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Cheers Archos
« Last post by Manzambi94 on August 16, 2018, 11:57 »

He says in short that he doesn't fead Bercy since they connected spiritually thanks to Melchiorre and that people said that he might fear Bercy or that he would have feared him and that he would cry like Lobeso did. He can't fear anybody since he is the Ambulance of all the atalaku, when Bercy came in Wenge he was there to welcome him, and the same in LaTeamWata, but even though he welcomed him and they connected spiritually, he said he will always be number one.
In fact when Bercy came into the concert, he was singing and Bercy tried to slim some crie and Bercy listened and then OK yaya it is good stay there now, because he has total authority in La Team atalaku section

He is a longtime Bercy friend since he is between the one of the artist that were speaking with Bercy through his prison time, but since it is not cool to boss about good things that you have done, he never revealed that because.he thinks that if you do a good actuon you should keep it for yourself.
He doesn't like to scream or make the Bill voice's type since he always makes Sunged or Spoken cries and he want to be remembered as an Atalaku who gives messages and advices for example charge was a crie with a message behind it, he refuses to give an opinion abkut other people's generique since he is focused on 5eme Vitesse the Wata generique coming soon and he assure people that is gonna be special and will stay like his cries stayed in the memory of the people with 7 Jours, adding that other Atalaku will wait for 5eme vitesse since he is the one giving direction to all the Atalakus, he doesn't an Armbrand to know that he is the best (I totally agree with that) he (ironically) says that his only fear his the God's judgement and sicne he has lived 8 years with Djuna Mumbafu, Djuna is the only atalaku that he fesres (This is why he dissed Bill in the first place lol) the interviewer press on the Bill phase and he asks Ambulance if he doesn't fear Bill, Ambulance answer that I respect him because he is a elder but why should I fear him? I respect my Dad because he wss the ine who got me the first shoes, and so on but why should I fear my Dad, if I fear him how could I ask him to buy things? He does music for the fans and as long as the fans are happy he is right, and he is not concerned by other peoole's bands and he left Wenge for good reason and praise Allah (he is a muslim) to stay in La Team Wata forever, he admits that Wenge gave him the strategy, the famous Tik Tak mentality and hiw to be a proper musician and to be aware of your image and all the things that make people speak about you bt his animator phase is totally thanks to Djuna, what he hasn't learned in Wenge is the Code 12, the Code 12 is a Wenge system that he is not interested about it, he claims that Werra is the father of them all but now it is another time and that we can't always mix the past with the present. He says that he never put points in life but always virgul since no man is perfect or sinless. Spirit since they are created by fire are perfect and can do nothing wrong or making sins lol, (this guy) and the interviewer asks it seems like you are a satanic kid and he says I mean they are the spirit who guide me, protect me and predicts how I should move for behaving bad or good, I hold them here and there (Showing the left pocket and the right pocket both empty). Ambulance is a name given by werra since when Werra were saying Angola both Prince and Ambulance were turning around so for differentiate them Werra called them Prince and Ambulance and he close repeating the same sentences that Lobeso said Jeu de Jeu
he is a diamond businessman,his business blossomed in early 2000's,sometimes he was sharing up to a million in one two months,because also like most of them guys there was clean money and dirty money,from the departure of amida and their expensive divorce(i heard she got like 20 million which she did 50/50 with jb to win him back totally)his name started becoming less and less praised and him less and less associated with gigantic donation
Hahaha Werrason's haircut. The money that Didi Kinuani was spending everywhere in music, sports, media, girls wasn't normal. I wonder how much money he was spending in a month. He's really quite last years.

It's difficult to notice Japonais, Mimiche and Serge Mabiala's departure they were all well replaced.
Mvulusi ! Didi Kinuani has great influence in Music, almost every artist has quite respect for the man. What is specialised in? Politics, mineral dealer or is just a general business tycoon? Serge Mabiala was replaced with who? Jitrois? I hadly noticed
Congolese Music / Re: WHO ARE THESE TWO GALS HERE?
« Last post by shamala on August 16, 2018, 07:07 »
dora nzinga and the other one i forgot they are sisters

Noted ..i thought they had joined BCBG as the are always around the band
Congolese Music / Viva la musica album?
« Last post by Longbluesquid on August 16, 2018, 06:22 »
A while back I heard there was supposed to be a Viva la musica project? Any news on that. We are getting dry for albums again.
Hahaha Werrason's haircut. The money that Didi Kinuani was spending everywhere in music, sports, media, girls wasn't normal. I wonder how much money he was spending in a month. He's really quite last years.

It's difficult to notice Japonais, Mimiche and Serge Mabiala's departure they were all well replaced.
I think that Wabanko gave them alot of cloths and money that day. Bana ya Londres were dangerous. The Congolese diaspora in Europe doesn't have alot of influence like they had in those years. Now it's only about those rich diamonddealers of Angola and people who made part of Sassou's regime in Brazzaville. I think that their influence will go a little bit down the day concerts in Europe will return.

What happend with those girls (Adeline Onema, Dark La Japonaise, Feza RDC, etc. ) who used to be always dedicated in song back in the years 2005-2012 ? I heard that some are in prison or sent back to DRC.
« Last post by mvulusi96 on August 16, 2018, 01:08 »
lol did that nganga work together with Djo Kabengele ? Serge Kayembe, Djo K Kabengele, Zacharie Bababaswe and Gaspar Love really made money with VHS based on one question, polemique and departures of musicians collaborating with Ricardo Productions, Martin Mapangu, Richard King, etc. Marc Tabu, Popol Mukelenge and Francis Kakonde would follow that path by making Dvd's. Papy Mboma, Naty Lokole and Willy Kayembe didn't got that chance.

Dennis Lessie was back then one of the most famous pastors in Kinshasa along with Kutino Fernando, Sony Kafuta, Kiziamina Kibila, etc. having big crowds in stadiums. They made alot of money in those years.
« Last post by mvulusi96 on August 16, 2018, 00:48 »
I remember Roga Roga’s interview with Martin Sinnock before the album came out, where he was saying he bought new Steinberger guitars and said the album would be very different from their previous albums

Yeah, I also remember that interview. They made that interview in Washington D.C. if I remember it well. He then also said that there would be salsa song. (Papato which didn't make it on the tracklist and would end up as bonus track on the Trop c'est Trop-VHS). There was also an interview of Defao after his performance in New York, talking about his next album Nessy de London saying that he would sing a with Reddy, which would not happen.

So sad that Martin's site got deleted it had many rare interviews of Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, King Kester Emeneya, Bozi Boziana, Wazeka, etc. and reviews of concerts and albums.
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