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Congolese Music / 7 JOURS MESSAGE
« Last post by Manzambi94 on Today at 10:51 »
Yesterday before sleeping I thought how most of the generique and important songs in 7 Jours are deeply satanic or to put it in a not very scared way how they kindoki songs, because you have cries like Diemba (which is swing) which is a metaphor of going high into the normal world (when the swing goes up) and down in the dark and spiritual world (when the swing goes down) or esi ekomi (has already arrived) esi ekomi kala bazo yeba te mama (has already came, but they still don't know) which means that the spiritual power has come without the people knowing, and then on the the other two generique Se Na Se and Charge.
Se Na Se is honestly clear because it means (down and down) Se, Se, Se, Se biloko 'a Se Na Se (Down, down, down, down, the things of down and down) which hasn't much sense but if you look it on a spiritual is way too much clear the things of hell, the things of witchery that happen when you go down into the spiritual world, another example of the kindoki present in 7 Jours is the praise to Werra, the Oh Mama Oh Mama... Banani ngana zamba... Which means for going at LA Zamba you need to ask to the king of the forest, the money doesn't interest him, and doesn't buy him, and whoever try to balance back Werra in a spiritual way will be reach by fishbones and he will limp (basically a description of the classic voodoo technique of people to attack spiritually someone until he suffers physically) Sende ekoti nga nazo tambola tengu tengu (a fishbone has entered in me and I am walking limping limping) eeeh to bina biloko 'a Se Na Se ma. And Anti-Balle too with his mwana empoli omesana kofinga mikolo soki balakeli yo mabe oko zoka oko zwa embodu embodu embodu (Rude guy who is used to insult the elders and the dads and the moms if someone send you a malediction, you will hit very hard, very hard, very hard) which is of course direct to Heritier, and how Werra didn't want to give his spiritual power to Heritier.
And for concluding Charge, Charge Charge batax eleki nga mutu, Cynthia zemi oko zwa oko bwaka soi pwe (which says responsibilities responsibilities tax is getting over my head Cynthia the pregnancy you had you will throw you saliva which is a metaphor to say abortion) which it doesn't seem nothing but Archos confirmed it was spiritual and you can sense it is because Ambulance says that he have a lot of things to pay and people to feed (parents, relatives) but his hypothetical sister which he had forbid to go out got pregnant and since he doesn't have a mouth to feed he will start with abortion and then since he hasn't got a stable hob he will go spiritually very hard to keep his family's wealth, and the sacrifice is the unborn baby, I mean until Cynthia wasn't pregnant, Ambulance had nobody to sacrify for getting "rich" so he says that Cynthia will have to sacrifice her baby so he could spiritually have the money for feeding the family.
This is no polemic, but only a fact constatation, why Congolese musician can't really make any music without spiritual power?? (Power 001, Zigida, Koffi's song where he speaks about the devil, Operation Dragon, Tabu Ley not paying his musician who refused to got deep down in the game) an artist who didn't used any spiritual power until this day is Deplick who got forbid by parents to use spiritual and kindoki power for anything, the result of Deplici were excellent with enough donors to pay him 20 songs, production home releasing the videos and songs, with good amount of views why most of the musicians doesn't follow the "Deplick's example" but would still sell family and friends (Fabregas with Ibrator is a perfect example) for more money and fame? I mean after Tabu Ley, Evoloko, Zaiko, Franco and many others's example artist should have learned but instead they always go deep down in kindoki
Man have some dignity lol, b*stars friends
wow they are shadyyyyyy it reminds me of heritier's lyrics soki baboyi yo kolela te  :D :D :D
guys i have a question about depitcho,for those who did not know depitcho is a childhood friend of werra and one of his most influential advisors of then wasenga (RIP)and depitcho was approached to join maison mere even before maison mere really started 
do you think he would have done better in maison mere?

