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@Paysan I completely forgot that one.

That concert in Utrecht went down as the one of the greatest Zairian concerts of the 80's. If not, the best. It saddens me that he illness started to get real worse afterwards (RIP)
« Last post by Matebu on January 17, 2018, 21:42 »
One can always expect quality rhumba fro Kabose

Damn, Alita Tshamala is still getting songs in his name after close to 40 years. If you guys remeber he was one of the very first to have a song in a donor's name become one of the songs of the year. 1983
« Last post by Manzambi94 on January 17, 2018, 21:34 »

Is it under F'Victeam or he have already left
Kie kie kie when you call people stupid is a personal attack you try go out on the street and start calling people stupid and see what happens. You call people around Ferre stupid and this are the same people who have been with him since day one and Ferre has stayed relevant even the great of our music are envying him as he is doing things without:

Has not has a stablished producer as he does not like their contract
has not has a record label behind him

Ferre has produced himself with the help of people on QQJD (congovibes label stupid) and he is making money and he is looking after more than 40 people but he is label stupid wahou kie kie kie and you want me to read such crap no me I will respond AND PUT YOU ON YOUR PLACE like it or not kie kie kie
I nave never said that QQJD was a stupid album I have said the opposite when it came out but the two "leaked" songs are terrible furthermore how many time everybody here said that Tokos was a shitty album not even stupid but shitty album, but neither a single fan of Fally in this forum disagreed, just accept that artist are humans and can make mistake I have even written down explained and translated the lyrics of Judgement how could I have targeted Jugememt stupid when I have written down the lyrics?
Second only to Tabu Ley's famous opening sequence. The first DRC artist to do such a thing

I always thought this one was better :

The energy is crazy !
Why is she walking around with her breast out ?
At what part?

Just take a look where her coat is open.
« Last post by Matebu on January 17, 2018, 20:23 »
Gave the song yet another listen today.... maybe Fabro got salty because is such a top song with nothing but cold hard facts stated
Congolese Music / Re: In loving memory of Patrice Emery Lumumba
« Last post by Paysan Congolais on January 17, 2018, 19:46 »
This is not a post against Mobutu. It's a post for Lumumba.

Lumumba died for the unity of Congo. He wasn't perfect but he had pride for his people and he loved his people. We can't blame him for things he did not do. Maybe he would've been corrupt in the future, but there is no sign of corruption in Lumumba short reign as Congo prime minister. Lumumba was an idealist. Too much for his own good, but he wasn't corrupted.

Yeah, Lumumba talked harshly to Beaudoin. However, if you look at the events that preceded that situation, you'll see that Belgium, and some of its congolese allies, did everything they could to insult Lumumba and to insult the new  sovereignty of Congo. That's why Lumumba reacted that way. Lumumba wasn't a crazy dog, like the belgian elite tried to portray him. 

Most congolese praise Mobutu for the national unity and pride. And I'm one of them. But people forget that Mobutu took those idea from Lumumba. Mobutu used to be Lumumba's sidekick. If it wasn't for Lumumba, Congo may not be united today. Lumumba was the first politician who lived as a congolese leader and not a tribal one. Lumumba should also be praised for congolese contemporary culture.

The last song I posted was commanded by Mobutu...
I think it's obvious that pole position is a member of Ferre's staff or is them type of guys that are just yes men to everything ferre does without just being honest and NEVER criticises him for anything  kiekiekie  ;D ;D
I wish Herve Bataringe could see the support you show for him, Mr Pole Position. ???????????? but Sir, you need to accept positive criticism
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