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Isispa's voice is just for vocals he can't lead a song. The generique is a good effort but some previously used animation.
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Ma guy Manzambi94 did it again.
Manzambi94 you the Man. Keep it going man don't stop.
Congolese Music / Re: Fally Ipupa - Jeudi Soir (Clip)
« Last post by CM PRINCE on Today at 01:33 »
Yeah I like the video
Thank you for your efforts!
Thanks Mwana Nsalu, your feedbacks and your positive comments are for me a fuel to continue and to keep going on this road thank you all :)

SOLO (Sarah Solo) 10:
Sarah solo has been good here especially in the line after the zwa ballon in the nabengi ye tango amoni ng a, and way good on the end where it seemed that she did an impro when Werra  called her, she did great but Makaba has been better in Se Na Se well unlike Makaba Sarah had 5 minutes so it is not a fair judgement but Sarah and Makaba compensate each other, since Makaba is an excellent excecuter, he learn very fast and he is able to execute perfectly the so g he hears adding a little bit of his own style but really lacks the creation department, while Sarah is on the opposite side she is the classical guitarist who knows every style of play so she can come up with 5,6 or more fast solo in few hours, but really fails when is about executing what is not hers, for example I saw her in Matadi trying to bring that style of Franco back of playing guitar and dancing (of course Franco was singing but she couldn't since in Wenge there is a strict role division) but failed to da a decent Musselu and Kibuisa Mpipa, if they can pass more time learning by each other they could reach the level of their colleague Tolbert a well deserved 10 for her
MBONDA (Alí Mbonda) 10+:
Alì Mbonda after some quiteness into the albums finally went back with his unique style I really love the fact that he brought that 80's 90's vibe with the whistle, especially in the 90's the soccer whistle was a big deal and it was very funny and easy to dance alongside, since Werra  like to combine a lot of elements it is great to hear that Whistle back again and his mbonda ability are off the charts I think him, Zulu Mbonda of Wenge BCBG and Showman Lungila of F'Victeam are the best mbonda players of this era the Mbonda and the Whistle are the essence of Ndombolo a 10+ well deserved
SYNTHÈ (Hugo Synthé) 9+:
Since 2014 until now if you take a deeper look to the biggest success in the Wenge history you say: Kata Fumbwa, Mipende, and Diemba, what has these success in common? One guy the professor with the arm brand Hugo Synthè left professeur, Diemba is a Masterpiece since it his capable to take the ability the oral ability of Goldberg and mutate it into songs, and then the Lundi, Mardi crie ooo My God, it is absolutely brilliant because he passes from the organ/synthè sound to the Marimba one bringing back the tribal memories, and the Mipende Mabele Elisi type of best it is crazy this guy deserves all the credits he is getting at MM, I gave him a 9+ and not a 10 becauee would like to see him with a complex role, like on a Bruno Mars's Rumba type of song totally focused on the piano player, it would be a success
Here the duo Ambulance-Goldberg remind me the best time of Genta and Cellulaire, where you could hardly distinguish who was Genta and who was Cellulaire, I like the variation he had in confront of Se Na Se since at the end of the ils faut ekota crie he added that double voice style that Roberto Ekokota were doing in the late 90's 10
Ambulance is great but the crowd goes crazy every time Diemba plays I love the guys who does one official so g and then got all the people crazy, Diemba has became so popular that Werra  like Fally is tryinf to get more views by hashtaging Diemba, like many Congolese artist Goldberg has very sexual approach towards his crime Diemba might not be one but the one "Mwasi Oyo olingi azala pe na mwa masso masso massolo 'a kitoko" show that and then the lundi, Mardi crie  taking back the theme concept of the album is Brilliant I really don't understand how Lacoste didn't exploit this guy, 10 I didn't except this good of a quality from him in this short period of time very good