yeah ofcourse, even better than his ex' best friend JDT Mulopwe. Don't forget how influent he was in Wenge EL Paris, who were the rivals of Wenge Maison Mere. Also with the system they had in Maison Mere, would have allowed him to expresse himself better than in Quartier Latin. Where it was Koffi Olomide being more on the forefront, which was even in bandalbums.
guys i have a question about depitcho,for those who did not know depitcho is a childhood friend of werra and one of his most influential advisors of then wasenga (RIP)and depitcho was approached to join maison mere even before maison mere really started 
do you think he would have done better in maison mere?
the last trick kakol as a chef has pulled which his best friend seguin also does which pisses me off big time is making musicians to pay to be on stage,on tours, on albums regardless of their talent and their form of the moment
that way we are seeing some guys who deserved chance rotting in reserves while other who play the game get loads of opportunity
Congolese Music / Re: Fally's next album is coming soon
« Last post by mvulusi96 on Today at 09:56 »
Enfin is the album-title still 14 ? Or did he change it ?

I suppose the only person in Maison Mere who doesn't have a story of business or personal polemic is Papy Kakol and maybe Heriter! ????

Who do you think was better qualified to be leader of Les Marquis de Masion Mere? Such a promising offshoot band, but apparently all the founding members were vying for that leadership position.

In my opinion, JDT was always the best choice for leader. After all, wasn't the whole idea his when they first had problems with Werrason during the tour for Solola Bien?

It was tough watching those London concerts of Masion Mere in 2004, because you could tell that the whole group was on the verge of a split.

Sometimes I wonder if Werrason regretted those underhanded tricks that broke apart such a talented group. I gave him a pass the first time around with Wenge 4X4, but this split seemed a direct result of greed and reckles self-ambition.

Btw, whatever happened to Christian Mabanga and Michael Tshendu? I was surprised how that young boy got a song placed on the first Masion Mere album before Ferre Gola, Gola had been by Werrason's side since Pentagone.

I'm just surprised Michael Tshendu never went on to do more with the group, he was a promising vocalist, had style, and could dance but he just vanished.
Papy Kakol and Heritier has a long polemic history, Kakol since he became Chef D'Orchestre really made everything for guys to feel uncomfortable if he thinks that they need to leave (Prince, Bercy, Lobeso) for example he will do everything for you to make you leaving and then on TV he will say "leaving the group is a big mistake" even though he well knows he forced those guys out but he never got that aura of a polemic guy because he is only under Werra and administration so people in Wenge are aittle bit scared of his authority since he is the guy who along with the guitarist and Werra decides his much space member will have.
For Heritier Werra has treated him like a son even refusing the demission letter that Heritier sent to Werra before leaving.
Since Werra treated like his own son his bad behaviour is under the radar, but he is the guy who had a baby with Sylvie Mamoata's sister (Mampata and her family is untouchable in MM fans's mind) and the guy who sent some kids to beat Brigade that resulted in Brigade being seriously injured with photo walking all over internet

(which I think he did because he was sensing that Brigade was becoming too much important for Werra) which led to Brigade leaving the group since he went to Werra telling him whole the story, but Werra didn't even say a word by looking at Brigade with an empty stare that  basically made Brigade felt humiliated.
The crazy fact is that now Brigade and Heritier publicly gave each other compliment, Brigade in interviews and Heritier on his first concert as a solo artist were like I am very glad that my brother Brigade is here today.

Yeah the list of people who left because of Kakol & Heritier is very long. Espcially Kakol. You got Michel Bass, Bibicia, Cappucino LBG, Teka Diobanza, etc.

JB Mpiana should have kept Burkina Faso Mboka Liya in BCBG, they were neck and neck with Masion Mere.

After Mboka Liya departed from the group, Ficarre and Alba had to step to the forefront as soloist but I don't think they were ready to match the success of TH.

Don't get me wrong, Internet was good. But the rhumbas definately were better composed then the sebenes, although they had Masion Mere beat in percussion. Titina and Seugin were an excellent duo.

I feel like JB Mpiana never quite recovered from Mpela and Burkina Faso leaving.

Alba Accompagnero is a rhythm player. Yeah Burkina Faso's departure was a big blow for them. But is was replaced by Coco Kiandia "Pina Colada". He participated on Internet, but didn't last long, because he ran a away when they toured in Canada. I guess that he wanted to study there, like Fiston Zamuangana, who left Wenge BCBG in 1998 those reasons. So he was replaced by Pathy Moleso when they came back in 2001.
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