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He is the legend Congolese musician in EAC whatsoever kind of fate he is facing now.


Yes my friend, this was when songs were made for non-stop dancing. The music made during Soukous era just had so much positove energy. Even the guitar playing in the fast songs is sublime

This 4-in-1 songs everyone is making now are just annoying
Congolese Music / The economics of Congolese music
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When I saw the inside of the home that Kakol and Linda live in, it did not strike me as being of a standard one would expect from such a prominent musician and long-serving member of WMM. Some may say Kakol is just a modest man, but I doubt that very much.

This made me interested in exactly how much each member of a prominent band like QL, WMM, WBCBG earns.

From the big guys themselves all the way to the dancers. Are they paid per gig or do they have contract that pay a fixed amount for a certain period.

I know from previous posts that major artists sign contracts with beer companies to be "brand ambassadors", which may entail penning a generique in praise of that beer, and that this is a huge source of income for the artists concerned.

I just wonder how much share of this booty would end up in the hands of someone like Brigade/Bibicia/Zambrotta etc.

I would also like to know what would be the average price of concert ticket for one of those leading bands in Kinshasa (not overseas)
if i am not mistaken when koffi did les mineurs but he was among those who were cut from the very final casting by montana with the likes of deplick lobeso and co
Why do some artists not like to say their musical past, he said he just was in small neighborhood bands and did music in Brazzaville. The same interviewer said he saw with Depitcho. Was Montana the chef at that time or something for him to make calls on who comes in the group or not.
If I'm not mistaken Montana became Vice President during those days
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Maximum Respect to this guy!
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He says he did not leave maison mere because he wanted to leave maison mere but its some people in the group who forced him out,he noticed that for a long long time   he was not treated anymore the same way and was sidelined a lot and unfortunately in most groups of DRC leaders have people they have blind faith on and listen to whatever they say but he does not want to insist too much on it because he does not want people to think he is dissing werra
for example when fabregas left,those guys  went to gossip to werra that he could also leave so when they went to angola tour they abandoned him there as to say once back in kin that they were right but he paid his ticket him and got back to kin
he is asked about the eternal question of salary and said honestly there are almost no group in DRC who pay musicians on regular basis its once in a while but it does not bother musicians at all when they arrive in group because they arrive with     getting famous as their first target then as they get older they have more things to cope with but the system does not adapt to their change of levelso it ends up in people leaving in order to make at least more money than what they receive
he is asked about  the musicians who are representing maison mere well in solo career he says ferre fabregas heritier brigade robinio..and he adds that what he does not like in congolese music is the mentality,people are too evil or arrogant,even if they listened to your songs in private they'll go on tv and act like they don"t while in other countries  there is more unity and he says  in DRC we think rivalry is about hate whereas it should just be about pushing each other to work hard for the good of congolese music
papy asks him if people tell him he sounds like another singer and he straight away says yes he hears that he sings like fally and thats not hurting him at all but   people have to understand that they have some similar techniques but not  the same voice
 papy asks him if he can name people in maison mere when he was there who smoke weed because its a common thought that to perform you have to smoke and he joked that he wont give names but papy  just has to have a look at their faces and also their behavior because some of them had a behavior which betrayed them
about his future projects he reveals he is working on a small album to introduce his group bundesliga and he is on the verge of singing with a good label as  he is disappointed with the guy he collaborated with when he was let down by ivorian producer(he complained that he did not receive any money from sales and there was almost no promotion done the guy just released )
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indeed karmapa's album was originally named le millionaire act 2 but this title came from when  koffi took 6 members of karmapa's group at same time and was approaching tatiana kruz hard and karmapa went on tv and said koffi is acting like mobutu who thought the world belonged to him and he could do whatever he wants because he was extremely rich and powerful and said mobutu was way richer than mandela but mandela went down in history in a much better way because of his behaviour
and its few weeks after that tv rant that he changed title
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Le Prince de la rhumba very enthusiastic here ;D, really looking forward to this release. He really took his time in silence for high attention to detail.

Beniko Popolipo, Pathy Bass, Jimmy Mbonda, Afrisa alumni - all the makings of ‘Pur rhumba!’

Of all people, I didn’t expect him to be so overt with the 666 pseudo kindonki stuff..

whether its an attempt at faux kindoki or not i dont know but the number 46664 was nelson mandelas prison number.

Let me close the Super Mazembe chapter with a list of other Notable hits, for more hits Youtube is your Friend :o

Lovi Longomba was their leading Vocalist with Kasongo wa Kanema second voice during the peak of their form:

Salima :

Atia Jo :


Kayembe :

And Mado Zaina :

Most of the compositions of Super Mazembe were named and told stories about the indiviual Band members.
Others were named after a number of ladies, presumably girls friends of band members.

Mado Zaina was a lady who featured in shout outs by Lovi in almost all his compositions and lived in the same area where Super Mazembe resided. A friendship developed and she ended up marrying Lovi Longomba and the next generation of Vic Long's music family came up.

Two of Lovi's sons are musicians who started performing in Nairobi but ended up going to the USA where they reportedly are trying to get a music career going on under the name "The Longombas".

Next I will give more details of another of Nairobi's entertainment giants in the golden age of Music- the 70's.
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Le Prince de la rhumba very enthusiastic here ;D, really looking forward to this release. He really took his time in silence for high attention to detail.

Beniko Popolipo, Pathy Bass, Jimmy Mbonda, Afrisa alumni - all the makings of ‘Pur rhumba!’

Of all people, I didn’t expect him to be so overt with the 666 pseudo kindonki stuff..
I remember members really panning this générique and writing it off when it first came out. Kabuya in top form here

I played it at a recent family gathering and it was big hit for those dancing. Pegguy Tabu has big potential for leading a "6th" generation being a complete artist
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