DRUMS (Papy Kakol) 8+:
Kakol is good in this track and he is a complete drummer but he really needs to change style, unless for the changes of tempo in the music and the synthé part is always the style of Solola Bien, if you hear Libre Parcours #1 of Fally Ipupa you can hear Arnaud Madruma doing a very catchy rhythm always changing it after every atalaku and doing something new following the beat and make the beat follow him no steady drums Kakol needs to do like that instead of proposing the same thing
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7 jours de la semaine bilengi 'a Werra boko bin'eya (7 days of the week you will dance the happiness of Werra)
Esi Ekomi, esi ekomaki kala bazo yeba te (It has already came, it has came since long time and they still don't know)
Esi ekomi, esi ekomaki kala bazo yeba te mama (It has already came, it has came since long time and they still don't know mama)
Esi ekomi, esi ekomaki kala bazo yeba te ooo (It has already came, it has came since long time and they still don't know)
Ekomi, ekomi, Papy Mercy, Pamela Mukonda (has came, has came, Papy Mercy, Pamela Mukonda)
Ekomi Yako lembula (It has become something to lick)
Golt Ndudi na Martin Kabika (Golt Ndudi and Martin Kabika)
Ekomi Yako lembul'e (Has become something to lick)
Richie Kotazo na Pietro (Richie Kotazo and Pietro)
Ekomi yako vuandila yo (Has become something to be sit on yo)
Yako lalila Tsu (Something to sleep on Tsu)
Yako lembula Ma! (Something to lick Ma!)
Golf Kizola e
Esi eye, Esi ekomi Ya Noël Ngiama nalingi nabwaka na nga (Has already came, has already come Ya Noël Ngiama I want to sing it a bit)
Adolphe Muteba Tshilamwila
Esi eye, Boss Kaus Kebe (Has already came, Boss Kaus Kebe)
Nalingi nabwaka na nga Jessie Mignon (I want to sing it Jessie Mignon)

Zwa Ballon Johnatan Bolingi Yannick Bolasie Pesa Kebalo wo (Take the ball Johnatan Bolingi Yannick Bolasie give them the ball)

(Ils faut ekota ee) [It must go inside]
Ee nalingaka te nabwaka libanda (I never want it to throw outside)
(Ils faut ekota ee) [It must go inside]
Lelelelele Noël Ngiama arataka te (never misses)
(Ils faut ekota ee) [It must go inside]
Dieumerci Mbokani, Trésor Mputu balobi (they said)
(Ils faut ekota ee) [It must go inside]
Lelelelele nalingaka te nabwaka libanda (I would never like it to throw it outside)
(Ils faut ekota ee) [It must go inside]
Lelele Dimitri Balon D'Or arataka te (never misses)
(Ils faut ekota ee) [It must go inside]
(Nabengi ye e tango amoni nga
Alingi a budé aaaaaaaa
A nargez en premier akoti)
[I called her/him when she/he saw me she/he wants to avoid me, she/he taunted me and then she/he entered, I don't know why but the french verb for taunting it is narguer with the gue pronounced like get, but in this phrase he says it like it was with he)


Diemba bazo tindika Diemba
Tokomata na Diemba, Diemba
Tokomata Diemba
Diemba ba mama Diemba
Tozo tindika Diemba
Diemba, Diemba, Diemba
Tokomata Diemba (Seesaw they are pushing the Seesaw, we will climb the Seesaw, Seesaw the ladies Seesaw, we will push the Seesaw, Seesaw, Seesaw, Seesaw, we will climb the seesaw)
Katukadima nga  na ba Yankee bazo wela nini e (Kankuma) [We will always win, what are the Yankee rushing for the seesaw, Katukadima and the Kankuma {The Seesaw} are two words in Kanyoka a Congo language, spoked on the Tshiluba regions]
Katu nanana ba Yankee bazo wela nini wo (Kankuma) [We will never nanana what are the Yankee are waiting for wo {The Seesaw}]
Nonononono oui oui oui oui Il s'appelé Ya Ngiama
Azo binisa Kinsasa, Europa azo binisa monde entier (Nonononono yeyeyeye his name is Ya Ngiama, he is makimg Kinshasa, Europe and the entire world dance)
Diemba tozo tindika Diemba
Diemba, Diemba, Diemba
Tozo mata Diemba
Tokomata na Diemba, Diemba
Tozo tindika Diemba
Die, Die, Diemba
Tokomata Diemba (Seesaw we are pushing the Seesaw, Seesaw, Seesaw, we are climbing the Seesaw,we will climb the Seesaw, Seesaw we are pushing the Seesaw,
See, See, Seesaw, We will climb the Seesaw)
Nalingala ba bengi nini? (How is it called in Lingala?)
(Nalingala ba bengi Diemba)[In Lingala they are calling it Seesaw (Diemba)]
Bongo na Français babengi nini ko?(How are they calling it in French instead)
(Na Français babengi Balançoire) [In French the are calling it Seesaw (Balançoire)]
To Ke (Let's go)
Balance ba mama Balançoire  (See the ladies Seesaw)
(Balançoire) [Seesaw]
Balan-ce-ce Balançoire (See-s-s Seesaw)
(Balançoire) [Seesaw]
Balance ba mama Balançoire (See the ladies Seesaw)
(Balançoire) [Seesaw]
Bike Bikele Banke Balançoire (Seesaw)
(Balançoire) [Seesaw]
Balance Balançoire toke (See Seesaw let's go)
Un, due, trrrr (One, two, thrrr)
Lundi o Mardi o Mercredi e Jeudi o Vendredi o Samedi Dimanche ma (nde) [Monday o Tuesday o Wednesday e Thursday o Friday o Saturday Sunday]
Toko kutana na planche, Toko lata pe ba srrr [We will met ourselves on the food's table the uncles will wear some brrrr]

