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Congolese Music / Re: WHO ARE THESE TWO GALS HERE?
« Last post by archos on August 15, 2018, 20:23 »
its the female singers who used to work with papa wemba,jb ordered his whole group,to always let in or invite as often as possible anybody related to viva la musica in honour of his idol since he cant wake up and decide to control viva in itself
« Last post by shamala on August 15, 2018, 20:00 »
 This is not the first time they are associating with BCBG
« Last post by shamala on August 15, 2018, 19:15 »
He beats some atalakus hands down....
I think that JB Mpiana just married Sylvie Mulumba to prove Amida a point. Because he was really hurt by hearing that she started a relationship with Didi Kinuani. With Amida then quickly replying by marrying Didi Kinuani, which made it worser for JB.

He reacted very strong against Bipoli who dissed him on the famous polemicvideo Vita-Imana and reacted against JB-fans who were angry against him because of being present on weddingparty of Amida Shartyr and Didi Kinuani. Claiming that he and people from the Bandundu-province had made a complot against JB Mpiana. Beside of that he talked about the Kora-awards claiming that it is a mafia, he also talked about the succes he got in Kikwit and Angola and his album Avatage ya Goal Average which would become Jour Le Plus Long. In the same video a there is a part that they are showing JB singing at FIKIN that he's married. He married then Sylvie Mulumba.

I don't believe Emeneya lol. Saying that he didn't knew that Amida used to be JB Mpiana's wife, while JB Mpiana always praised her in songs and Amida appeared sometimes on tv.
Werra should be the one giving reconnaissance to his ex colleagues, because he wasn't paying them first and foremost secondly because they stuck with him even though administration did whole ti keep those 2003 guys unpayed,

How did they survive all these years if they didn't earn from being Maison Mere members? Some of these arguments are so full of bile and don't really make sense. Why didn't they leave earlier? One way or another they earned from being in Maison Mere & when they felt that they could earn more they left. It definitely was a mutual benefiting relationship.

you work your ass off for a guy who cannot even sing (Werrason can't sing this is why he keeps on that tika bana ba yemba)

Here we go again with the "Werra can't sing" line. So fresh. Never gets old. SMH Franco was not the best singer of his generation but he made great music that we still enjoy to date. JB Mpiana was one of the best singer & voices in his generation but BCBG has been stuck in a rut for almost a decade. Babia Ndonga was one of the best voices & singers of QLI and indeed DRC but he didn't make much of himself outside QLI. Bro, there's much more to music than the ability to be a flamboyant vocalist.'t for.the group Werra with be just a street band sir making songs about food

LOL. Werra & Maison Mere are still the top guys in Congolese music years and years after those guys left. But you are here still telling yourself that without that group, Werra would be nothing. You forget that it was a group he put together by design and not by accident. he has reassembled his band 3  or 4 times after that

Ferre, Fabregas, even Robinio make more views, money and album sales now in confront of Werra who got a comeback only bdcause of 7 Jours.
I've seen fantastic music like Manda's Socrate which barely has 100k views while Fally's Eloko Oyo is headed to 45M views. Youtube views is not the correct benchmark for what is good music or who is a greater artist. Many of these artists with youtube views cannot even pull half a concert hall outside DRC while Werra still attracts crowds wherever he goes.
And if Werra got a "comeback only because of 7 Jours" who should get the credit for that success? Oh wait... Anyone else but not Werra.

I just don't understand the bile against Werra especially in this forum. Werra is not faultless. But he is not the devil people try to paint him here.

Kiadi eh, have you ever read some of the older post? Werra is the stingiest leader and are donors who pay musicians 100% of the time unless musicians ask Werra himself. Everyone knows this even the rocks, it is not normal in my mind for a guy to don't pay the musicians and expect loyalty and respect

For the Franco Werra comparison, wow, are you really comparing Franco and werra? Franco and Tabu Ley are the reason why Congolese music was so much famous abroad not surely Wetra and Franco is waaaay more better to sing then Werra,

For the reassembling band, if he wasn't so stingy and self center no one would have left, reassembling a band it is not a good thing Werra of today is like a 4 to 10 level respect to thw one of Bill, Heritier and etc who was a 10 on 10.

And yes Werra is to credit for the comeback of 7 Jours but that's the only Album who has been relevant since A La Queue Leu Leu the only one, I am not trying to make Werra a bad man, I am a Werrasonik myself, and i follow wenge since the Solola Bien era when i had 7 I have griwn up to his muaic and the Koffi one so I know what I am talking about it, Werra really do not care abkut anything hut himself and his power, howcome he cannot speak to Heritier? After Heritier tried everything to be in good contact wtih him? JB might take even 110 years for an album but everytime he dropps something people will listen, JB really care about his people the only bad in that band is Seguin and his two friends while Wenge level through the time got mediocre which singer can be seen as thw top vocalist in Wenge now? And are you sure Werra get recognized everywhere? Let's make Werra make a worldwide tour and see hiw many noncongolese white, arab, asian, and latino eople show to his concerts. If I criticize Werra it is not because i hate him but because I am a fan and this Wenge will not go anywhere with this system it is normal to change people every year
The Great Werra and his Liutenants....what a wonderful concert
What does this argument have to do with Werra trying to recruit Manda Chante. I’m lost...

You've been here long enough & should have gotten used to it by now  ;D ;D ;D ;D Every post about Werra & Maison Mere will always end up with an argument about Werra not paying his musicians & Werra not being able to sing

Which is why the moderators created a Private Werrason & Maison Mere forum for this very purpose. Let’s get back to shit that actually has a bearing on our lives: The Music. 
« Last post by archos on August 15, 2018, 17:28 »

the roast machine is in the house lol the shorter the most deadly :D :D :D
Don't be sarcastic dumbass...if you wanna go that way i personally i can be equal to it. Why can't you argue maturely based on facts rather than resorting to sarcasm. Stop flexing your muscles behind the key board defend your points wisely young bully
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