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Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that they arrested Ferre Gola ?
« Last post by Matebu on Today at 07:29 »
Indeed the story is fake. Ferre's camp didn't know about this. Wasting people's time as usual, "les on-dit" journalists
What a load of crap do you really think Koffi would get Ferre arrested?

You should not be surprise as we have 2 artist in Congo drc who do not like to be criticised Fally and Koffi who get people arrested for critics this is why you see lots of journalist are scared of them.

 This story has been fabricated so people can think Ferre is weak and the other camp have power bokosila ngo kie kie kie kie Ferre was called to give his side of the stiry but look how quick these fools claim but they have not mentioned that everyone will need to go and give their side of the story.

1ere soin has made you go crazy with buying all  the internet journalist to diss Ferre and now this crap story esi toyeba ba faibless na bino
Congolese Music / Re: BOB AND GRACE
« Last post by bencuri on Today at 03:18 »
I am very interested though what will happen now in foreign relations. International media, especially the UK is blaming Mugabe a lot. The have a point, but in case of the UK this is also fuelled by the confiscation of white owned lands. Ridiculous situation, as 150 years ago they were the white farmers who confiscated the lands from the natives. I am sure in secret the UK hopes for developement in this regard. I wonder if Mwangagwa will feed their expectation in this sense.

But anyhow, since the situation in South Sudan I worry in every case when a dictatorship ends in Africa. Theoretically it should be a pleasing change, in practice it just generates more problems. In the EU, there is so much debate about migration recently. I don't understand why they do not come up with ideas to help solving conflicts back in Africa, less migrants would set out for a travel then. In my opinion, the UN should create an army mandated to remove incompetent dictators even by force, secure the society and disarm potential rebel fractions, ban weapon import, and assist legal elections. When colonialists left Africa in the 60's, they just left everything behind as is, handing on the power to dangerous persons not thinking about it would be their responsibility to protect the people from cleptocracy and corruption before they leave. This should be corrigated. 60 years had passed since the end of colonialism, but Africa is still suffering from this mistake the colonial powers made when they left.
Congolese Music / Re: BOB AND GRACE
« Last post by shamala on Today at 02:42 »
my two cents bit
this was not a Coup (read regime change) but a succession war in ZANU-PF. Grace was clearing likely opponents to her succeeding her husband. After the vice president next was the army general and he could not wait for that.(Remember the former general was burned in his house mysteriously). Thing will remain ZANU-PF doctrine albeit with no influence from Bob-Grace.
Eventi Sai Sai and Pululu created some awesome cries which has been inglobated by the big groups (Obala the obota, Zambole Zoma etc.)
For Werra I never wonderstood his obsession to prove everyone he can does his own things without anyone to be honest without Bill, Celeo, Ferre, Kakol, Japonais and later Kapaya I don't know where Werra could have been now, he was the "worst" singer in Wenge but had a good voice then since Solola bien he started to loose the voice and being known for the gemerique, I mean even on 7 hours name me a Rumba he made that has been successful...
I study history and the reason for a lot of empire Fall is the fact that guys like Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini etc. Never listened to the people who advice them, they always wanted to do their own way, Hitler thought he was invicibke and attacked Russia and started to loose oices and  lostthe war and the entire Germany, so Werra should stop feeling untouchable and hear the advices of his musicians instead of always bring yesmans like Sankara, Yanki Mpui (RIP), Kakol and so on to win, I mean 7 Jours kinda restabilized the career of Werra, but we all know how bad Decollage got received and his Satellite flopped except for Satellite and Ingredients generiques
It seems Werra has had real had career!!! Every season he has to remind his musicians that he is the owner of the band and that he can sing all alone in an album.

lol, don't want to turn this into a roast session, but if Werra were truly alone back in the day (before the latest voice enhancing technology) his rhumbas would be like this. Werra all by himself:

I can't stop cracking up whenever I play this. It's like he was laying in bed tired while in studio. No Celeo to correct him and help get thye right notes ;D

I have never heard such challenges with his compatriot Wazekwa, Maybe its because Wazekwa honors his promises to his musicians and pays well.
It seems Werra has had real had career!!! Every season he has to remind his musicians that he is the owner of the band and that he can sing all alone in an album.
Regarding the house, you have to remember Werrason is secretly Jewish  ;D (A joke I heard from a friend trying to justify his cheapness and inability to properly compensate loyal people)
Gos sooo stingy, I remember Bill immortalized his stringiness, in a crime "Mais nakoma na Rond-point 'a Kintambo bana balobi bazo Lita the ah Ya Bill eee"

many people don't know that like Wazekwa's "Male Ma Mbua" the comedien Esobe created that cri.
if you listen for example to yanki in his lives he always insisted several times that werra wanted to prove some of the musicians who think they are the ones who are making werra's career so he sang that much to remind them that its his group
and ever since heritier's last days in maison mere there was always a theory of conspiracy to create a rebel group also so werra postponed the original project of solo album which was arche de noe to do the 7 jours one and surprise musicians who thouht they'd fool him once again in doing 14 vocals or so each on album and leave on that hype
This time I am on Werra side and for Celeo's passport he took it back?
And for Kapaya why Werra didn't give him a house? He is not poor and Kapaya is one of the Arte fix of success of Wenge and for Kakol and Heritier attacking Celeo SMH Heritier left too so...
I remember an interview of Kapaya where he was presenting his album saying since I left, I am no longer with drugs or some like that

No, he didn't get it back so he made another one. Celeo wanted to mix in album in Europe and signing in contracts there, but he got his visa denied. So he gave all the responsibilities of album to Kiki Toure (he discovered this year that Kiki was getting all his royalties on his back). When Nzoto na Nzoto became number one on the charts, he was getting contracts for Europe. Celeo tried again to get a visa again, for promoting his album in Europe (doing playbacks and visiting his staff). But got his visa denied again. It was even difficult for him to go to Brazzaville, where they tried to invite him several times. Kabose had the same problems. It was said that people from Maison Mere told some bad things to the embassies for them, in order to kill their careers. Celeo started to sell all his cars and cloths and became at a moment broke. His donors didn't want to talk to him again. Didi Kinuani for example who was like his father didn't want to talk him, when he heard from someone of Maison Mere that Celeo wanted to gave Anya Star (his girlfriend then) to his friend Fally Ipupa, which made him angry. People of his staff left him and joined other artist. Heritier, Kakol and Sankara started to mock him in interviews. Heritier went even many times with his car to Celeo house and pissing him off by stopping in front of his house and throw money to people. Celeo started then to become close to Koffi Olomide, in order to piss Werrason off and started to record his album Yes We Can (first called "Operation Kanga Moyibi") despite all those difficulties. Like Kabose in 2010 he finally managed to go back in Europe with help of Mpova Music. People tried to convince him to stay in Europe a get a papers, but refused and went back to Kinshasa. Then he went in 2011 back for the mixing of his album and people tried again to convice to get papers, but he refused again. After the release of Yes We Can, he started to get problems with Mpova Music, like his friend Kabose (who profited to get Europe papers, during his 6 month stay in Europe). After 4 years he reconciled with Mpova and returned in Europe in 2016.
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