Mwasi oyo olingi: azala kitoko, azala na nzoto,mais azala pe na mwa masso... masso.. massolo 'a kitoko [The girl that you like: Needs to be beautiful, needs to have some nice body shape, but she needs to have some A.. some A.. some outstanding verbal communication)

Voilà zala nayo na véranda, mais soki ozangi sima mabe (Here is, stay on the verandah, but if you will miss the floor it will be a shame, you can stay on the balcony but if you fall it will be bad)

Eloko eboma makambo (The thing who has been a killer hit)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Yoyoyo Sima etonda bilengi (This back or behind has a lot to say
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Soki aleki batali, yango tokufelaka (If it walks down the road people they watch it, this is what we are dying for)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Eric Esobe, eloko etonda makambo (The thing who has a lot of things)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Ti Na ba ndaku ebele (Until some diverse houses
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Cimenterie (Cement)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Sima ebomba bilengi (The back who hides happiness)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Toke (Let's go)
Nzungu! (The Pot!)
Namoto epela! (On fire, kindles)
Mama Nzungu na moto eyokaka Mpasi (Mother the Pot on fire feels a lot of pain)
Nzungu 'a pondu namoto eyokaka mpasi mama
Nkasi monoko 'a ko loba ezalaka te, yango eyindaka, yango eyindaka nasima n'ango mame lele, mame lele nasima n'ango, ils faut osokola, ils faut pangusa nasima n'ango mam'e lele(A pot of herbs and spinach on fire feels a lot of pain mother, but since it hasn't a mouth to speak it gets dark, this is why gets dark on her back o mother o mother, on the back of the pot you need to wash it, and then to clean it on the back o mother)

Allez zwa savon (ee)[Now take the soap]
Zwa linyoka (ee)[Take the sponge]
Sopela nzungu mayi etela, sopa etela toke (Ntsweeeee, Zwa)[Pour the pot water so it can gets clean, pour it so it gets clean let's go (Onomatopoeic word for water :Ntswee. Take it)]
Mama Munu (Mamma mia)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
A-a sima, sima etonda bilengi (a-a the back, the back who a lot to say)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
Soki aleki batali, ale tala bakweyi bayanga (If she walks down the road they watch her, look all the people going crazy)
(Cimenterie) [Cement]
(Cimenterie) [Cement]

