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Congolese Music / Re: LE PADRE LISTENING TO JB
« Last post by Cavalier Solitaire on Today at 09:29 »
While we’re on the song subject, I really like the first half Of Bolonia, but the song falls flat for me on the second half. Idk, the traditional theme doesn’t work for me. Feels like two songs combined into one
Thought I was the only one who felt like that about this song. Lol
Looks like he doesn't put effort anymore in promoting his album, while his album is very good and his best album in my opinion after listening it for months. The promotion was already messed up from start with all journalists only asking about Koffi and the song Caligula, while the song has many songs.

Btw Congolese people are difficult people because they want to get everythig for free. Boite Noire and Abacadabra were well received because they uploaded all those songs on youtube the day they released the album, which made alot of people in the diaspora listen to the album for free. But with Congolese artists not uploading those songs on youtube directly but after 6/9 months or a year, made alot of people not listen to album with them also not wanting to buy them in shops or do an effort to listen it on Spotify or Deezer. Only the new generation does that effort and people coming from other countries.
It was Karmapa's fault, Koffi is huge not only in Congo but whole Africa I have had a tunisian girl friend of mine that asked me have you ever heard of a song called Selfie by Koffi O.O I was like whaaaaat? And you see if you diss Koffi with your greatest song ever people will pay you attention but will pay attention only to that song, Karmapa should have made a normal song without dissing Koffi because it is a suicide,  I can understand that he is still mad at Koffi but the past is the past
I'm amazed streaming isn't catching well with Congolese. Are they still pirating albums there?
Congo is a total different environment if you confront it with the rest of the world, since the middle classe is very short and the majority of the poulation is pure, people prefer to pirate disc instead of buying them, and the most album buyers are the diaspora from France, Belgium, USA and all the European/White Majority country, another reason why album don't sell much in Congo it is because usually donors are the big buyers a donor take 50, 100, 200, 500 disc and distribute them to the poor guys or to his staff and so on.
With the internet only reaching the 30% of a 78 milion people and with the majority of internet users using internet for different things you can see why streaming is still not taking over in Congo
It could  have reached the success of Gangnam Style if promoted but I really don't know what is wrong with people, at least in Italy tbis was a well received generique

I knew those credits were wrong ???? Wenge Musica and Extra Musica never collaborated

I was just interested in who the guitarist may have been for the mi-solo, apparently it's a guy by the name of Saint Petro Mboungou.
I'm amazed streaming isn't catching well with Congolese. Are they still pirating albums there?
it was good but this one was much better
same it was never released,it was longer than all them but was better in terms of sound and arrangement

It was because of David Monsoh who said that that generic was to long with them cutting the generic in 3 parts (Mpunda, Telecommande and Loboko). JB Mpiana also being happy with that and talking about that after his concert at Dock Eiffel.

If i'm not misktaken was it the first concert cancelled by the combattants ? Yeah I remember they cancel Fally's Zenith of March 2011 by threatening people who came to watch the show. Despite this Fally played his concert in front of a small crowd.

yes, with Wemba and Werrason making an interview together. Wemba was then blaming the politicians of DR Congo, but Werrason was very very angry and started to diss people in diaspora. Saying that they have nothing and do construction work, etc. Which angered the combattans more and other people who first didn't pay attention to music or politics. Werrason said then that he would prove them a point at his concert in Brussels. After that he went to Germany with his concert almost getting cancelled by the police, but the musicpromoter changed the musichall on the last minute and claimed then that it was a birthday-party with the police allowing Werrason to perform, but it was then in front of a small crowd.

After that he went to Brussels revenge for the thing what happened in Paris. There was alot of police that day to protect the fans and Werrason, but there were to many combattans with the concert then getting cancelled. Werrason had some days after that a meeting with the combattans and cancelled then his whole tour. He was allowed to do a little playback for his fans in Paris. After that he returned to Kinshasa and made a protest-march against the combattans. Shortly after that he made an interview and attacked the combattans, which angered the combattans in Europe.

Fally was lucky to arrive in the musichall before that the combattans arrived. Otherwise they would have blocked him. He performed in front of 50 people who were mostly of his staff. It was a big problem to go back to his hotel. With the police escorting him from Zenith till the metrostation and all those combattans who were outside Zenith calling him pede, Fanny Kimpuka, etc. Those videos were on Congomikili, but they got all deleted and then Congomikili didn't upload their videos on youtube. After that he went to Danemark and Sweden where he performed despite those combattans trying to cancel those shows and lying on radio's that they won. Then he tried to go U.K., but it got cancelled be he went there. After that he decided to cancel his whole tour and went back to Kinshasa with his band.

David Monsoh tried to plan a Zenith for JB Mpiana in the summer of 2011 to get his money back, but he cancelled it before making it official.
it was good but this one was much better
same it was never released,it was longer than all them but was better in terms of sound and arrangement

Yea so much better, smh
 it was good but this one was much better
same it was never released,it was longer than all them but was better in terms of sound and arrangement
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