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Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« Last post by archos on Today at 11:42 »
It's atalaku anti-balles
 i really like album so far,obviously its hard  to enjoy every song of an album but so far so good 
Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« Last post by Nkosi on Today at 11:32 »
It should be Congo Central. The Mongole yawe yangoyo guy
it came in kibinda him and seguin used to play that without realising until doudou came with kibinda animation and it got really developped
Faux animation.... Hahaha I understand now why he was nicknamed "Le Grand Mboshi".

I didn't hear Kakol's "Krakaka-style". I wonder how got that inspiration or did he stole it from another drummer?
Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« Last post by Jdog on Today at 10:51 »
Why couldn't this have more rhumba because Werra and the rest of Maison Mere (excluding Nicodem) sang good. Seems like they have a new animator in Elvis Nkoyi.
@Shamala: you have already become Methuselah...I quite understand your point though.Lol 
@Mrvibes: I do not think he is gone bald. Look at his hairline, you would know he can still grow his hair back. He is just trying to do what is trending a la the Al-Queda beard and no hair thingy just like his 'musical brother from another mother', Mr R. Kelly...Lol
Choi! Manzambi can argue for Africa! Na wa! Lol
My take is the guys leaving group A for B have got their reasons for doing that. These guys are adults for crying out loud and they are free to make their choices/ take decisions. Why can't we just sit back and watch how it turns out in the end? We are here trying to plan their lives for them but they are the ones out there who know what they are gunning for in whatever band/group they go to or find themselves.

carine attacks "grandfather" werra saying he is jealous heritier,he is past it and bla bla, and as usual always a word for fally and fabregas
this girl is crazy
i tend to think SS and anti terro had one similar problem...SOUND
The level is a bit inconsistent at times but those albums managed to have  esau,je suis la, le baron,clin d'oeil,mombamba, bolonia to name a few which are constantly requested  by bcbg fans
if you take internet  titanic and th or even quel est ton probleme,sound and arrangement are on point in every single song
and i also always insist on drum sound,the drum sound of both albums is well... suspect... It's like for example the danger de mort drums,take the same songs with the proper titina sound of th and co or even affaire d etat it makes a difference
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