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A genius ! My favorite guitarist.

You can also hear that "Zebola" rhythm in "Julia", his song in Magie.

I whiz he explained how he came up with that rhythm.
Wait a minute ! Copa was in jail ?

When ?

Why ?

Where ?
Democracy and general elections should be forbidden in Congo until the intellectual level of he general population is back at a decent level.
Congolese Music / Re: Doudou Copa - Loba (Clips Officiel)
« Last post by archos on Today at 10:49 »
 he probably recorded this song in a hurry just to confirm he is out,since he went straight away to studio before even taking time to relax
kie kie everywhere we go us Africains have such thoughts that even our children believe these stupid rubbish talks which only takes us back on many things and also the ones who are the first to come up with these rubbish are your enemies to ignore all the effort you've made to get there.

People saying Carine this, that kie kie Black People open your eyes we are living in a new generation everybody have moved on tell me Donald Trump who is running the usa what political history did he have?

Politic has changed is all about ideas of change and how to achieve it for your people

Carine has huge influence and knows how to get on with people she will be a good social minister she has lived the life came out of it and be the no1 of the internet youtubers like it or not Carine is it and if she was in England one of the party would use her influence to get voters that is what this girl has ORA
I mean she must have some real mystical power

This is is......
Congolese Music / WMM CURRENT LINE UP.
« Last post by princesab on Today at 08:14 »

Archos please advise who are these on the line up...
Congolese Music / Re: Doudou Copa - Loba (Clips Officiel)
« Last post by mrvibes on Today at 05:36 »
He probably recorded the song whole sober ..cause i do recall being told that his so loved voice comes from a huge consummation of cigarette and alcohol . this is his original voice i guess. 
So the woman Fabregas, Heritier and many other were fighting for is her?
FR? I mean she must have some real mystical power

Nahh...just some really good pussy lol

lol, same situation with Cindy - hair, no hair I honestly don't understand what Mopao sees in Cindy. He wife and previous flammes are way more attractive tbh. Apparently those type of possessive chicks see talismans to finds different ways to control men with their...
Congolese Music / Re: Didier Oasis Lomena???
« Last post by Longbluesquid on July 20, 2018, 23:31 »
Is this album out?
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