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« Last post by archos on September 30, 2023, 23:29 »

With singer chouchou miyake
i can foresee explosive interviews with ado or migue niema
Yeah the attentat chorus is really good. Babia just about beat Omba in playing time but it's true it's a disgrace how he never got vocals in BEK and only that short vocal in Abracadabra. Asso same thing, I'm just glad he was able to sing in legende hopefully in vol 2 he gets to add another one in.
Bouro was okay in vocals but would also mess up the chorus sometimes by doing his annoying freestyles or wait 2 seconds after everyone else especially after he returned from Academia.
Is Paparazzi's preaches on YouTube?
Tutu would also sometimes sing along with them and then do animations after, lol that guy really wanted to go back to singing from early.

attention was so much on the kenya tanzania concert and the grand hotel ones that i had forgotten that indeed like kony star is saying here in his story about ferre's very earl career,that it happened in the last month of wenge that jb werra adolphe blaise masela makaba were not always(especially the singers) attending concerts so it would be ferre in the role of jb then aimelia and alain mpela sharing the rest and sometimes titina would join them and seguin play the whole concert
bro you read my mind lol yesterday i was listened to attentat on a road trip and i was like wait a minute that chorus is solid they did a great work
talking about paparazzi he is a pastor now
ah babia,such a legend but has probablya shorter playtime than omba in latino's history man literally went from 1999 to 2010 without a single vocal then from that until his death a similar time of vocals than robinio mundibu in maison mere,one vocal and half ,what a pity
our guy asso is another with a weird time in the group/amount of vocals rate
i think with the chorus of the fally jipson and co generation their stardom kind of dominated the usual koffi logic,the most popular had to be untouchable in choruses,in reality the best chorus of their team would most likely have montana deo brondo bouro and all three being versatile as the main men then the other guys rotating around like the way the previous chorus was built around babia suzuki and modogo then sam mamale depitcho would slot in between


When people talk about quartier latin choruses it's always the legendary Magic/V12 chorus that consists of Suzuki, Babia, Eric, Modogo, Willy, and Sam, or sometimes the danger de mort lineup chorus. But I always think the Attentat  chorus deserves to be up there too, it's only because we had one album of that chorus. The Force de frappe chorus was good too, mainly because Mustapha was covering majority of the songs before having his vocals deleted.

I really like the Attentat Chorus because it's literally dominated by Babia, Eric, Mustapha and Mamale to bring a balance for the rest of the line up. You can feel their absence in later albums and concerts especially from 2001-2005 with Lola and Jipson destroying the chorus especially at their concert in LSC after Mustapa's departure

Also at their concert for Christmas in LSC 2002 Soleil was also ruining the chorus on some songs especially in SOS he was doing too much.

My question is Koffi used to care so much about choruses in the early years, why didn't he quickly sort it out after Effrakata or coach them how to do choruses properly? I know Fally and co were chasing tenorists away but surely he could've sorted it out. I know Paparazzi who was brought in to replace Mustapha and Babia took Jipson's place for an African tour with Jipson getting left behind, they apparently did witchcraft on him because he suddenly couldn't hit high notes anymore which resulted with Koffi calling his staff back in Kin and ordered them to get Jipson to join them, which made Paparazzi lose his place.
« Last post by archos on September 30, 2023, 20:40 »

From 20 10 crowd is calling for him to come on stage then he comes and is followed by the whole stadium in his gimmicks
In the song Masayuki Papa Wemba repeated the words that he used in Maria to attack Werrason. In Maria he said "Un jour nako somba zamba". At that time, knowing that Werrason could not react because of Wemba being his elder, Emeneya jumped in to defend him by saying the start of the song Washington "Petit Frere Propre Ngiama, Mopaya akoki kosomba zamba te". In Masayuki, he repeated what he said but censored himself "Alobaka un jour nako somba....., Ba niama bakoma..... and ending it by laughing.

This time Werrason's brother Frère Patrice who makes gospel music joined the conflict by reacting in a louange-song (which as at that time like a generique for artists doing gospel music), but I don't remember the title of the song and forgot the exact words since that I hadn't listened to it for years. something like "balingi basomba zamba".

Knowing that Frère Patrice is disabled, Wemba reacted in one of his song by saying "avant na ndima ye, asala nanu pompage". But I don't know the songs of it either. It created alot of polemic.

To end the conflict between both guys, Werrason came in by saying the start of the song Demi Tour "Soki tosuana, tosuana biso na biso, mais na basali ya nzambé te. Tobanga nzambé"

Congolese Music / Did JB Mpiana ever thought about remixing RDC ?
« Last post by Mfumu Vata on September 30, 2023, 15:54 »

Did JB Mpiana ever thought about remixing or making a part 2 of the song RDC ? The song is a classic and a good song but in my eyes it doesn’t represent our country well. It’s more like the perception how we in Kinshasa have or had before 1998 over Congo. Because they just pay tribute to Bangala, Bakongo, Baluba, Bambala and Baboa and the remaining tribes of Eastern Congo being put as “Baswahili” while there isn’t a tribe in Congo called Swahili. It’s just that tribes in Congo speak Swahili to be able to communicate with each other. You have tribes Nande, Lunda, Tumbwe, Ndembo, etc. They are many tribes but they could afleest pick one of Katanga and one from Kivu

I’m sure that if Makaba wasn’t in Wenge they wouldn’t have paid tribute to Babao or maybe did Batetela in their place. Many don’t even know who Boa’s  are and from which is province.

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