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There has been this version that Werra was almost giving up on music after the split of Wenge but this does not feature here. It now appears Werra was up for the challenge straight away
What is Kimbanguiste religion?
lol i remember being shown how noisy the guy was when he opened his nightclub,dissing fally and ferre that they can't do it because he is richer and blabla
if he knew the amount of 100000+ dollars buildings they possess in kin alone he'd shut up
Congolese Music / Re: MBONDA PLAYERS
« Last post by archos on Today at 12:03 »
there are two or sometimes three positions which are the least considered in our music,mbonda,ngongi and sometimes atalakus
you'd hear for example people saying in streets" yuuu tala mutu ya mbonda ya nani oyo" while the same day they'll respect a random singer of any band
ferre did not recruit directly but he was doing tests and tried to bring friends  who for various reasons were not pickef,the most famous of them being genta because werra did not want to have two guys of the same style as atalakus
Congolese Music / MBONDA PLAYERS
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I don't know about you but I feel Mbonda Players are not very credited as guitarist, drummers, bassist, synth player, and singers, a lot of times Mbonda are silenced and even though the Mbonda is vital for both Rumba and Sebene songs unlike other instrument which are more used in this or that song, but except Ali Mbonda who is a legend for all the Wenge Members, Zulu Mbonda who is very loved by Papa Cherie, Showman Lungila the Mbonda Player of Fally and Manzaku the one of Team Wata I really don't know or have seen a lot Mbonda Players in video or credited in the song why? If they are the one who have to do more work, I mean imagine how much things a Mbonda player needs to remember, unlike Piano, Guitar , Bass and so on there aren't sheets, or people doing tutorial of Mbondas and it is very hard remember all those beats

Just listen to these songs and Isolate the mbonda part see show difficult is?

Alì Mbonda

Showman Lungila

Zulu Mbonda

  its praise along with other spiritual "legends"

I have discovered this song late and I have to say that Koffi really does know how to make music, is a song with progression and short even though is strictly Congolese in terms of lasting, the so g lead to polemics with the Kimbanguiste since some songs like Suivez Le Guide and the same Bilan are a clear attack to the Kimbanguist religion, there is a line that I don't understand when Soleil Wanga (man he was waaaaaay skinny at the time) says two times the Simon Kimbangu's name what he meant? He meant it like an attack or like some praise?
I don't know if I would say ferre is a co founder but he definitely contributed a lot
CM PRINCE Ferrè was one Of the people recluting at the beginning, and then the most active and later on a Chef D'Orchestre he should deserve the same respect Werra  received
Who did he recruit then? Cause last I remembered it was adolphe werra masela and mabanga
Thanks guys :) always happy to hear your feedbacks
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