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Maybe it's me but I find Sanction sound weird, the solo on the generique is poorly executed it sounds as if it was played by amateurs. The synthesizers ruined the generique. The group didn't seem to have a direction or a sound, the tcha tcho identity I expected them to exhibit was lost. Miracles on the hand had a sound and solo partitions that were memorable and doesn't get lost with the other instruments. As for the singing Academia had a better chemistry than Les Marquis, however Ferre and JDT's individual songs were outstanding to this day I don't think Sanction has memorable songs as 100kilos, Ecole, Amour Internet, Eric Gwyenge. On animation Bill trumps both Somono and Lipasa.

Sanction 7/10
Miracles 9/10

Debating with Werrason's fans is waste of time. LOL.

It's funny how Werra was able to attract such a fanatic cult around him while being an average, some will say mediocre, musician.  ;D

here it is

Thank fam.

A true gem.

It's a shame how Tonya Tonya ended.
lol, what is it 4-5 times he did a remix of Voyage including the one on his latest album?
Including the one on his latest album, he did 3 remix of the orginal song Voyage

VoyaGE cAYENNE is the best among those remixes.

I can't find it on Youtube or the net. Does someone have it?
I'll go with sanction. It was an excellent album. I still listen to it today and it did not get old.

One of the best album from the late 90's, along with Etat Major.

Anyone also feels like there was something in common between these 2 albums? Maybe the era. Whenever I listen to sanction, the album I think of the most is Etat Major.
This conert won't happen.

Werra has too much enemies within the diaspora. Plus, Koffi will also pull some strings behind the scene. The show will most likely be canceled by the city.

At this point, they are just trolling and looking for attention.

Werra will be a deputy of the majority. He will never play in peace in Europe, unless Shadary lose the election, which is unlikely.
Lol our artists and their childish beefs
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