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Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« Last post by archos on Today at 17:16 »
 lol bro pole position is in an excellent mood within two days posts about koffi and fally :D :D just kidding
 back on topic THIS IS KOFFFIIIIIIIIII,mad respect for this koffi
 Depaulga and hono were swapping solo and mi solo for fun  but then he left when concorde arrived  and remained in france he did a bit of et apres then left,wazekwa was really coming with them a lot 17 tours for one really noticeable one,they did  perform but not too much he was fearing olympia and co back then  he was not sure he'd fill it,most of the times they came to do albums then wazekwa would take joss  and later gesac and hono on personal trips once the group is in europe to travel all around europe to visit fans,mabanga customers and so on
they'd come  to do clips,or studio or just for the sake of coming or they will perform at that president wilson hall,halls of paris suburbs then lille, then some other french cities a bit at african restaurants
Congolese Music / Re: 13eme Apotre had good generics
« Last post by Manzambi94 on Today at 16:06 »
Wow, you can say everything about Koffi, but that guy knows how to make music, Yezu is a masterpiece can't wait to listen the other generique
Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« Last post by CM PRINCE on Today at 15:55 »
But on a real this was a great show this is the Koffi I like
Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« Last post by CM PRINCE on Today at 15:54 »
Wow.... Pole Position did you just praise Koffi?? What is going on kiekiekie I'm just playing  ;D ;D :D
Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« Last post by POLE POSTION on Today at 15:40 »
A Very good show fantastic

Mopao at his Best
I was hearing that name so much back in the das 2006/07 & 2008 along with Dede Djasko. So he is the guy called Tripason. I guess that he also recorded an album during the G5-Revolution. He's talented. He could have been one of Cultura's keymembers during the reign of the 1st Generation (2001-2007) if he returned.

Whats the name of the girl-dancer who danced in Dose Unique & Kito Epula ?

I always taught that Hono Kapanga was doing everything as solist until that Pitshou Concorde joined. But I discovered know that there was a solist in the band called Bijoux Depaulga and it smees that he was the main lead-guitarist of Cultura. Strange that his name isn't really known like that of Hono. I like the work he did in Sponsor, Signature and Yo Nani. Did he also participate in Et Apres ? Did Wazekwa tour properly in Europe with Joss's generation ? Because I only remember that they performed one time in 2002 at LSC, after finishing Yo Nani and that they had a show in Sweden back in 2004 with Joss & Gessac staying behind trying to get papers.
Congolese Music / Re: Where is Karmapa's atalaku Hitler now ?
« Last post by mvulusi96 on Today at 13:43 »
he went to latino as far as i know then could not handle "nko" and left in brazza

Wow Koffi just took all the keymembers who made the Riposte-album. But that was not engough for him so he went to humilated him also in his private life. It's so sad. Karmapa was lucky that his bandmembers weren't really known and that he his more a soloartist. Otherwise it could have been a big blow to his career, like Wazekwa in 2007. What surprise me is that his musicians are now the keymembers of Quartier Latin. While in the most cases Koffi always dumps musicians coming from another band after 2 years.
Who called that guy Hitler? Lol, Archos what do you mean with "nko"?
 that's tripason yes he left in europe and recorded with karmapa
 here is the song karmapa did with wazekwa

from 1 40 in duet with joss diena then a little bit on his own
lol wazekwa's "in god we trust" at beginning or middle of songs always brings a smile on my face
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