Denny Christelle Sassou
Sarah Solo
Boss Salé
Ya Willie Etoka (Elder Willie Etoka)
Ale Sarah démarré (Come on Sarah turn on the motor)
Kangula Ngai ee (Show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kangula Ngai ee (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kangula Ngai ee (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kamula Ngai ee (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Ebanda boni (How it has started)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Ngai nayo tozuana (Me and you to raise the jealousy
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Ndaku na ngai moko (In my own house)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Avant nakota na N'zemi (Before my pregnancy started)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mboka na ngai moko (In my own country/village)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Avant namata nazemi (Before I could be a mom)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Eee Mama Kangula Ngai (O mother show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Kamuna Kamuna Ngai (Show me, show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kamuna Ngai ee (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kangula Ngai ee (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kangul'ee Nga (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mama Kamuna Ngai (Mom show me the way)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Mbongo na defisaki yo (The money I lend you)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Ekomi oboyi kofuta (You owe me those but you refuse to pay)
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
(Kangula Ngai ee) [Show me the way]
Eza Degat (It is some serious damage) 

Ils Faut Ekota: Unlike European and most of the African music, Congolese is structured in dances and not in songs when it comes on the generique's (Party, Catchy song) side, the fact that lead to the long length of Congolese song is the fact that for sing a dance properly like Diemba you have to take a minute or two, this is why ( more on the past them now) Congolese song are 7/8 or maybe some times 10/15 minutes they are songs made with the intention to be danced, this is why even though songs are different on the generique section you will see the same crime/dance repeated for two or three times
NABENGI YE: This is for entendres, bringing back the old style of Wenge united (JB and Werra united in BCBG) Ambulance sings in a dounle voice faking a grammar mistake on the nargez/narguez part, Ambulance, Tolbert, Sarah, Fusee and Makaba are very similar in this very related to the connections of Wenge's history
DIEMBA: Lately Lacoste has been complaining for a while since every of his musician has goon or to Werra  or to Ferrè, the reality is that Lacoste do not know how to exploit his guys, Goldberg is really a star, just check him in a live singing Diemba and see how crazy people go with him, every guy coming outside of Lacoste is a valid.musician, Iniesta, Goldberg, Eli Solo and many others are proving that, anyway going back to the crie I like how Goldberg mixed Kanyoka, Lingala and Kikongo in his cries Diemba is the Seesaw and you can see it from the dance, not really sure of the meaning but I can try to guess lime a baby is pushed on the Seesaw by his father and or his mother or some relative, Goldberg wanna be pushed by Werra  too, because the seesaw is also metaphor, since when you are in a Seesaw when you little that janitorial presence gives you stability and protection just like a Father and a Mother does I'm every situation,
LUNDI, MARDI: This crie is about the time of the week where you met friends and family and enjoy your time together especially in the African families since being all together brings joey and good vibes
MASSO... MASSOLO 'A KITOKO: For Congolese people a girl's beauty is not on her face or how pretty she is for Congolese peoe standing to Goldberg your ideal girl must have beautimess have body (with body he means having good shapes not being too much skinny like it was on vogue some times away in Europe) and to have some a... some a... some great communication lol here in the Lingala words he says masso... Like he is about to say Massoko which in Lingala it is ass being vulgar but he avoids that saying Massolo 'a Kitoko that is some beautiful conversation ability, so every time a girl passes by and wants to say she has a mice ass to his friends without making her understands he says Massolo 'a Kitoko (beautiful conversation ability) lol, you might think it is too much for a guy severe like Werra  but Werra  loves this kind of Controversy, even with Brigade it was like that so Werra  must have laughed really hard when Goldberg came with the cries
CIMENTERIE: While on the version of Anti-Balle Makatshwa To Beti Massasi Ekokota Nde the cimenterie crie was more phylo Goldberg correlate the Cimenterie to the Ass the he was speaking about on the massolo 'a Kitoko crie

Seguin and JDL must be shaking now, no matter what they do JB is gamma always have a special place on JB's heart, so if they don't change JB might kicked them out
Congolese Music / Re: Papy Ipepy dead ?
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Lol did he really said that? What a Boss's!!!! I am sorry he died though :(
« Last post by Manzambi94 on Today at 00:38 »

What am I asking myself is: You did like two or three years with Werra  (OK he is rich but he is stingy and the times aren't the one of A La Queue Leu Leu) and all of a sudden you come up with three videos one with Deplick and rack up all those people from nowhere? Where did he get those money from? Anyway people should stop selling their cries to multiple people lol, it is crazy that Charge animation by Ambulance and by Isipa's atalaku sound the same lol
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