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New board: Old School Music


I would like to announce a new addition to our forum: the Old School Music board. It will focus on discussions about earlier periods of Congolese music.

I have noticed comments in the past about that we don't have a dedicated board like this. As a new comment like that appeared again, I decided to agree with DJ Sly and create this board. We intend to make it a place for old music enthusiasts.

Anything you would like to discuss from that era can be posted there, especially if you want to keep your ideas or questions in view longer than in the main discussion board. Early Zaiko stuff, Nico Kassanda, Franco Luambo and other early formations... feel free to discuss about them there with others of the same interest. Of course, if you feel your question would receive bigger attention in the main board, don't hesitate to ask it there instead. Posting in the new board about the mentioned subjects is not an obligation but rather an option.

thanks for the overview . kindly confirm from which year backwards?

I wouldn't set any rules for that. Maybe for pre 90's. However you may post your questions like that in the main board as well. This new board was created to be like a club for those who are mainly interested in that era and had no place to talk about it so far.


This is a timely option. sometimes I feel too old reading some of the Main Board items....

Thanks a lot.

You're welcome. Feel free to ask your questions there and invite others to join ;)


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