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Thank you Wazekwa for honouring Papa SIMARO when he is still alive. Others will wait till late to do the same. Respect to the greatest composer in AFRICA.
Congolese Music / Similarities between lesser-known songs
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A few days ago, I was listening to G7's Nouvelle Griffe album. As I got to the sixth track, it took less than a minute for me to realise that I had heard that arrangement from another song a long time ago. After another listen, I realised that it was a lot like a song a band called Rumba Japan would do a few years after G7's version. What's up with that? Did one of G7's members join or form Rumba Japan and take that song with him? Not everyday you experience the feeling of deja vu.



The first 15 minutes were filmed in Brazzaville when he came for the Fespam

I disagree, the rhythm guitar is understated throughout the sebene of Miracles compared to Sanction. I do think that maybe their were a bit too much synthesizers used on Sanction but it's still good generique.
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hopefully the shoutout to jb does not cause return of beef

I heard it too.
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For real man, this generique is better than Premiere Classe and Ecole but somehow people treat this song.lile it was tika ko or joeur le ballon

No it's not. I know people have different tastes & maybe it's not as horrible as people say but on my list of the three it will be at the bottom. I have listened to it about 5 times now but there's nothing that stands out. For premier classe the opening Cri is unforgettable. It sticks from the first listen. For Ecole I can't forget where they chant Fally oh Fally. In Kata Fumbwa for example Hugo Synthe's keyboard stands out & is very catchy

My take is a good generique needs to have something memorable which 5eme Vitesse lacks. I actually feel like the margin is very small. If he had gone a different direction with the instruments work,  this generique could have been a killer.
I think we have two different taste of music, Ecole is a bad remash of Libre Parcours #2 and a really bad one for premier classe is confusion after confusion and not only you but all the people in Congovibes attacking Heritier looks like a negative version of POLE POSITION, making a solo guitarover some cries like Ferre's staff did on Premiere Classe it is not a decent generique the aame for Fally, st least Ferre had a decent clip, while Fally looks like a bootlegDVD copy in that video
Are you on something ?? Who here attacked Heritier???? Just cause some people don't like this song you don't have to make such a big deal and shoving it down our throats, we respect your opinion so respect ours
Great work, these days musicians pay homage to Simaro more and more

Yep. And he deserved it.

It's a shame that we don't have a museum or an expo center dedicated to our music and to honor its giants.

This is the curse of being ruled by fools.
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