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I remember Zacharie Bababaswe not being happy with this all. Screeming on tv "polemique ekozala !!!!, etc" and saying that it was hypocrisy (which was for a part true).

Allot of the American music has started from Africa. Especially rapping. I know this cause I took a class that covered this.
Then after 5 or 10 years a band will become famous with that style and whites claiming that they created it.
Took the words right out my mouth
Then after 5 or 10 years a band will become famous with that style and whites claiming that they created it.
This was the beginning of the end....


the highest level of matolo lol

Yeah, utter nonsense. Just Kabila flexing on them. In no other country would such thing with all the top artists being summoned  happen
This was the beginning of the end....

The moment when Werrason gave Ali Mbonda the opportunity to put 2 songs in an album. His nickname changed from "La Main de Fer" in "La Main d'Or".

Typical Congolese Leader exploiting other people's talent pretending to be this big guy while not putting the same effort in paying their musicians proper money and being mad quick sending clowns like Sankara or Marchouse to insult them as soon as they leave... I will end here I don't wanna be too rude
the highest level of matolo lol
Très fort

Not 100% traditional sebene like we're used to, but nevertheless nice
Yeah Koffi was the master at doing that

I hated how he barely included his atalaku in clips
Yeah you're right, I mean Magie bivens was in nearly all the clips.. v12 same thing... ultimatum somono was in all of them except for mboshi who made I think 2 or 3 appearances... same with Loi.... attentat CNN appeared a little bit.... force de frappe nothing, effrakata... was a joke kerozene and brigade barely appeared only for like a couple of seconds in the generique and kerozene in ravisse.... affaire d'edat yeah a couple of clips and then bord ezanga kombo just two clip appearances.

I'm not a fan of when someone's vocals is in the song but they're not in the clip especially when that person is still in the group for example the first part of attentat clips pissed me and a lot of people off because koffi didn't record the singers in clips of victoire and malanda ngombe he should've just recorded the clips in kin

Same for Danger de Mort & Monde Arabe.

All clips of Attentat vol. 1-VHS (except Si Si Si & Boda Bodack) were recorded in Kin. I found it also strange why he didn’t film his singers during those vocals. It looks like he wanted just to show to people his livingroom, his new tv and the part of the kitchen. He made that fault up on the Mokonzi-VHS filming them all on Cameleon, Nul n’est Parfait, Kamutshima & Number One with Soleil & Spino who were in Kinshasa. It would have been intressting if he presented all his singers & dancers on a bonus in the Attentat-vol. 1 VHS since that they were on the way to Bercy.
Monde arabe & Danger de mort they didn't even appear hence why I didn't include it same for longitima

Exactly and the problem with the Attentat vol 2 clips was that very few people had it... if you went to someone's house more people had vol 1 then two I remember when djomega bp finally uploaded the clips on YouTube cause I hadn't seen the clips in a long time since I only have vol 1 on vhs

The same thing with route de bercy when he introduced the new lineup very few people had/have it on vhs so it was hard to see the singers especially those that were left behind at kin
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