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What do you mean sticking true to his roots because a lot of African athletes who are millionaires still are very prideful of their culture.

Sure, to varying degrees. I just wanted to highlight Serge because on his pages he's always promoting and shouting out Fally/Werra etc, showing his Western fans what Congolese food and is fashion, etc. He's also the most famous central African figure in USA & Canada right now with how well he's playing in the playoffs.

Did you watch the second documentary? If so you'd understand his passion for his Congo/DRC heritage and giving back; even telling his story of his daughter his parents kept a secret so he can make to Spain to play professional basketball.
Congolese Music / Re: Best news ever....this has made my summer
« Last post by Jdog on Today at 01:11 »
This man had done a lot for your club, have to show more respect.
For me it would Kisanola and the dance that dance they did in Malewa, Bicarbonate and Ferre's QEDT. That Nkila Kizengi dance should never ever be brought back.
What do you mean sticking true to his roots because a lot of African athletes who are millionaires still are very prideful of their culture.
Who is this Dakumuda guy. Only heard his name when he sung  in Koffi's Pomme Verte and when one of animators Baby Tangofort went to Fally and I listened to his generiques to hear Tangofort. That's interesting how Werra and JB both went to speak on his behalf but Primus still didn't keep him.
He makes me real proud. In the states people dont know much about congo, Nigeria is the big African country or Somalia in my area. So its nice to see one of ours going hard. I love seeing him on IG uploading videos where’s he’s singing rumbas and loved how he was teaching Keri Hilson how to cook fufu and how to speak lingala. Soon as I seen the vice documentary I sent the link straight to my moms phone. Had her homesick as fuck lol
Congolese Music / Re: Congolese Tracks To Spin at a Wedding?
« Last post by Tata Nkiadi on April 20, 2018, 23:57 »
Thanks for your contributions, I see I have more to add to the playlist.

Ferre Gola - 3eme Doigt

Nakosala kobeta te.  My mother won't be too pleased.  ;D
Congolese Music / Re: What's Fabregas best album in your opinion?
« Last post by Tata Nkiadi on April 20, 2018, 23:54 »
Anapipo had a few bangers, but I really enjoyed the Antidote side of Je Pense. As for Cursus, I like it but I don't consider it a Fabregas album.  I have stated before though, he releases way too much music that I can't sit and listen to them all of the way through unless I'm driving long distances or exercising.  Unless he's trying to be the Tupac of Congo, he needs to chill and focus on his artists before he gets stale.
lol, I'd say anything Brigade since he's arguably the biggest weed head of all the artists

Can't be too surprised about Brigade! What's he up to these days anyways?

I have to add another

This is another one of my go to's. Purely melodic, very euphoric...
« Last post by mvulusi96 on April 20, 2018, 23:22 »
sauver moi, sauver moi (nga nasambelaka na nga) , Kibinda Nkoy first version of 1995 (dancing with both hands closed the way danced in Koffi's Chantou),

From 5:19 min and the other dance they danced from which 5:40 min was also popular in 1995 & 96.

this dance from 8:18 min. Quartier Latin danced it Cotisation and concerts of 2000/01, but it dissapeard quickly in their choreography.

also this dance of 3:53 min. btw did they ever record a videoclip for the Terrain Eza Mine-generic ?

the whole choreography from 4:53 min including 6:49 min. So sad that they didn't record videoclips for the Feux de l'Amour-album. It Would have been nice to see those 4 male dancers Wenge 4x4 had to see dancing that in the videoclips. They impressed me in their performance in the days of 1993 until the split. What did the 4 guys become, because I didn't see them anymore. after the split. Except 2 who danced along with Tshotsholi (Defao's dancer) in Maison Mere's concert at VSS. Then the other guy dissepeard and I saw the other guy (I guess that his name was st vallois) dacing along in videotapes before Force d'Intervention Rapide. After that I saw him dancing in the generic of Intervention Rapide with Bibiche, the concerts after the Europe-tour and the last time that I saw him was at Bercy. Seeing him dancing with Sankara and on Pentagone. Did some went to JB Mpiana or did they all 5 stay behind Werrason after the split ? Wenge 4x4 had to promote them the way Quartier Latin & Zaiko were promoting their female dancers in that era.

from 48:40 them all dancing together

Which band did bring Mulala to Europe. Because I saw him dancing with Reddy in the Etoile-clips recorded in Europe. Was he member of Viva La Musica ?
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