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« Last post by archos on Today at 11:22 »

Ya noel did him dirty on the cd version lol
« Last post by Manzambi94 on Today at 11:08 »
I took some time to answer and, OK, African federation aren't perfect (Camerun for example made everything being laid by Eto'o or almost everything) but I think we need more pride, and be very conscious about our history, how some people who treated us like animals cutting our hands, making ourselves fighting against eachother trying to erase our culture could be the person for who we play soccer for? I mean Benteke and Romelu Lukaku speak in Lingala most of the times between themselves, Makelele made interview with Sankara introducing him to Zidane and Blaise Matuidi said that even though he is Angolan he speaks lingala, so I really don't understand all this love of playing for European teams and then getting booed when things starts to getting worse, I wish all those guys would be back on their national teams, in fact I have noticed that many guys from Western African French Colonies (Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal especially) play for their homeland, for example Keita (born in Spain), M'Baye Niang (born in France) Alfred Gomis (grown in Italy) that have chosen their hometown land.
Congolese Music / Re: PAPA WEMBA 2 YEARS ALREADY...
« Last post by archos on Today at 10:58 »
viva's album is expected next month according to bendoson and biscuit des ecoliers
« Last post by archos on Today at 09:24 »
symplicity you summed up what is said in the industry,except maybe wazekwa or reddy amisi who clearly loves that role model image and insists on it  most of them say their role is just to entertain people not to educate somebody
and when we take deep think about it,most genius in music are "special" in behaviour,and since in our music we do not have those image managers western artists have their wild side is easily exposed
Congolese Music / Re: Anyone with this album please?
« Last post by Bundes36 on Today at 06:44 »
Yes bro, I have a few songs from the album. Will post when i have time
bro I ll really appreciate...I love the guy..he made me start listening to koffi in the process.
Congolese Music / Re: Anyone with this album please?
« Last post by Bundes36 on Today at 06:38 »
Please people of God anyone with this album share with...I really love the little man.

This little man is the one that made Koffi so jealous. Koffi is reported to have torn Suzuki's Passport to stop him from travelling with QL on tour.

I remember around the 1996/97 era Koffi came to Perform in Nairobi, the Fans demanded to hear Suzuki and kept chanting his name.
Koffi tried to explain that Suzuki could not come this trip and promised to bring him the next trip, the fans then told him they would attend his show the next trip. Tough times for Koffi.

Stilla is my favourite Suzuki song from the QL album Faux de Faux Pas....
That's very true about the passport...Koffi started beefing Suzuki after the little man stated questioning Koffi why he likes changing tittles on songs composed by Suzuki and even crediting the same songs to other people..There are songs that were composed by Suzuki but Koffi changed tittles and names of composers...
This is insane.. this is one of the sorcers figures artists go to with their misguided hopse of wanting to get more success through witchcraft. Even many politicians and public figures like Zacle participate in stuff

Casual as hell with snakes all over him.

Back when Zacle was accused of really being a Zambian. Embarassing for "Honorable" Zacle

RIP Philemon Ndombele despite some of his viewpoints.

Musically and sonically speaking, with ALL bias put aside. If we dont take into account how much more succesful 4x4 ended up being. I think Molangi Ya Malasi was a better effort than Bouger Bouger and Kin E Bouger and I might even add Kalayi Boing in the mix. Do you guys agree or disagree. We all understand the impact that 4x4 had on the culture but I’m speaking strictly sonically/musically here.

Why is it that Wenge 4x4 live performances were 100x better than their albums(other than pentagone). Why does it sound so freaking Jazzy/Poppish in the studio rather than Rumba-ish like the reat of the music of the time?
« Last post by SYMPLICITY on Today at 05:05 »
Hey hey hey, Sir's easy easy, I am not saying Koffi is not  a great musician, I have always said it in every post that everything he drops is unique I mean, Loi was everywhere when I was little and until my 15 years that song was everywhere, EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE knows that song, not only Congolese or Angolan, Beninois, Ivoirien, Nigerian, South Africans, Malians, Central Africans EVERYBODY, know what Loi is, my point is that Koffi is legendary as a musician but as a human being hmmm not so much, and guys please let's stop saying that we bash only Koffi, I don't know how.many times JB's name got insulted in 2017 and I don't know how much criticism Werra, Ferre have gotten especially Ferre for that Davina's affair and Werra for that son he had with a dancer, and Fally everybody on the forum except someone said Tokos was a shitty album, but you only pay attention when we speak about Koffi's behaviour come on

@Manzambi, we are here as musical lovers not as moral police. As for morals only God is the judge for those who believe in God......You cannot change Koffi's behaviour so you either accept him as flawed as a person as he is and embrace his musical genius or ignore him altogether if you cannot stand his behaviour. But the Bible says something about him who is blameless casting the first stone. You like bashing Koffi for his behaviour, are you sinless yourself?
Of course I am not sinless, but I think that if you are a role model, like many artists are not only Koffi you need to be a little bit mor moral then other people I mean I think is hugely hypocritical (not only Koffi, but even Werra, Fabro etc.) to sing songs on how much God bless them on how good Christians or good religious people should be and then act like they are Satan's children, but beside that at the end of the day it is only music yes.

I agree with you partly on the spirit of your comment but not the substance....Everyone has a choice to pick their role models and no one has a gun to his head to choose Koffi as a role model. After all there are a million other 'better' role models and i guess starting with, say, Jesus Christ would be a good choice for those who cant stand Koffi and people like him!!! Maybe Koffi does not even want to be anyone's role model...maybe all he wants is make music and sleep around to which he is entitled being an adult in legal terms!!!
Congolese Music / Re: PAPA WEMBA 2 YEARS ALREADY...
« Last post by Longbluesquid on Today at 04:49 »
I remember I was enjoying music on Saturday/Sunday in the middle of the night. The last track before I ended my night was Chasse l homme on maitre d ecole. Finished my drink then went to bed. Rolled over in bed in the am and started scrolling through IG when I saw the news. I could not believe it. Still to this day it's unreal. I saw the final footage of his death. He died doing what he did best entertaining others. That is why I'm living life to the fullest enjoying what I like to do. Man rest easy. Viva la Musica needs to make an album in his honor.
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