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Didier Lacoste being the main guest in Zamba Zamba. Does Lascoste not know that they are just using as an orange ?
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Joyeux Anniversaire

Mukulu wa Bakulu
When watching those extracts of Maison Mere's concert in Tottenham, I didn't see Celeo. So the concert we see on youtube with Celeo animating was their 4th or 5th concert in UK ? Hearing the sound of the rhythm-guitar made me remember that it was actually the audio-version that Jmkstar Dsquared once put on youtube, but the video dissapearing after a few months because of copyrights. Its weird to see hear Bill Clinton animating "Kilumbu ka kiesse" and also sounds totally different. Imagine if Celeo decided to listen to all people in London that adviced him to stay after getting abandoned when WMM moved to Canada. Btw, what's the name of Masela's backup player. I saw him also with Maison Mere in the Villejuif video and their intro at La Madeleine.

Receiving $300.000 from Bracongo/Skol is big money. I see now why Bill was really mad about it behind the scenes of receiving nothing while him having done most work in Tindika Lokito. It would be interesting to hear what Werra's real vision for Miracles was. Because here he says that he wanted to do it in a different rhythm and only 10 songs not more.

It was rare to see a musician of maison mere giving someone of bcbg a shoutout in that era and vice-versa. Did Kakol not get punished later for giving Seguin a shout-out in this interview ? Because I remember both BCBG musiciansand Maison Mere musicians getting problems for greeting or meeting donors who were pro-BCBG or pro-Maison Mere in the years that the beef was hot (1999, 2000 & 2001). I'm surprised to hear Kakol saying that he had 4 back-up drummers (him naming a guy called cocks. what a weird name. i've never heard about him). I only knew Nicolas Wagadugu.

Interesting to hear from Jus d'Ete Mulopwe that he didn't like tour for months in Europe anymore, him prefering short stay of 3/2 weeks in Europe and this trip to UK being the start of it. I remember people in Europe at time also starting complaining about bands over-staying in Europe.

Its a shame that Baby Ndombe got suspended just a few days before the trip. I wonder if already gave all his clothes away to his pire-petit and friends. Ferre did him dirty by snitching him to Werrason about Les Marquis. Baby having at the same time bad luck that late Monib and Elliot Mondobe invented stories to Werra about him to be careful with Baby, because of him being sent by Koffi to take sweat off his face and bring it to Koffi for occult reasons, them later bringing a witchdoctor to werra's house claiming that Baby was about to sleep his wife to get his fame, werrason getting scared and mad at the same time. The fight at la samba against bodyguards being the right occassion to suspend him for two weeks and them modifiying it to a indefinite suspension when coming back from UK to get rid of him. Using the reason of Baby doing an interview in kinshasa when they were in UK to attack Aimelia (the new chief of disicipline). In the interview he justified that he didn't do anything wrong and that Aimelia didn't had the same intellectual capacities like him. In the period of it, Baby started to get broke, not being able to pay rent and chased from the place he was living. He was forced to live at the family-house again, in meantime he did his best to meet Werrason through Emeneya and later Lutumba Simaro to short the problems out. But Werrason was escaping him and refusing to take his calls. At the same time wild rumors were spread everywhere that he had an affair with Werra's wife which wasn't true. The rumors kind of killed his solo-career already before starting it and would follow it almost his whole career. Werrason only making it worser and people thinking that it was true, by saying in interviews "if I will tell you what Baby did wrong, you will started to hate him" while it totally something different and not about his wife but in reality the affair Baby Ndombe had in the past with Mbilia Bel who was Tabu Ley's ex' second wife, a story that dates back from the solola-bien days.
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Is he 56 now?
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Happy Birthday Papa Cherie
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I think this is a bad move. He should of put this after the stadium concert. What if those musicians run away in the US and put the stadium concert in jeopardy, it just doesn’t make sense.
This proves to me Ferre is the most feared artist in Congo music history i swear. They claim to not give a damn about what he does but deep down they all fear him and know he’s capable of big things but the question always remains, does Ferre know what he’s capable of?
Me to young ? hahahaha I’m a muana serie 7. My first child is the half of my age. Yes and no. But knowing how bandleaders were able to save themselves on longterm I knew that he would succeed. The most important to survive those moments is to hold your instrumentalist section intact. If that’s the case you will be already saved for 60%. Because they hold musical identity of the band

That is definitely facts! As long as you have the good instrumentalists, you could definitely survive which happened with many of the leaders over time. The moment they deviate from good instruments, thats the moment they usually flop

with an extract of their concert in london of 1999
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