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Why do I have the strong felling that most, if not all leaders have slept with every dancer that went through their band?

Bruh if JB Smashed the girl at 1:45 with the yellow t-shirt at the center is a lucky man.

Anyway I have heard that JB and Felix Wazekwa are the only one who do not sleep with dancers

Nah, Amida was about to block him from performing at Bercy because she caught him right in the middle of him in bed with I believe Nono Ba Diamant in the days leading to the concert. There are many other instances also

Felix has a clean image now, but he too was a savage in the 1999-2005 era when he became a big star. That Cafe Etienne Tshimanga guy was a bad influence on him

yeah indeed back when he was with cafe cafe tried to get him into every "bad" things his colleagues were doing as stars cafe was coaching him in everything including dressing,in 2009 when cafe was gone one of the richest women of drc was literally throwing her all to seduce him she approached him promised him any car on earth he'd want he said he is not into cars she tried several other things but she was failing to get him to the point of lets meet in hotel x in room x and he kept telling her" we can be friends and if you want you can sponsor for example the dancer but thats up to you"
i remember koffi heavily mocked him indirectly in two three interviews that he is a yuma and things like that,for sure if she had approached koffi jb werra or even fally ferre then they'd have grabbed it with two hands two feet and jumped into it lol
It's actually difficult for a leader musician  not to sleep with dancers than it is to sleep with them.

But given this kind of lifestyle by star musicians, how have they managed to live this long because I would imagine they are very vulnerable to contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV. And before the year 2005, medicines for HIV was still very expensive so treatment was not always guaranteed.
Pretty much the whole Clan Wenge leaders are intact despite this lifestyle starting earlier on in their lives in the 90s apart from guitarist Blaise Kombo who died of an acvident. What's their secret?

P. S. Am not wishing any of them poor health. It's actually good to see them in their 50s now and still going strong.
Was the Terre Sacre song done as a promotional song for the environmentalists?

Congolese Music / Re: JIPSON WTF IS THAT MAN
« Last post by Wenge1995 on Today at 09:16 »
Does this guy have a wife tho?
Congolese Music / Re: JIPSON WTF IS THAT MAN
« Last post by jeantwatwa on Today at 09:12 »
he had the biggest crush on Fally at one time
Congolese Music / Re: JIPSON WTF IS THAT MAN
« Last post by Mfumu Vata on Today at 08:38 »
Mbilia Bel
Oh goodness that's a surprise! I brought Koffi's "Dieu Voit Tout" record 2 months ago! Which had Koffi's compositions on one side and Fafa's on the other side! I like the song "Parents Responsables". May he rest in peace! Le Grand Maestro!
« Last post by Mfumu Vata on Today at 08:30 »
Lol, why couldn’t Felly just say that he didn’t play lead on Magie & Noblesse Oblige. If Lebou was still living in Paris he would have reacted immeditaly with an interview to play Magie hahaha.
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