired and didn't perform, but just returned to get money.
:'( I am sorry he died soon and poor even though he was one of the richest Congolese singer in his prime :'( RIP KING

Emeneya wasn't tje richest Congolese singer in his prime (1982-1988). When he was on the top he didn't really get money because he had a slave contract with VEVE, like other artists who signed there. He didn't get the rolayties of those songs who were released under the name of Veve. Because his contract was getting instruments from VEVE for free and his songs being VEVE's property and getting his royalties after 100 years!!!!. Which is very sad because 80% of his hitssongs are from the years 1982 until 1988. Emeneya was only getting money from concerts and his contract with primus, but back in the days it was almost peannuts. With Zaïre having a big crisis and Congolese artists not touring like they are doing now, since there were not alot Congolese people in Europe. They were only spending 45 days there. Performing in Brussels, Paris, Liege, Charleroi and sometimes Geneve. Those concerts where mostly in cafe's or little musichalls. Emenya toured only 2 times in Europe (1984 and 1986-1987) when he was on his prime with Victoria Eleison. Back in the day no one of the starts in Zaïre where rich (except Veve aka Verckys Kiamuangana, Franco Luambo Makiadi and Tabu Ley) the rest were normal, somewhere even still living in their parents house. But thing which is that Emeneya was along with Koffi the first guy who went get a bigger house, while the rest still living in small houses. Papa Wemba wasn't also rich when he was on his prime (1977-1982)  and the year after that until he went in to Paris in 1987. He was living in Molokai. Which explain a little bit why he was stingy. Having already alot of kids and having to feed his family in Kinshasa and Kasai. Back in the days Congolese musicians where like gigolo's. They were getting money from prositues and those girls who were there fans. Sharoufa who was Wemba's 2nd wife contributed alot in Viva La Musica. In that era mabanga's was just for free and for people who were very close to them. Alot didn't want to be associated with it because it were mostly thugs who were getting a shout-out. Viva La Musica and Victoria Eleison were associated to gangsters. Zaiko was seen as a band of models, since 1975 after the departure of the ISIFI-guys (Wemba,Evoloko, Bozi and Mavuela). Being close to youngsters from Kalina/Gombe. Nyoka Longo married the daugther of Moleka. But they weren't rich like the guys of their generation.

Things started to change for Congolese artists when Emeneya was living abroad (1991-1997) with the guys of Wenge 4x4 starting to buy and build villa's in Ma Campagn, Koffi following them with Wemba getting a villa as gift from Skol in 1993 after a tour. It was very big mistake of Emeneya to live abroad for so long. It almost killed his career with the gap between Wenge, Papa Wemba (who went to settle in Paris, because of him) and  Koffi (who was back in 1988 nothing in terms of popularity) and Wenge being to big. He did everything to get his place back, but it was so difficult (his friends Wemba, Koffi not wanting to see him succeed and calling his concert-promoters to not let him perform. How witchcrift became stronger and stronger in the music-scene which he wasn't used to, the way his band split). From 2000 Emeneya was putting all the money he was getting from concerts, albums, mabanga's,matolo on his villa Maison Blanche. Which didn't really please his musicians who were starting to get unpaid for months and his wife/wife's who couldn't buy expensive clohts anymore. Just because he wanted to prove all the leaders a point, by building a villa bigger than them. Since that they were mocking him that he didn't had a villa.

Look how Maison Blanche looks now

Congolese Music / Re: Trace Kitoko
« Last post by mvulusi96 on Today at 14:29 »
from 1994 until 2003 you had a channel called MCM Africa. Who was putting only African music and 70% of their music was Congolese. Back in 1997, 98, 99 and 2000 ther playlist was very hot with the hitsongs of Koffi, Extra Musica. You can see the logo of MCM Africa on Fula Ngenge, Droit de Veto, Attentat, etc. MCM Africa and Africa N1 who was based in Libreville with Alain-Saint Pierre (R.I.P.) as radiohost where very powerful. I liked Alain's line alot "La musique est une drogue et moi je suis un dealer" which Koffi recited in Rond Point.

 But there came an end on it when Trace bought MCM Africa in 2003 and renamed it Trace Urban. Putting a  limit of 5 min and promoting Coupe Decale-music more on their tv than Congolese music. While in 2003 and 2004 Ndombolo had more hits than Coupe Decale with their generics Et Apres, Somo Trop, Code Pin, Ligne 11, Tindika Lokito, Karolina, etc. 2003 was really a bad year for the Congolese music-scene. Everything went bad from that year. From 2010 it became worser on Trace with unkwnon artists and music which doesn't make sense from West-Africa being put on tv and Congolese music almost not. 3 years later artists themselve discovered that people who were working on the African section were blocking video's mostly coming from DR Congo, but also from other countries and made them pay money. Alot who paid money but didn't saw their music come on the channel, except if they denouced them on Facebook and tv with Trace immediatly putting their music weeks on tv.

I'm happy for them. But I'm afraid that those bandleaders will mess it up. I heard that alot of talents and those new dj's/artists are coming on Trace tv. That's a good thing instead of hearing only artists coming from Clan Wenge and Clan Langa Langa.
Congolese Music / Re: Trace Kitoko
« Last post by archos on Today at 13:27 »

talking about here is the ceremony with mohombi,koffi,heritier,fabregas,robinio,noella madinga,naty lokole, papy mboma... haha a bunch of "rivals" there
Congolese Music / Re: Trace Kitoko
« Last post by archos on Today at 13:22 »
great idea,but the elders gotta show maturity if what i hear is true,over the last few years,several times i have heard musicians complain that their ex leaders are blocking their promotion on trace because they have relationship among the bosses of channel(and in other countries like ivory coast aswell i heard such complaint)
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