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« Last post by bigbodybeats on October 20, 2018, 17:39 »
Please come back to QL we miss you
she got roasted by the fally brigade and claimed it was not aimed towards fally and it was just a joke with a friend who is musician

She putted her career in danger. Fally can call those tv-channels radio in Dr Congo, Francophone countries in Africa and those in the France to not put her music, like dad Koffi Olomide used to do to many Congolese artists who were in rivals, “friends” or just concurrents who could steal his market in Africa. A guy like Lucthiana 100% can’t talk normal about. Do you all remember how Wemba’s staff accussed Koffi for blocking the second press of Fula Ngenge who was then sold out and not more to find in shops.

What did Lutchiana do?
Congolese Music / Re: Forum Member News: I Got Married Saturday
« Last post by Tata Nkiadi on October 20, 2018, 16:00 »
Thanks for the love every one! We’re now wrapping up our honeymoon. After countless ganja, the jerk chicken and the blue waters, we may end up moving here lol.

Wait...R you related to Ladi Landu?

Yessir. My blood on my dad’s side...
« Last post by Congolitude on October 20, 2018, 14:54 »
Binda Bass says he joined QL thanks to the artistic director of the group in which he was in Lemba who told him that Koffi was looking for a bass player after the Magie tour of QL.
Koffi recruited him without having to do a direct test, he did his test shortly thereafter. They were QL's third bassist with Pathy Bass and Rocky Blanchard. He says he has not missed any concerts or rehearsals.
Binda denied that Somono was saying that Binda had opened the suitcase that Modogo was to bring to Koffi during the trip to Olympia in 1998 and that he did not know what was inside (the history of this case is mysterious because it seems that Modogo would have had a mystical attack because of this case yet Modogo was fit and well present on the podium of the Olympia so we dont know if this story is a rumor or not).
He also talks about the story that in Germany during a concert, QL members played a song that he plays only when Koffi is there or when he arrives on stage and then behind the scenes all the members of QL (apart from Past-Kossé because he was the "litoyi ya mokonzi" that is to say that everything that passes in the group he can reveal it to Koffi) made a sort of pact between them and that it was a kind of revolt that the group had against Koffi. He did not join Academia because he knew that the best way for him to progress as a bassist was to stay with Koffi.
Then, they come to the subject of Ferre's arrival in QL and Ado asks him "who felt disturbed by the arrival of Ferré at the QL", Binda said he did not feel bothered by the Ferré arrived because he is a bassist and Ferré a singer and Ferré is a very good singer so a good element for the band but many musicians and singers felt disturbed.
Fally was Koffi's closest musician, even when Koffi was to be in the studio with only one musician it was still Fally and Koffi started to replace Fally with Ferré.
For example in concert, Koffi often wanted the band to play "100 kilos" of Ferré and Fally was not happy and often said to Binda "vieux na bino alingi a diminuer nga" (Your old wants to reduce me, he wants me belittle) and Binda saying "no worries, there's nothing, there's no problem".
It is the fact of recording "Sissi Silivi remix" with Ferré who pushed Fally announced that it makes an album. It seems that only the Apocalypse leader has accepted that Fally does his album but Binda says that he never heard Apocalypse say yes and that when Koffi asked QL members if they agree for Fally to make his album (Droit Chemin) no one raised his hand to say yes

Ado Yuhe asks her why Binda has never been QL's conductor, and Binda says that she has never been interested in being a conductor even though Koffi has already offered her. Even Aliane (who is his ex) wanted him to be a conductor.
He says he knows the dancers who accuse Koffi of rape and thinks that these dancers were manipulated just for them to get French papers but deep inside they know that Koffi did not rape them.

He says that he did not leave QL completely, but that he came here in Europe for certain files and that it was these files that took him time and caused the fact that he did not do not come back to the Congo to reintegrate the QL. He still warned Koffi that he might not come back because of his records

By the way, he is the brother-in-law of Boguys Bompema of BCBG
« Last post by archos on October 20, 2018, 13:12 »
it was meant to be koffi central but it seems it changed and probably he is building suspense and then we'll se him on wanted records of fabregas who knows?
Congolese Music / Re: Robinio Mundibu new song Ngambu
« Last post by Congolitude on October 20, 2018, 12:50 »
Nice clip and nice rumba, I find this song is better than all the rumbas of his EP "Chiffre 9"
« Last post by Congolitude on October 20, 2018, 12:40 »
Who is his producer ?
I grew up in a koffi/wemba household so althought I knew about Wenge MMM because they were everywhere at the time I had to do my own research to learn about Wenge 4x4 and this was the first song I stumbled upon. And it was that exact same video of the concert in Bruxelles. After some tike I started listening to all 4x4 albums and listened to Pleins Feux. At the time I was of the same opinion and liked the live version hundred times more than the CD version, but the more I grow in age the more I learned to appreciate the CD version as well. To me the singing part of the song is better on the CD than the live. The singing part has more instrumentalisation, but the big difference here is the sebene part. Robert Ekotoka brought SO MUCH ENERGY during the live version. Its hard to believe he wasnt able to make it past the late 90s. Such a powerful voice and powerful performance there. Thats the big difference to me.
« Last post by princesab on October 20, 2018, 08:38 »
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