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producer jdk decor says part of papa's troubles with ngulu came from his blind trust to people around him to invite guests  on the list and those people were not honest and added ngulu's and  once in paris there was some people papa did not even know and him jdk neither

What complicated his case was that it was happening for many years. Unless he was that oblivious for years, then he knew exactly what went on. The French court said that made like around $700 thousand because he was directly or indirectly responsible for 200 illegal immigrants entering France & Beligum 

Early on it was a few at a time, but Wemba got greedy and also he had to pay for his huge 80 person band, so kept adding more and more people as fake musicians.

Six months ago French police began investigations when 200 Congolese arrived in Paris saying they were Papa Wemba's musicians. They later vanished.

A similar case occurred in Belgium and further questioning of the people revealed that they had in fact each paid 3,500 euros($4,000) for their passage.
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over the decades,we've had a loooooot of popular dancers,i randomly say mukonyonyo,pomper kijection,madiaba,kwassa kwassa,mayeno,suabiwutu,ndombolo,kisanola,nkila mogrosso,boma liwanza,mutuka munene.... which one would you love to see some sort of remake again and go viral?

is that the new singer you are referring to?

producer jdk decor says part of papa's troubles with ngulu came from his blind trust to people around him to invite guests  on the list and those people were not honest and added ngulu's and  once in paris there was some people papa did not even know and him jdk neither
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Indeed he should have focused more on that,instead of dissing left right center he is a talented artist and he can still do something and a   bit of help would have done him good definitely,he's been planning that a decade ago i think he first called it oliandz in reference to his jumeaux francais olivier and andy
 Bro pole position,i gave none of my position or judgement,like on many cases and like anybody here i gave what i was told when i asked i confirmed nothing,just that i said and i stand by that that  papers in our music except suspension is comedy i am yet to see 1 example of a musician writing something then sticking to it or writing the contrary and posting it..
and the two things or three are said are also in the video posted above of franck and gloria
actually my point of view is that its a sad situation he is a valuable member of the group
Archos you have miss-interpreted the story from the video below but the story is that Matadien since joining the band has been one of those artist very close to Ferre even being sent alone to side chicks to get money like the last time on their Kenyan tour Ferre meet this women who like it goes she is very rich and on their return Ferre had to pick up a lot of money from her but he could not make it so sent Matadien alone that is why on that tour he was the last one to come back.

Back to the story so as Matadien is very close to Ferre, they do go out quite a lot to places and on this one occasion, Ferre received a call from one of his donnor to pick up the money so as they were together Ferre thought he was dressed fine so decided to go but when they go there he changed his mind so Rice had a spare shirt on his car which Ferre borrowed and that was that nothing big big brother with little brother  and Rise did not mouth about it to anyone but as you know in life you have to be careful who you speak with because Rice from what I have been told it was a big mistake which Rice was trying to show himself off to couple of guys proving to them how very close he is to Ferre that Ferre even agreed to wear his shirt for a meeting which these guy interpreted really badly to Ferre's camp and as it goes in music you don't tell anyone these stories is a secret until of course if you leave and want to talk but I do feel for Rice a really humble guy just badly choose the story to tell others to prove himself.

People jump too much into crap you really think with all the clothes that Ferre has he would borrow Rice's shirt if it was not got an emergency lots of us have had this happen to them only immature people have tried to make it into a story but likely people are so smarts now a days.

The group were advised to stay waw from interviews and leave this new guy Arka de color who was in the group back but left to join Jolie Mubwala then created his own group did not work then went to WMM but came back and has he is light skin kie kie kie all the ladies are praising him on the net he has made loads of videos already but he does sing well and plays rhythm very well a very good potential for the groupe well done Ferre another good choice


surely the hater archos who is revealing more or less the same thing here from 7th minute...
 you really have a problem with my posts,ALWAYS after me,ALWAYS,at some point i would love you to explain why it happens only with me and we are on this forum with the right to say what we know,what we are told,what we think, i just reported what i heard which also happens to be in some of the very recent  youtube videos around,anyways i have said times and times already but you just continue i dont get why several people do what i do but you ALWAYS only react after mine....
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