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Congolese Music / Ahh Chico has left Ferre again
« Last post by Jdog on September 21, 2018, 08:35 »
I was waiting for his song in Premeir Soin.


The instrumental interplay in Sanction were uniquely composed to give each song it's own identity while preserving the theme of the generique throughout the sebene.

Just listen to the sebene on Otan, SDF, Faux Patron, and other; familar partitions but played with noticable variation. That's why the replay value is very high with that album in my opinion, because each song is feels like a piece of a complete work of art.

The sebene of Miracle by Les Marquis benefits from that mean guitar solo by Japonais and the rhumbas more than the sebene because the variation are quite minimal...the guitar tone is slight adjusted to switch things up sonically but the partitions are pretty much identical. Compare and constrast Diata locataire and 7eme Lecon for example; the rhythm guitar and drumming do the heavy lifting to spice the repetitive sound of the lead guitar.

As far as singers go, everyone on both album sing excellent. However, songs like Exil D'Amour and Ingratitude give each singer their moment to effectively showcase the importance of their role in both the chorus and solo vocalist. While in Les Marquis, only Celezino really stood out to me because he got the most space out of the other members. Biva Ray and Gemerose sing well, but got short changed in terms of space.

Sanction is a 10/10 for me while Miracles is a 8/10

The comparison is somewhat unfair. Academia had more time to organize the band since the members all wanted to break apart from Quartier Latin during the tour of Droit de Veto their careers weren't advancing to their liking.

Les Marquis had to scramble together an orchestra, some of those who participated had a "one foot foot out" attitude like Mimiche Bass, Serge Mabalia, and Oliver Tshimanga.

Congolese Music / Re: Melina Gola starting her music-carreer ?
« Last post by Matebu on September 21, 2018, 02:18 »
I thought he had problem recognizing his baby daughters is Davina still alive? Lol

You mean the non-mixed daughter that looks exactly like him?, kiekie.

(just a joke)
Congolese Music / Re: Melina Gola starting her music-carreer ?
« Last post by Manzambi94 on September 20, 2018, 23:59 »
I thought he had problem recognizing his baby daughters is Davina still alive? Lol
Easiest answer ever.... Sanction
« Last post by Manzambi94 on September 20, 2018, 23:39 »
Sanction was so powerful bro...
Miracles got great stuff tho but i prefere sanction
Sanction is made with 3 singers while les Marquis had 9 or 8. Lebou Kabuya did all the job as guitarist along with Mike Evian while Les Marquis was looking fir help  fmof Maika Munan who was the arranger and Olivier Tshimanga.

In Sanction I never skip a song, while in Miracles there some songs that I skip and are boring. Sanction is excellent a record live which isn’t the case with Miracles. With Sanction you feel that the album was well prepared with the harmony if the instrumentalists, singers and atalaku’s.
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