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Funny, Kanye Trump is hilarious
After tap dancing for Trump....Kiekie, don't spoil the banter

I still ask, what happened to Rolly Mayemba Nguanzu and the album he was working on? Did he ever release that album or even one song from the same? The man was a very gifted singer
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I'm not sure of their names but I believe some of them used to dance for Empire Bakuba when Pepe Kalle was alive..Masion Mere was truly on the rise after the release of Solola Bien. I believe this album is the single most important release in Werrason & Masion Mere's history without it none of them would have the careers they have today.
Congolese Music / Re: Carlyto Lassa.
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Here's a simple Biography of what I could salvage online...To this day Mokolo Ya Massiya remains one of my favorite songs, I play it everyday

Charles Ndombasi Lassa was born in 1961, he was one of the great figures of Congolese music, By his vocal tone, he charmed the whole country, he was acclaimed as he is worthy for a star of the song. I will not quote to you the titles of the songs which made its glory, adulated by the crowd in delirium by seeing it or listened to sing; Carlyto was like a half god.
He was a tailor in Matadi, south of Zaire; a large port where Kituba is spoken instead of Lingala; open to Angolan influences and close to the tensions of Cabinda. Conversion to Christianity was overwhelming and profound as only the conversion of a mystic African can be. The most beautiful voice of Zaire, authentically inspired.
From Ok-Jazz to Choc-stars, Carlyto praised and glorified the world, but all that was vanity vanities, Jehovah our God, had a plan for this man, he wanted him to sing for him too. God sanctified and called Carlyto to use this beautiful voice to praise and worship.
Today Carlyto has fully put her beautiful voice at the service of her God. He sings the wonders God: praises, adorations and psalms with so much love and passion as he never sang, his Cd testifies the quality of his message. If you meet him on the way do not hesitate to call him Brother Carlyto.
All those who approached Brother Carlito have a good testimony of him, they find that he is a model of humility, given the rank of start he was in pagan life. The first time I met him, I had the impression that we had known each other for a long time. A pastor told me that the brother is always available to him who invites him. Really, this brother has all the sign of someone who is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.

I think Kanye is so bothered by Drake being the number one rapper, he feels the need to jump on the African/Caribbean wave just like Drake did. Specifically Dancehall and Afrobeats. Rihanna's next album is reportedly going to delve in the same genres too.
Wouldn't surprise me. Allot of rappers and US musicians sample African music. I know the rapper Future sampled Amadou & Mariam. It would be nice to see congolese music influence in the states. I definitely love the complexity of congolese music.
the music was dubbed over. so no telling if he's really dancing to Wenge 4x4 music. Sorry guys.....not to ruin your hope for Kanye's redemption...
Anddddd you just spoilt the banter kiekiekie  ;D :(

Haha, the dubbing by me is fairly obvious. But that’s literally my moves whenever I listen to Pentagone. All that’s missing is the backpacks Werra and Tata had on
I must be the only one cringing at this hahahahahahaha, but I am loving this at the same time. Look at the way Sam Tshintu is holding Rita??! hahaha ...
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