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Sorry, but lol

Yes the video is over sexualized with Koffi playing the part of the guy in a Harem made by the dancers but I think that the song like the video is about contrast, contrast between the female singing choir and Koffi which in the Audio version does the mabanga, and contrast against between Gessac and the Female Atalaku with a L'Or Mbongo Voice especially the contrast between her very strong religious spirit and the video in itself I think this is one of the many perfect video gave us but of course not at the level of V-12
You are right JV bit I couldn't find the video I wanted to show you of him with Maison Mere dancing, but I remember the scene.
Basically it was of course Augustine and the seben part was coming and he started to dance after him, Celeo and Ali Mbonda were laughing hard since of course he was singing something controversial, at the time there were Bon Bon, Kene Kene, Roi David, Kapaya it was a live @ LA Zamba on a DVD who was a sort of unofficial best off, and for Jdog there was a trick that Eboa were doing with the legs a very hard game of balance back when he was younger and less heavier, but then he seemed to be totally uninterested on dance and especially his main focus on dancing has never been the classical Luketo and for Celeo Jdog he had always been a bad dancer even in the KoYimbi Ko Days check @ him throughout all the video
Congolese Music / Baby and Dede
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I have always wondered about these two songs, one by Josky Kiambukuta and TP OK called Baby
And the second by Zaiko Langa Langa called Dede.

The chorus in both sound very similar, but the name baby is replaced by Dede.

Any old connouisers in the house have the details to share the background?

Josky and TP OK :

And Nyoka Longo and Zaiko Langa Langa (Version 1) :

Remix done in Avis De Recherche :


 :D :D :D :D

@Archos, Bros wetin na? Choi!  ;D ;D ;D ;D
 Please where is JV in all of this? JV, please come out!
I don go!
One of our fellow members will need to brace themselves, as they may go into ecstasy reading this ;D
Oh boy ;D ;D ;D
Congolese Music / Re: Japonais Maladi Kiyoto dancing
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 From his stage antics you could already guess he is a good dancer  :D
Lol...@ going into ecstasy.... Choi! I'm outta here! *running away*
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