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Congolese Music / Re: PAPA WEMBA 2 YEARS ALREADY...
« Last post by Congolitude on Today at 21:47 »
RIP Kuru Yaka, chef coutumier du village Molokai

thank you for all the biographies that you post us bro @Archos
Another great remix are :

Kalayi boeing remix of Werrason

Vita Imana remix of Ferre, besides I knew this version before the original and I really took time to like the original version

Gros bebe stella of Koffi
« Last post by archos on Today at 21:30 »
 if i am not mistaken that is the tour celeo said he "saved" fally  by bringing a bag of clothes because musicians wanted to leave(they were not too allowed to move for matolo because fally feared about visas) then konga left during A2BM tour because it took them time to start to get matolo contacts while fally took the tour money for himself
If Ferre wouldn't like someone calling him that then why call Brigade that. Brigade has mentioned he was poisoned by someone but never said by who and said he might reveal it one day if the person still tries him. All that witchcraft stuff has to stop, I would've freaked out seeing a snake pop out of nowhere but then again he did go to meet with a soceror.

he surely did not know,maybe one day i will do a topic on it if i get time to review songs again,but there is minimum and i mean minimum 20 sorcerers mentioned in songs and if you see them in normal life you would not guess,they have appearance of businessmen to cover up for what is their real job there is a former quartier latin dancer who once said on tv that she went to a donor  and house was normal then she started seeing ants,snakes and strange things pop out in the room and she started screaming and the guy tried to calm her down and then convince him that if she accept to sleep with him he'd do what it takes for her to be koffi's absolute favorite,and she says she got so scared with those big snakes that she ran away shouting words of shock in his native tshiluba language and she twisted her knee while running hard and this event scared her for ever about our music so she went back to school and normal life

Witchcraft in our music and Congolese business looks much worse than we think. Anyway from the moment we enter the world of music or we are close to some leaders we automatically enter into witchcraft even a minimum. Many muscians, dancers are witnesses of these things but do not have the courage to denounce them
« Last post by Matebu on Today at 21:09 »
Bienvenue Konga. He was drenched in sweat in the concert footage from how hard he was drumming, then later Champion alternated

He said he left because Fally barely paid him, but he also ran away after the Fally's first Euorpe tour so...

Vocals were so out of tune at Fally's Olympia.

The other clip

All those years of loud animations will take a toll on your voice, even if it was more melodic compared to shouting atalakus.

True, also atalakous love their whisky

Didn't know the LP was already available

Going to a DJ Arafat concert concert that's not a playback is literally like going to a Bill Clinton concert

Lol @ Shegal Mokonzi  (a Congolese) telling Arafat to his face that Coupe Decale is Congolese music because they hijacked it
He made an African contiental sensation song (late 2003-2004) using Tutu Calluji's name and some of Celeo's animations, meanwhile Congolese music was starting to decline. Not going to lie this was one of the best coupé decale songs though.

Also, he sampled Soukous Star's "Tantina" to create a good portion of the beat (5:50-) and all of the rhythm partitions used.

lol, these guys did not give a damn - Dj Calludji, Mulukulu DJ, DJ Arafat, DJ Kilabongo, Sehagal Mokonzi, DJ Mopao, etc. plus taking the verses
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