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it was good but this one was much better
same it was never released,it was longer than all them but was better in terms of sound and arrangement

Yea so much better, smh
 it was good but this one was much better
same it was never released,it was longer than all them but was better in terms of sound and arrangement
If i'm not misktaken was it the first concert cancelled by the combattants ? Yeah I remember they cancel Fally's Zenith of March 2011 by threatening people who came to watch the show. Despite this Fally played his concert in front of a small crowd.
Mpunda is better than all the generics we heard the last 3 years.

This all messed the promotion of SS up. 5 days after the release of SS, Wemba and Werra's concert at Elysee Montmarte got cancelled with everybody focusing on the combattans, who started to then sabotate Fally's and Werra's concert in Europe and threaten music-promoters like Badive, etc.

So the biggest complaint was that it was too watered down and derivative after the censorship. In casual listening years later I think it's alright... not the greatest, but I think criticism was too much then. Expectations were so high for SS and the acoustic quality on many songs was the kiss of death

To get better public reception, it might've been better to abandon the dance all together and make this the generique and not a mp3 bonus. This is fire. I also Telecommande, but it was not main (commerical/promotional) generique material.

Looking back 2011 was a rough year for the genre

before it potentially explodes, i am sure the guys dont mean specifically on this forum but an overall too passionate mentality SOME maison mere fans can have,including for example that recent thing of tracking people in their daily life after them dissing back ,to try to beat them
Congolese Music / Re: jb cant sense Bebeto???
« Last post by shamala on August 17, 2018, 20:51 »
What I've noticed recently watching the videos is that the second drummer plays the whole concert while Seguin just stands around on stage which surprised me.
Maybe Seguin has some health issues.
Same apply for concerts outside Congo.....
btw Djodjo Bass is also pulling strings big time
« Last post by shamala on August 17, 2018, 20:41 »
« Last post by mvulusi96 on August 17, 2018, 20:22 »
Looks like he doesn't put effort anymore in promoting his album, while his album is very good and his best album in my opinion after listening it for months. The promotion was already messed up from start with all journalists only asking about Koffi and the song Caligula, while the song has many songs.

Btw Congolese people are difficult people because they want to get everythig for free. Boite Noire and Abacadabra were well received because they uploaded all those songs on youtube the day they released the album, which made alot of people in the diaspora listen to the album for free. But with Congolese artists not uploading those songs on youtube directly but after 6/9 months or a year, made alot of people not listen to album with them also not wanting to buy them in shops or do an effort to listen it on Spotify or Deezer. Only the new generation does that effort and people coming from other countries.
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