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 in an interview he joked that he receives and received so much demand from donors to re do voyage to their names that he could do a 15  songs album with voyage and the name changeing plus one generique
lol, what is it 4-5 times he did a remix of Voyage including the one on his latest album?
Including the one on his latest album, he did 3 remix of the orginal song Voyage
Congolese Music / Re: If Tutu Callugi was a member of Wenge Maison Mere
« Last post by Wenge1995 on September 20, 2018, 22:07 »

With the exception of Bill Clinton Kalonji, Gessac, and Djuna Mumbafu...tenorist atalaku last the test of time since their voices aren't put through as much stress over the years as shouting atalakus.

That's my Arafat 2500 Volts outlasted Kila Mbongo, that's why Mboshi Lipassa outlasted Somono Dolce.
lol, what is it 4-5 times he did a remix of Voyage including the one on his latest album?
Congolese Music / Melina Gola starting her music-carreer ?
« Last post by mvulusi96 on September 20, 2018, 21:40 »

Looks like Souleyman bought all those internet journalists even guys like Thierry Mombaya. Their analyse videos are since 1 year the same it's always about JB Mpiana and Ferre being "local", Fally being international and attacking people who are against him. La Voix Mysterieux annoys me alot.
« Last post by archos on September 20, 2018, 20:49 »
if you remember the tata video of 10 years ago,they are roasting him hard like it was last week interview,while its written on the video "enregistre in 2008",too much passion :D :D :D :D
 Yes ken mocked him hard and also mocked celeo
Congolese Music / Re: Where was A La Lune:Mwalimu recorded at?
« Last post by SLK97 on September 20, 2018, 20:33 »
I thought A La Une was recorded in Studio Ndiaye, judging by the programmed drums.

No wonder why the quality is trash

When you compare it to the sound quality on albums like Couvre-Feu and Intervention Rapide, which were recorded in Kin and probably mixed in Kin, it doesn't sound too bad. Probably because it was mixed in France.
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