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Dadju his brother played a part. For Fally it was an opportunity he just couldn’t miss in order to gloat and feed his ego regarding being the only congolese rumba artist from Bandal to have done this with current reigning French president.
I think outside of that he also wanted to show congolese people that he had understood the criticism he received in his past years for not getting interested and involved in the congolese matters,but you got a point,but that being said,even if he was french these guys have top managers,who could have told him that they are wanting to use his image to give a different impression to the fact that france is heavily contested in africa
proof with dadju who is french but rejected aswell
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Here is the song itself

Unique rapping style

Gims is a hypocrite…This man is based in Morocco and France, wanted a French nationality and got rejected. Let’s be honest he’s still pissed off about it. That’s why he rejected Macron invitation.
Silence just like his career
For me the biggest missed opportunity is that Extra Musica left out the song: Karen Amour from the Trop Cest Trop album, only releasing it on the DVD as clip.
Last year he was making alot of noise in interivews about perform at Marie Bell, he would take his musicians from Kinshasa and that they would be coached by guitarist Blaise Musikasika. But now there's silence


This article is saying that fally and gims unfollowed each other after the gact that gims said that he rejected macron's offer to be with him in kin because he felt that it was not the right thing to do as france plays a crucial role in the war in east and that he would have understood people's anger if he went there,and that it did not go well in camp fally
my question is now how people manage so quick to notice who unfollows who is there an application which notifies people or people are just quick to be curious
They had Africa & the French West Indies in their hands and were fighting the legendary band Kassav in nightclubs. I wonder if they wouldn't lose their fans in Kinshasa and Zaire by doing commerical music. Or if Sony BMG would allow Nyoka Longo, Bimi Ombale and Dindo Yogo to do solo-projects outside the contract without the name "Zaiko", just to stay in touch with the people in Kinshasa. Doing commercial music was dangerous for Congolese artists. Look what it did to King Kester Emeneya. Papa Wemba was lucky because he was leaning on Stino & Reddy and years later also doing rumba-albums next to it.

Zaiko itself ended up by doing world-music with the album "Backline Lesson One" in 1997 but it was not a big succes. Also it was not the same Zaiko like the 1980s which was a dream-team. The Zaiko of mid-90s started to be centered around Nyoka Longo. Him being put big in album-covers. Today many foreign people think that Nyoka Longo's name is Zaiko. I saw a former Zaiko-fanatic being mad that when BOZAR made a poster for Zaiko's 50th anniversary in Brussels, Nyoka Longo being painted and him saying that it was a disrespect towards Mbuta Matima, Zamuangana, Bimi Ombale, Meridjo Belobi, Oncle Bapius, Likinga, Dindo Yogo, etc. who all contributed to Zaiko's succes.

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The creator of the dance
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